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Suchada Sutasirisap & Genevieve Norman

Co-Founders, Blink

Suchada and Genevieve are the co-founders of a dating app called Blink. They met Matthew Pollard at AngelHack 2015, a startup competition where Matthew was a judge. With his help, they were able to increase their initial subscription list from 10 to 300 and reframe their pitching and marketing. Matt’s ability to motivate, inspire, and shift perceptions is a game-changer for small business owners.

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Volney Campbell

Principal, Colliers International

Volney Campbell with Colliers International discusses the incredible results his company achieved through Matthew Pollard’s sales training. Learn about the power of storytelling as a means of systemizing your sales process, eliminating hard sell tactics and awkward requests for the close. Within two months of Matthew’s training, Colliers International nearly quadrupled their appointment settings, resulting in a potential income of one million dollars. The sales team has a whole new approach to speaking with clients—one that actually works.

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Myrna King

Co-Founder & CEO, Austin Coaching Coalition

Business Coach Myrna King describes the energy, interactivity, and excitement Matthew Pollard brought to his workshop keynote speech. Because he’s a business owner just like the audience members, he understands what it’s like to grow a business from the ground up. The stories he shared of his own business success, as well as that of his many clients, showed the audience that rapid growth is indeed possible for them too. Matthew has a gift for helping business owners identify their unique strengths, allowing them to focus on their superpower, attract their ideal clients, and propel growth.

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Jeff Kikel

President & CEO, T-Werx Coworking

One of the compelling features of Matthew Pollard’s speaking is his willingness to share the stories of his own challenges and obstacles, and how he overcame them on the path to success. Jeff explains the ways Matt’s experiences resonate with audiences, evidenced by the long line of people who want to speak with him after every presentation. He truly cares about the success of small business owners, a dedication that comes across clearly at his events.

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Emily Leach

Founder & CEO, The Freelance Conference

Emily Leach, founder of the Freelance Conference and the Texas Freelance Association, describes Matthew Pollard’s ability to take command of a stage and engage with each audience member individually, regardless of the size of the crowd. A seasoned speaker herself, Emily came away from Matthew’s presentation inspired and impressed.


In the world of digital, finding an engaging and relevant speaker for our virtual event was crucial to its success. Thankfully, Matthew and his team seamlessly made our virtual experience one to be talked about for weeks after. From the virtual backgrounds to the overall production, the experience helped to make it feel as if our attendees were not watching just another virtual presentation.

Matthew’s topic of storytelling was very engaging, impactful, and fit in nicely with our sales-driven organization; our teams most definitely walked away wondering what their “story” could be.

We cannot thank him enough for being a part of our event!

Data Center, Security, Cloud, and Data Solutions


I first saw Matthew speak a couple of years ago at the AA-ISP Leadership Summit. I was instantly drawn to his energy and passion to help sellers succeed. After hearing his message, it was clear that he would have an impact on all sellers in our organization.

Fast forward to today: We have had the opportunity to have Mathew share with multiple organizations within our company both in person and through a virtual experience. Each time, Matthew’s message hit a home run with our sales teams, and has been the topic of many discussions long after the events ended. Mathew is the consummate professional, does a tremendous job of engaging the audience, customizes the message to make it relevant to your industry, and is a speaker that definitely walks the walk.

When looking for speakers, you can find many with a great message but few who truly leave a lasting impact on your organization. If you are looking to make an impact on your organization Matthew Pollard should be your first call.

Cory Lichty,
Senior Director of Residential Sales, Midco


Our company recently hired Matthew Pollard to speak at one of our new virtual events, which was attended by over 300 business owners. His original content kept our attendees on the edge of their seat through the hour-long virtual presentation. His energy and unique presentation style was like a shot of adrenaline for everyone who attended, and the feedback was amazing. Thank you, Matthew, for giving us so much relevant content that provided amazing ROI for our attendees! Naturally, I would highly recommend Matthew to other meeting planners and conference organizers.

Dale Beaumont,
Founder & CEO, Business Blueprint


Before meeting Matthew, I had tried several different business programs, all stating they were THE solution to my problems. However, I found myself continually disappointed, as they only addressed part of my issue and left me with more questions than answers.

I originally heard of Matthew on a podcast and immediately resonated with his message, as he described his story of overcoming difficulties and ultimately achieving a great deal of success. Matthew also identified as an introvert, which I can definitely relate to! As an introvert, I always thought that I would need to put on my “extroverted mask” to achieve success in sales and marketing; however, this was never authentic to me, so I struggled to really see growth in my business.

After hearing of Matthew on the podcast, I booked a free consultation call. He provided an accurate and quick assessment of my business problems and gave me straightforward and actionable solutions. He then offered to provide me with more free content or to hear about his services. After seeing what a difference he made in just 30 minutes, I definitely wanted to learn more about working with Matthew! I invested in his Rapid Growth Academy and have been a true fan and advocate for his work ever since. It has been about 4 years now since that first call and I’ve only received more and more value from Matthew and his Rapid Growth process.

My strategy for attracting clients feels authentic (never salesy) and I have a structured process for all my business strategies. I’ve made thousands of dollars as a result of implementing Matthew’s systems and continue to see growth and progress to this day. I can’t say enough about the positive impact Matthew has had on my life, both personally and professionally. He’s helped me see my own potential and believe in myself, even when I’ve had doubts. He’s continued to encourage me to pursue my goals and always goes above and beyond to provide helpful, compassionate advice.

I honestly don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for meeting Matthew and gaining a clear direction for my business. He’s truly changed my life!

Chelsey Brooke Cole,
Professional Counselor & Pathfinder Coach, The Pathfinder


“Just over a year ago, my husband quit his job to work as an independent contractor for a company. It started going south really fast. They weren’t sending the money…it was a mess. It came down to him making cold calls. He was so nervous! He bought The Introvert’s Edge and was able to make sales and gain his own clients! He’s made six figures in his first full year in business!”

Eric and Courtney Riggs,
Founder, NT Estimates


The Institute for Excellence in Sales was privileged to have Matthew Pollard present to our organization of sales leaders and their teams. Storytelling in sales has become a huge topic of interest as sales professionals continue to seek ways to connect with their customers and show them value. Our attendees, which included sales leaders from over 50 companies, loved how Matthew interacted with them, helped them develop their own stories and led exercises that kept them engaged.

Fred Diamond,
President and Cofounder, Institute for Excellence in Sales


Matthew’s presentation was incredibly impactful, and many commented it was the best meeting we ever had with many practical action points! Everyone has a business story and a message, however, learning how to articulate that message to help prospects and customers is what Matthew taught our diverse group, from reps to leaders. From those new to sales to the most experienced, there were tremendous tips and principles to apply in order to make their own story value packed — leading to increased appointments, shortened sales cycles, and ultimately closed won business!

Matthew’s own story of being horribly introverted and scared to sell, then to teach thousands, is a stellar example of applying these principles. He is personable, real, encouraging, full of energy, engaging with the individual, motivational, and a builder of people – who gain confidence to apply these great principles. I highly recommend Matthew to speak to any group at any level so they can likewise be inspired!

Gary King,
President, AA-ISP Raleigh Chapter President


Matthew walked into a tough room of seasoned builders who all expected to hear yet another sales training, from someone that didn’t understand the industry, on how to close more deals. Instead, we learned through great story telling of his experience that instead of relying on a couple of good one liners you can apply some introspection and careful planning to win the right business, at the right time, on your terms with a clear and simple to follow process. Matthew was definitely a hit and all attendees excitedly walked out of his presentation with practical strategies they could employ right away. If you’re looking to bring someone in from outside the industry and have them just blow you away, Matthew is your guy. He does his research and his unique insights are something you just cant get from an inside the industry speaker.

Ben LaMora,
Owner, Lineal Inc.


Watching the weekly Rapid Growth Academy live stream has totally paid for itself with Matthew’s knowledge of all of the different resources to make business easier and more streamlined.

Jocelyn Van Coney,
Executive Director, Academy of Allergy & Athsma


I found Matthew to be the consummate professional who clearly knows his craft. He dealt with late changes to schedule and adjusted his talk speed to make it appropriate for the interpreted sessions. The queues of attendees with questions at the end of the session is testament to the interest in his presentation. Having the opportunity to attend the session twice, (my role required it) I was happy that I did as the insights picked up in the second delivery really added to the really excellent first delivery.

Doug Bennett,
Session Captain, Million Dollar Round Table


Matthew’s message to our 850+ sales leaders hit a home run. The passion Matthew has for the subject showed in each prep call, email, session planning and beyond. He thought outside the box for our group and made sure the message aligned with our theme which was “Give Back”. Matthew invited the Make a Wish Foundation and told their story as a way of bringing the true meaning of his message home for our attendees. His willingness to understand the needs and interest of our attendees was top notch and we appreciate his and his team’s work to make his time at the AA-ISP Leadership Summit as beneficial as possible for all involved. We would recommend Matthew to anyone looking for a dynamic speaker who has true passion for his topic (and we already have!!).

Bob Perkins,
Founder & Chairman, AA-ISP


Thank you so much for your presentation, you were a highlight for everyone and added a lot of value to our packed 2-day agenda.

You’re a delight to work with and had a great attitude and great focus on the audience.

Using your story approach, I would tell this story about your presentation, we needed an engaging value adding presenter for a tough crowd with a packed agenda.

The net result? The crowd of people queued around you after you finished we’re so engaged, and wanted more… so much so, that they missed the bus and had to get an Uber to meet up with the group.

That’s the ultimate example of engagement – you gave so much value that you left them wanting more. That is a far more powerful statement of what you delivered than a feedback score.

Thanks again, you’re a pleasure to work with and are a genuine talent.

Paul Findlay,
Chief Executive Officer, Entrepreneurs' Organization


Matthew spoke to our association on how to pitch an idea to an employer and knocked it out of the park. All of our attendees raved about how practical and applicable his talk was, and took the time to tell me they wished his presentation had been longer.

Leading up to the event, he was responsive, professional, and a joy to work with. I wish all my presenters delivered what they promised. Matt went above and beyond. Thank you!!

Jessica (Smith) Riddlesperger,
Assistant Executive Director, International Order of the Golden Rule


Matthew accepted an invitation to participate as an expert in the Business Networking Online Summit held in April 2016 where I interviewed 42 of the world’s leading authors, practitioners, thought leaders and experts in all topics related to business networking.

Matthew was a gracious and enthusiastic interviewee. He shared his story of moving from Australia to Austin, Texas and how he’s grown his business and developed his influence through networking.

I highly recommend Matthew Pollard to you.

Adèle McLay,
Director, Lomas O'Donnell Investment Group


In late 2015 I commented on one of Matthew’s thought pieces on LinkedIn, about small businesses needing to dedicate 20% of time to winning new business. I said that was impossible for a micro-business like mine where I am delivering 5 days a week, and I was surprised and pleased when Matthew took time out to engage with me. He gave me a challenge to think about what I could do to carve out time win new business and in response I worked out a way to use ‘dead’ time in my weekly commute to build and keep in touch with a network of the kind of people who look for my skills.

I figured 2 hours extra delivery work a week on top of 50 or 60 hours during the week made little difference; 2 hours networking on top of 0 hours during the week would be a step change for me. I’m really pleased to say that at the end of my next engagement I was able to walk from one contract into the next without any down time – and I chose that contract from 3 or 4 potential engagements where people were keen to get me into their businesses to help them. I don’t believe I could have done this if I hadn’t acted on Matthew’s challenge, and I am glad to recommend him.

Garret Beggan,
Owner, Deberiat


If there is a person that can make you want to succeed whether you want to or not – Matthew is that person. His knowledge in sales is second to known and his energy levels and passion are off the charts. He is the perfect person to help with struggling business or the appropriate person to have as a keynote speaker that will have people on their feet at the end of his presentation.

Jeff Bearden,
Co-Founder and Social Media consultant, At Large PR


If it wasn’t for Matthew I wouldn’t be where I am at today in my business, or even in my life. Matthew is the real deal and working with him directly in his Rapid Growth Academy was the game changer that catapulted me to success. I will forever be grateful.

Considering if you should work with Matthew or not, I will tell you hands down he is the best Coach I have ever had in my life. There is no doubt in my mind he will be your best coach too!

Jay Kali,
Founder, Kali Coaching


Matthew’s book is AMAZING, every chapter has triggered so many ideas that I had to read the book with a pen a paper on my side in order not to forget anything. I feel more confident about the future of my own company because NOW I have a strategy for selling.


Sergio Garcia Mora,
People Analytics Consultant, Data 4HR


Matthew spoke at our Marketing & Sales Summit in 2018 and was a huge hit! So much so, that we are considering him for the keynote spot again this year.

He had great energy, was very engaging and offered our attendees some tips that were immediately applicable. He was all around fantastic!

Kristin Mudd,
Manager of Education, TRSA


Entrepreneurs’ Organization – Adelaide, Australia had the pleasure of a keynote and workshop with Matthew in February 2019. He made the power of the story real. The event was one of the highest rated events in the last 12 months. Attendees appreciated that Matthew genuinely wanted attendees to have valuable takeaways that were able to be implemented that day, and over the coming weeks.

It was easy to work with you and your staff, for pre-planning, content and travel. Bonuses included a board dinner with Matthew the night prior, and white-labelled promotional videos useful for our marketing.

Dr. Douglas Fahlbusch,
Learning Chair, Entrepreneurs Organization - Adelaide


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