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Matthew Pollard The rapid growth®guy

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Before Matthew Pollard became known as the Rapid Growth® Guy for challenging business owners to think differently and inspiring business transformation across the globe, he had to first conquer some challenging personal and professional obstacles. From having a learning disability, which left him with the reading speed of a sixth grader in late high school, to being painfully introverted, to being laid off in his first job just weeks before Christmas, Matthew is an inspirational example of how adversity in life seeds the success of the future.

Jump ahead a few short years, and Matthew’s been responsible for five multimillion dollar success stories of his own, transformed over 3500 struggling businesses worldwide, and founded Small Business Festival, listed by INC. as among the Top-5 business conferences in the nation. He is an outspoken small business advocate, Rapid Growth® Coach, and international keynote speaker. He’s the host of two top-ranked podcasts and the author of the bestseller The Introvert’s Edge, called “a game changer” by Neil Patel. Praised as “the real deal” by Forbes, Matthew has been featured in Fortune, INC., Entrepreneur, and CEO Magazine, and is a regular TV, radio, and podcast guest nationwide.

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