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Susan Carter

The Puzzle Decoder, Registered Nurse

After experiencing a major life transition, Susan knew she wanted to work with autoimmune clients, but lacked the confidence to pursue her passion full-time. Joining Rapid Growth Academy transformed her outlook and empowered her to make a real difference in her clients’ lives. Matthew’s precise guidance and encouragement helped Susan develop her unique approach as a “puzzle decoder” for people with autoimmune challenges. This opened up new conversations and expanded her clientele to entire families, leading to a thriving business, and a positive impact on her clients. Susan wholeheartedly recommends Rapid Growth Academy to anyone struggling in their business or transitioning from a previous career. She considers the course invaluable, allowing her to embrace her introverted nature and still successfully grow her business in an authentic way.

Clayton Stenson

The Unity Guide, Fractional Integrator

Like many small business owners, Clayton struggled with differentiating himself, generating interest, and finding clients — until he joined Rapid Growth Academy. The program taught him a system for creating a niche, networking, and marketing himself to attract clients, and also provided a newfound confidence and love for his business that was lacking during the day-to-day struggle. As someone who appreciates authenticity in business, Clayton especially loves that the program’s approach is centered on adding value, rather than pitching and selling himself. Since joining, he’s made twice as much money as he did the previous year, and has landed a $60,000 engagement from an inbound lead. In Clayton’s words, he now feels like he’s on a mission, not a treadmill.

Chris Austin

Practice Growth Strategist, PracticeBoom

Before Chris discovered Rapid Growth Academy, he was constantly preoccupied with his business, and struggled to articulate his value to potential clients. But the Academy helped Chris transform his mindset and develop a clear, compelling message that resonated with his audience. As a result, Chris not only gained the confidence to effectively communicate his offerings, but he also achieved the work-life balance he desperately needed. By embracing the strategies taught in Rapid Growth Academy, Chris successfully turned his small law firm consultancy into a thriving enterprise. He has already multiplied his revenue 5X over the previous year’s earnings, and is on track to 10X by the end of the year.

Chelsey Brooke

Professional Counselor, Pathfinder Coach

Chelsey Brooke was discouraged and struggling with her progress in getting her own business started. Coming from a family who all worked 9-5 jobs for someone else did not prepare her for entrepreneurship. And when she did seek advice from other resources, it all focused on ‘putting yourself out there’, which as an introvert, was not something she was at all comfortable with. Matthew’s Rapid Growth Academy taught strategies that still allowed her to embrace her introversion and remain authentic to herself, which particularly resonated with her. Where everyone else wanted her to become extroverted to succeed, Matthew’s course allowed her to be true to herself while completely transforming her career in a clear, concise, authentic way.

Anne Hall

Founder & CEO, IT Agree

After deciding to make a small pivot in her career path, Anne Hall knew she needed help when it came to solidifying her business model. Shortly after joining the Rapid Growth Academy, she not only felt a connection within that entire community, but the level of in-depth attention that she received from Matthew was incredibly insightful and also critical to the current success of her business, by giving her an actual sales process to follow. Instead of making outbound sales calls, the phone is now ringing with the right kind of customers wanting to hire her. Instead of feeling like a sales approach, it’s now more of a conversation, thanks to the work and guidance put in through the Rapid Growth Academy.

Happy to say I’ve had success with my niche (construction), and now have quite a few great recurring revenue clients in this industry. Doing two Intensives with a $500M builder has been a highlight, worth AUD 40,000.

I have successfully used my Intensive as a trojan horse at times for the ongoing IT-managed service agreements. Much of the time, though, when I’ve been referred to a builder or given a lead, they’ve asked for a managed service agreement and then signed up for the package I have that includes the Intensive (I set up a Platinum package that has unlimited IT support, plus the Intensive, plus a lot more).

It’s a very profitable package. They’ve commented that no other IT is doing that, very specific to their industry etc. I saved a scaffolding company 20 hours a week in admin doing the Intensive after they signed up for the Platinum agreement with the Intensive included. They are loving it!

Cam Rule,
Founder, The Downtime Assassin
This is a photo of Terrance Lee

The lessons I learned in Rapid Growth Academy have had a significant impact on the growth and awareness of my brand. The content was easy to digest and provided a clear blueprint for taking action.  Thank you! 

Terrance Lee,
Founder, The Introvert Leader

Before working with Matthew in his Rapid Growth Academy, I had tried many other programs to help me propel my business forward but not felt in alignment with who I was and so they felt hard and forced. As I worked through Matthew’s step by step process, my confidence increased, my differentiator became clearer and my sales process did not feel pushy or forced by in service of my clients. Though I still have lots of things to implement from the program, I have already seen an increase in my close rates, increase in demand for my talks, higher open and conversion rates in my nurture sequences and revenue and bottom line profit is at a record high. My experience working with Matthew has exceeded my expectations and I am confident as I continue to implement his strategies my business will continue to grow and in away that feels congruent to who I am. If you are an introvert, feeling stuck in your business and have tried other programs with limited success, I would highly recommend working with Matthew.

Jenn Abbatiello,
The Cycle Breaker & Founder of Your Transformed Family, Your Transformed Family

I have been writing for varied businesses since 2008 and am totally niche agnostic because I enjoy the process of learning new ideas. My dream is to showcase the expertise of diverse business leaders in their unique voices. Over the years I had started writing books for business leaders and had perfected a process to craft an industry-standard book in my authors voice. It is an intensive process spread in 6-8 weeks. Being so close to my product and my passion, I did not know how to present my ‘value’ to my clients and often lost to low cost operators who didn’t give that much value. Soon I started questioning my worth and thought that I could not compete in the market. That was when I heard of Matthew. My mentor had also worked with him and recommended Matthew’s method. Joining The Rapid Growth Academy I found not only supportive mentorship but also a group full of kindred souls who could relate to what I was going through. I worked through the weeks slowly (I started in April 2021 and due to personal reasons it took me more than a year to reach week 4) I took my own time, but every time I posted my work I got such effective advice from Matthew that it moved me forward. Matthew works like a master composer, he can pinpoint with accuracy the moment you have messed up a single note and while pointing it out he will always tell you how to work through it to become pitch perfect. Though I’ve still not finished the entire course, yet I credit it for giving me the tools and the confidence to state my value in a way that is clearly understood by my clients. This confidence helped me land a book deal in my domestic market at my defined price and get new clients. I recommend Matthew’s course for every introvert who is struggling to be heard and appreciated for the awesome work they do but cannot find the confidence to speak up for themselves.

Nishka Rathi,
Ideology Empath, Nishkawrites

Matthew provides me insightful advice on clarifying my business goals, my reasons for having these goals, and developing a clear plan to build a business based on that goal. His intensive coaching helped me set a clear action plan I can execute against. He shares detailed experience and tools from his own efforts building a business, enabling me to jumpstart my process with the benefit of his experience. Outstanding course and experience.

Pete Tarsney,
The Identity Architect

I started working with Matthew in the Rapid Growth Academy after COVID and a move to a city where I was having to start over. After only a few weeks with him, his insight, “tough love,” and suggestions helped me to jumpstart my business again. In a way I had never done in 25 years. I am going to finish the course, but my momentum is keeping me so busy. Thank you, Matthew.

Dan Nuckolls,
Designer and Video Producer, Nuxx Media

Before meeting Matthew, I had tried several different business programs, all stating they were THE solution to my problems. However, I found myself continually disappointed, as they only addressed part of my issue and left me with more questions than answers.

I originally heard of Matthew on a podcast and immediately resonated with his message, as he described his story of overcoming difficulties and ultimately achieving a great deal of success. Matthew also identified as an introvert, which I can definitely relate to! As an introvert, I always thought that I would need to put on my “extroverted mask” to achieve success in sales and marketing; however, this was never authentic to me, so I struggled to really see growth in my business.

After hearing of Matthew on the podcast, I booked a free consultation call. He provided an accurate and quick assessment of my business problems and gave me straightforward and actionable solutions. He then offered to provide me with more free content or to hear about his services. After seeing what a difference he made in just 30 minutes, I definitely wanted to learn more about working with Matthew! I invested in his Rapid Growth Academy and have been a true fan and advocate for his work ever since. It has been about 4 years now since that first call and I’ve only received more and more value from Matthew and his Rapid Growth process.

My strategy for attracting clients feels authentic (never salesy) and I have a structured process for all my business strategies. I’ve made thousands of dollars as a result of implementing Matthew’s systems and continue to see growth and progress to this day. I can’t say enough about the positive impact Matthew has had on my life, both personally and professionally. He’s helped me see my own potential and believe in myself, even when I’ve had doubts. He’s continued to encourage me to pursue my goals and always goes above and beyond to provide helpful, compassionate advice.

I honestly don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for meeting Matthew and gaining a clear direction for my business. He’s truly changed my life!

Chelsey Brooke Cole,
Professional Counselor & Pathfinder Coach, The Pathfinder

Watching the weekly Rapid Growth Academy live stream has totally paid for itself with Matthew’s knowledge of all of the different resources to make business easier and more streamlined.

Jocelyn Van Coney,
Executive Director, Academy of Allergy & Asthma

If it wasn’t for Matthew I wouldn’t be where I am at today in my business, or even in my life. Matthew is the real deal and working with him directly in his Rapid Growth Academy was the game changer that catapulted me to success. I will forever be grateful.

Considering if you should work with Matthew or not, I will tell you hands down he is the best Coach I have ever had in my life. There is no doubt in my mind he will be your best coach too!

Jay Kali,
Founder, Kali Coaching

I am a huge fan of the Rapid Growth Academy. I was one of the first students in the program 2 years ago. The training I received in the program was responsible for me being able to differentiate myself in an industry (Wealth Management) that you cannot swing a dead cat around the room and not hit a financial advisor.

This training also led me to be able to differentiate my Coworking Spaces (T-Werx Coworking) from the rest of our competitors and allow us to grow our revenue over 50% last year. I loved the training so much that I began to coach people at T-Werx through the program and it has become a mainstay of our training programs for entrepreneurs.

Jeff Kikel,
President & Co-Founder, BKA Wealth Consulting, Inc.

Before working with Matthew I had a good understanding of different tactics to run a business, but they were all competing for my attention. Going through the materials of the Rapid Growth Academy allowed me to see how all those different tactics fit into a single well-functioning system. Now, my focusing on one activity creates a ripple effect and produces outcomes in multiple areas of my business. It allows me to work more efficiently and productively.

Natasha Vorompiova,
Founder, SystemsRock

Before starting the program, I was stumbling around in my job, looking for a solid direction. I was missing crucial parts of the puzzle. Just going through the first two weeks of this course has changed everything for me. There are many different elements being crafted here, to eventually create a rapid growth formula. I am already planning a networking strategy, to take on more higher paying clients. I can see that taking this new message online is going to change everything again. Matthews experience and attention to detail is very impressive. I expect to make a solid return on investment before the end of the course.

Darran Butler,
Owner, NGI Consultants

I have been working with Matt for only three weeks, and within that time he has given me so much clarity and direction with where my business is at and where it should be going. Matt’s Rapid Growth Academy is packed full of knowledge and wisdom broken down into easy to follow steps that you or anyone can do who is passionate about what they love. If you are contemplating doing this, jump off the fence and join today. I can personally promise you…you will not be disappointed. And don’t just take my word for it…listen to the man’s case studies! Wow!! Do this for you. Today!

Jay Kali,
Owner, Kali Coaching

After watching all the online training (lots) I have to confess that I now use most of the techniques that you spoke about in the videos and it does work. Even the process of how people view our website was altered to suit some of the things you spoke about. We began using heatmaps on the site to track the popular areas of the pages. The first heat spot is dedicated to building trust, the second to ‘Set the Scene’ then the third to show what we can do better than anyone else. Pretty impressive.

Marc Smith,
Founder, The Cuillin Collective

The quality of this course and the depth of content far exceeds what can typically be found. He’s a born salesperson who knows how to get things done.

Bharat Chopra,
COO, Siminars

I found this program to be incredibly helpful. I wish that I had gone through this program when I was a new business owner, so that I could have made the last few years of my life more productive, and I strongly urge any new business owner to take the time to do so. For anyone who doesn’t feel like they have the time to do this program, ask yourself if you have the time not to. For me, several hours (plus the additional time I spent in coaching with Matthew) could have saved me several years.

Brittany Walters-Bearden,
Co-Founder, At Large PR

When we met Matthew we were a couple very hard to convince, because we thought we knew it all and we had no time for this type of thing. But we have realised that by undertaking this course it’s opened our doors and our business has improved. We don’t know how to thank him enough.

Adriana Bastianelli,
Director, Australian Commercial Refrigeration

When I started my own business, I attended a training course where Matthew was the course instructor. In a few short days, Matthew showed me how to create packages to entice new customers, and as a result I got a sale the next day from a customer I would have normally viewed as a waste of time. I would highly recommend Mathew to anyone looking to improve their sales know how in a business environment.

Steve Brendish,
Creative Director, 2 Dam Creative


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