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Matthew Pollard was an invaluable mentor to startup teams at our first Startup Weekend Education in Austin. He patiently guided several of the teams towards success as they worked to create their very own startup. Matthew’s guidance and business expertise helped prepare teams for their pitches to our distinguished panel of judges. The weekend would not have been nearly as successful without Matthew’s mentorship.

Sean Duffy,
Founder, EdTech Austin


Matthew Pollard has been a godsend. His advice is counterintuitive, brilliant, and effective. When we started, I hadn’t had a major sale in so long I was getting ready to quit my business and get a 9-to-5 job. After just two hours of coaching, his insights changed my whole approach. On my very next sales call, I followed his advice to the letter–and landed a $40,000 project in just 40 minutes.

Update – I just landed another ghostwriting gig. That makes $80k in sales in about 6 weeks. You are a miracle worker!

Derek Lewis,
Founder, Derek Lewis Ink


Matthew is a top-notch business professional. I have had the opportunity and pleasure of working with Matthew side-by-side in both business and personal realms. His quick witted and sharp demeanor command respect, whether in a private meeting or in the boardroom, the likes of which I have not witnessed in other individuals. He is, however, not without a personable touch. His trainings and life experiences will richly bless any and all those involved when it comes to working with Matthew. I’ve witnessed personally his gifts and core values, including a skilled win-win ability.

Aaron C. Barry,
Master Practitioner, Master Coach, and Trainer, NLP, TLT, HYPNO, The New You Academy


I found this program to be incredibly helpful. I wish that I had gone through this program when I was a new business owner, so that I could have made the last few years of my life more productive, and I strongly urge any new business owner to take the time to do so. For anyone who doesn’t feel like they have the time to do this program, ask yourself if you have the time not to. For me, several hours (plus the additional time I spent in coaching with Matthew) could have saved me several years.

Brittany Walters-Bearden,
Co-Founder, At Large PR


Matthew’s advice and support has been critical in securing my place in the Los Angeles market as a writer, producer, and editor, working on some of Fall’s biggest launches, and marketing campaigns including spots for ABC, CBS, Disney, CW, G4, Esquire Network, TruTV, Soap Net, & FX, and campaigns for the features 21 and Over, 2 Guns, and This is the End. After 20 years of experience working with many of the major Australian television networks as a writer, editor and producer I decided to take my career to the next level by heading to Los Angeles. Soon after arriving, I realised getting into the Los Angeles market was a much harder endeavour than I first thought. In Australia I had grown relationships and status over many years, with many of the major television stations, and in Los Angeles I had to start again. Matthew’s help has been amazing! He talked me through keeping a clear mind when approaching prospective clients; managing my time to prioritize and get the money-generating tasks done each week; provided ways of staying motivated to call what seemed to be an endless number of people each day; and gave me invaluable advice when negotiating complex engagement contracts. Matthew is the essential ingredient to any business that has a great functional skill but lacks the sales, marketing and time management strategies to get the world to know it.

Tanya Dunn,
Founder, Tanya Dunn - Promotion Producer, Writer & Editor


Matt is a serious player in the business space as well as a risk taker with a talent for seeing the big picture. His last ten years have been nothing short of spectacular with one success after another, showcasing his great talent and versatility in sales and marketing. Matt embodies the quintessential modern day business guru with a tremendous blend of theoretical and practical know how. I have known and worked with him over several years in various projects and in each case have seen firsthand how impactful he is in everything he does and how positive the outcomes from those efforts are for his customers. A gifted speaker and natural motivator, he will provide a stunning focal point to any business meeting or conference with his inimitable style of presentation.

Daniele Lima,
Managing Director, Road Scholars Training


It was great to have a sales and marketing expert, such as yourself, discuss with us the topic of “if sales can be learned.” I also want to show my appreciation for giving out so much critical advice on the importance of learning to sell through steps and how to utilize sales scripting. I enjoyed having you on my show and would love to invite you back again. Your insights on sales and sales management were spot on.

Jim Beach,
SBA Award Winning Radio Host, School For Startups Radio


Matt has already demonstrated his ability to recognize and make the most of business opportunities. Initially he was my student on an MBA program and he was thirsty for new ideas and creative about applying them. He also facilitated others’ understanding in the class. Later Matt was a mentor and adviser, helping me to see my consulting business differently. He has boundless energy and an enviable ability to focus on getting results.

Meredith Rogers,
Owner, Partnership Solutions Pty Ltd


Matthew has unlimited energy, and it is all focused. His ability to understand business opportunities and make them happen is more than just impressive, it is amazing!

Don Moore,
Training Manager, Education Institute


Matthew is a driven individual. His ability to engage clients and staff to take them to the next level is inspiring and shows genuine care. He has a unique ability to take any product or service provided by a business, find a prosperous new niche for it, and then differentiate it to propel the business into rapid growth. More amazingly, he seems to be able to scale a business to handle this growth seamlessly.

Vicki Jones,
Senior Organisational Development Specialist, Telstra


Participants, many seasoned business people that engaged in marketing everyday, were amazed that one person could provide so much content in such a short time.

Kylie Lethbridge,
Manager - Economic Development, Macedon Ranges Shire Council


It is my view that Matthew will make a major success of any business that he turns his hand to.

James Woods,
Managing Director, eCollect


I was so surprised at his quick grasp of my business and direct helpful advice that I could use straight away.

Peter Radcliffe,
Founder, Skillful Mind


When we met Matthew we were a couple very hard to convince, because we thought we knew it all and we had no time for this type of thing. But we have realised that by undertaking this course it’s opened our doors and our business has improved. We don’t know how to thank him enough.

Adriana Bastianelli,
Director, Australian Commercial Refrigeration


The training, advice and assistance provided has been invaluable to my business and has definitely produced some amazing changes, developments, and results both personally and in my business practices.

Ivan Morse,
Franchise Owner and Director, Re-Creation Health Club - Sunbury


Matthew is a very thorough and enthusiastic individual with a lot of skills in sales, new business and coaching. I highly recommend him!

Adriana Guerguinova,
Manager, Newline Cushions Pty Ltd


Matthew really gave our businesses something to think about, particularly in relation to how to make a sale and how to close a deal. I would certainly recommend Matthew as an engaging and inspiring speaker.

Jane Duncan,
Project Support Officer - Economic Development, Macedon Ranges Shire Council


Matthew Pollard was a delight and genius to work with, effervescent and confidence-instilling.

Andrew Finch,
General Counsel & Company Secretary, Qantas


Matthew is a very enthusiastic trainer, speaker and sales consultant. He has opened the door for me to take on additional training and now I am a qualified Career Development Practitioner with the appetite to take on a degree in Counselling which I will complete next year.

Teresa Brandau-Stranks,
Executive Officer/CPD Manager, Australian & New Zealand College of Anaesthetists


When I started my own business, I attended a training course where Matthew was the course instructor. In a few short days, Matthew showed me how to create packages to entice new customers, and as a result I got a sale the next day from a customer I would have normally viewed as a waste of time. I would highly recommend Mathew to anyone looking to improve their sales know how in a business environment.

Steve Brendish,
Creative Director, 2 Dam Creative


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