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The Death of The Elevator Pitch

Say goodbye to awkward and unproductive networking
Option A :
45-150 minute keynote or interactive workshop
Option B :
Half, full, or multi-day training


Let’s face it: Most people would rather get a root canal than go networking. Whether it’s a business owner attending a local meetup or an employee flying across the world for their annual corporate conference, it's usually the same story. While they go hoping to find that one relationship that will forever change their life, they spend their time with people they already know, or having shallow conversations that lead to nothing. In this transformational keynote, Matthew will shine a spotlight on why traditional networking feels so uncomfortable, then share his strategic networking framework for authentically mastering any room.


Confronting the reasons why people hate networking, Matthew helps attendees acknowledge that traditional networking frameworks, while better than nothing, feel transactional, contrived, and anything but authentic. Matthew will invite attendees to say goodbye to awkward and unproductive networking and embrace a totally new style of building connections that has been proven to skyrocket results for even the shyest, most introverted, or highly technical individuals. It’s a networking process that doesn’t feel self-promotional at all, making networking authentic and even fun.

  1. Research and Planning: Participants will learn that networking doesn’t start when they enter the networking room or conference. That old-school approach is a ticket to uncomfortable conversations with the wrong people.
  2. Speak to the Right People: Networking isn’t about finding prospective employers or customers, but two far more important types of people. Matthew will show attendees how to identify and start a discussion with these people before even walking into the networking room.
  3. Exactly What to Say: No more will participants dread being asked, “So, what is it you do?” and give the same old boring answer. For the first time, participants will know exactly what to say to evoke genuine excitement and interest, not uncomfortably stifle it. Target Audience
  4. The Digital Frontier: If you can’t articulate your value and uniqueness face-to-face, you have no chance online. Participants will discover that perfecting Matthew’s system in face-to-face networking is the catalyst to successful global networking. Participants will walk out energized to master the networking room, so they’ll never need to go back to one (unless they want to).

Target Audience

This session has been designed in two formats: One to be presented in front of small business owners looking for a more successful and far less transactional way of networking, and the other to be presented at corporate conferences, where organizers are hoping to see their employees actively network with each other effectively and authentically. It’s also the perfect choice for emerging leaders’ events, as it provides attendees with the tools and motivation to comfortably find and solidify their place within any organization. Matthew has delivered this presentation to a range of audiences, from multinational conglomerates to diverse groups of business owners.

Key Takeaways *

  • Say goodbye to awkward and unproductive networking
  • Understand how to identify and engage with the most impactful contacts in advance, reducing networking to a series of easy, comfortable, pre-planned meetings
  • Know exactly what to say to instantly evoke interest, set yourself apart, and make a long-lasting impression
  • Skyrocket success by implementing your new networking system online

Topic Authority

  • Multi-award-winning speaker
  • Called “The Real Deal” by Forbes
  • Responsible for five multi-million-dollar business success stories
  • At the age of 30, Matthew, an introvert himself, made the decision to leave behind a network he’d spent a lifetime awkwardly fostering and travel across the world to Austin, TX, where, outside his very introverted wife, he didn’t know a soul. Less than a year later, he was invited to events as one of the most connected people in the city. Today, his network includes founders of billion-dollar businesses, high-ranking government officials, globally recognized influencers, and many senior leaders of Fortune 500 companies
  • Author of The Introvert’s Edge to Networking, an actionable blueprint for working the room, leveraging social media, and developing powerful connections. Published by HarperCollins Leadership and endorsed by Harvard, Princeton, Neil Patel, Marshall Goldsmith, Michael Gerber, the founder of Business Networking International (BNI), and 20+ more

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Looking for an action-oriented speaker who will make a real and lasting difference?

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Delivering the proven strategies and transformative business ideas that can only come from real-world, hands-on experience, Matthew Pollard empowers participants to achieve meaningful results and skyrocket ROI.

The builder crowd is very hard to impress, but every word out of Matthew's mouth was very valuable, applicable, and actionable. I've never seen a speaker have every single attendee gathered around them at the end of the session, trying to get more information. Quite impressive.
Bethany Jenkins
Chapter President, National Association of Home Builders
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About Matthew

Matthew Pollard, Rapid Growth Guy and Sales Systemization Expert
Matthew is an international speaker, coach, and award-winning blogger, better known as “The Rapid Growth Guy.” His book, The Introvert’s Edge: How the Quiet and Shy Can Outsell Anyone, has been called “a game changer” by Neil Patel and “inspirational” by Jeffrey Gitomer. He is passionate about helping businesses succeed.

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