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Jamal Woodson

Director, SLAAM Basketball

When Jamal Woodson was invited by a friend to attend an event hosted by Entrepreneurs’ Organization Pittsburg, he was initially daunted by the prospect of a 5-hour session with a single speaker. But much to his surprise, Jamal was captivated within minutes. His skepticism turned to enthusiasm as he found himself immersed in Matthew’s insights, filling pages and pages with notes and inspiration. The absolute highlight was Matthew’s on-stage transformation of Jamal’s business story. Once Matthew infused it with emotion and detail, it actually moved some audience members to tears! Thanks to Jamal’s unexpected and energizing experience in this session, he now ranks Matthew alongside motivational giants like Eric Thomas and Tony Robbins.

Jeff Hedges

Membership Chair, EO PIttsburgh

Jeff Hedges, Membership Chair for EO Pittsburgh, credits Matthew with tripling their chapter’s size within two short years, setting a new record for their events. Jeff described Matthew’s presentation as the most energizing and largest gathering they’ve ever had, with attendance and enthusiasm soaring to unprecedented heights. The content Matthew provided was so compelling that Jeff leveraged it to ignite a powerful promotional campaign on LinkedIn and Facebook, building palpable excitement and drawing a record number of memberships. Jeff recounts that Matthew’s dynamic delivery and invaluable insights set him apart from all previous speakers, making this event a monumental success. He highly recommends Matthew to anyone looking for a transformational speaker, guaranteeing an experience that will impress and electrify an audience, as well as drive membership like never before.

Izzy Markin

Training Success Manager, HARDI

Izzy Markin, the Training Success Manager at Hardi, was thoroughly impressed with Matthew’s presentation, “Channeling Your Superpower.” In this testimonial, she highlights how Matthew’s unique combination of humor and engagement resonated with the Emerging Leaders group, noting that his ability to drive active participation and create a dynamic environment truly sets him apart from speakers they’ve worked with in the past. The session was not only eye-opening but also memorable, leaving participants with a lasting impression. Izzy’s testimonial underscores that Matthew is not just a speaker, but a transformative presence in any event.

Tami Cole

Learning Chair, Entrepreneurs' Organization - Albany

Tami Cole, the Learning Chair at Entrepreneurs Organization Albany, shares her glowing review of Matthew Pollard’s impactful presentation. In this testimonial, she describes the unparalleled energy and engagement Matthew brought to the room, leading to one of the highest turnouts the organization has ever seen. Attendees, some stagnant in their businesses for years, found renewed vigor and perspective from Matthew’s insights. As Tami’s endorsement makes clear, Matthew isn’t just another speaker; he’s a game changer with immediately-actionable insights and a fresh perspective on business growth.

Bernard Doone

The Product Launcher, Independent

Bernard was highly impressed by Matthew’s presentation at at IBM sales event, and how it shifted his mindset when it came to approaching conversations with clients and prospects. Using storytelling to build trust, credibility, and effectively communicate value was transformative for him. This new approach helped Bernard express empathy, create relatability, and better demonstrate how his products or services could benefit clients. Through storytelling, Bernard sped up his sales cycle, established trust and credibility, and closed one of the largest deals in his company’s history. He highly recommends Matthew as a dynamic speaker who actively engages the audience, creates value for them, and leaves a lasting impact. Matthew’s presentation remains the most memorable sales event Bernard has attended.

After five years of trying and failing to articulate what we do in 10 words or less (even after the engagement of marketing specialists) within the first 30 minutes of Matthew’s session, the penny dropped!! I got a lot out of today – the content really resonated with me. Thank you!

Justin Boelin,
Member, Entrepreneurs' Organization, Perth

We recently hosted Matthew for an event on storytelling, and he was phenomenal. His engagement, from the start of our conversations to booking the event and ultimately speaking to our audience, was excellent.

Matthew’s focus on providing a world-class experience was much appreciated. More importantly, he delivered. Feedback from our audience has been astounding.

We have hosted numerous events, with very accomplished public speakers. Matthew is at the top of the list. He did not disappoint!

Nicholas Pope,
Partner, Washington Avenue Advisors

EO Wisconsin was looking for a captivating and energetic keynote speaker with substance to close out our year. We got all of that and more when we brought in Matthew for one of our cornerstone events. He and his team were communicative, accommodating, and made sure we got the most value out of his 24 hours with us. 

The workshop itself kept the full room engaged and really got us thinking about how we can create repeatable and impactful stories in our businesses, as well as different ways we can learn to sell in an authentic manner. 9’s and 10’s across the board in value ratings, and on top of that, he’s just a really nice guy. He even came to our Future Leaders Dinner with the Board after the event to emphasize the value of EO and break bread.

I highly recommend putting him on your Learning Calendar in the coming year!

Troy Migut,
President, EO Wisconsin

Matthew Pollard and I initially connected on December 21, 2023, in preparation for my “Take the Leap to EO Pittsburgh” membership event scheduled for February 29th, also known as “leap day.” From the outset, our connection was instant and seamless as we coordinated for our chapter’s upcoming event. Matthew and his team provided invaluable support, furnishing us with tailored marketing materials, videos, LinkedIn posts, and a wealth of additional resources that elevated the event to new heights.

The energy in the room on February 29th was palpable as our chapter members, along with prospective new members, key executives, and accelerators, eagerly gathered. Matthew delivered two captivating presentations, focusing first on Rapid Growth and then transitioning seamlessly into Storytelling. Amidst the sessions, we enjoyed a delightful lunch featuring one of our esteemed members sharing their EO journey. If you’re seeking an event that knocks it out of the park, Matthew is undoubtedly the go-to expert for an exceptional experience.

Jeff Hedges,
Membership Chair, EO PIttsburgh

I had the pleasure of attending a seminar by Matthew Pollard. It was so amazing! Matthew is energetic, on-point, and incredibly knowledgeable. I was on the edge of my seat for the entire two hours! Thanks for everything, Matthew! I learned quite a bit from you!

Alice Shikina,
Founder, Shikina Negotiation Academy
Amanda Hayhoe

Matthew Pollard was one of the main reasons I joined Entrepreneurs’ Organization – Detroit Chapter! He was the speaker at my test drive and I was blown away by his presentation. I utilized his book and presentation to come up with my name “The Asphalt Queen”! 10 out of 10 stars and anyone who has the chance to see his speak should attend – regardless of if you are an introvert or extrovert!

Amanda Hayhoe,
The Asphalt Queen, Hayhoe Asphalt Paving

Builders are a group of independent businessmen, and there are a lot of egos. A lot of members come to our events thinking they know it all, but I could see that everybody was focused on what Matthew had to say. He was fantastic!

Robert Wood,
Vice President, Texas Association of Builders

Everyone in the room was in awe of the program that Matthew offered.

One of the most pleasant surprises was his presentation style. He talks to the audience, not down to them. You feel like he’s right there with you, walking you through the steps you need to take, holding your hand. It was wonderful.

William Feehley,
Executive Director, Maryland Society of Accounts & Tax Professionals, Inc.

Matthew was wonderful! He is one of those few people that can walk on stage, be very calm, and take complete command of the audience. Not only that, he really engaged me. It felt like it was just me and him, even though there were 150 other people around me.

Having spent many years as a TEDx organizer and many more running our own events, I’ve seen my fair share of speakers. Matthew was definitely at the top. He was articulate, he did a fantastic job of staying on point, and most importantly, I walked away feeling like I could achieve what he was leading me through.

Emily Leach,
Executive Director of the Texas Freelance Association and Founder of the Freelance Conference

We had the pleasure of having Mathew speak and teach at two of our events in the last year. One was for sales leaders at our annual Sales Managers Retreat in Park City, Utah, and the other was at our annual Epic Event in Dallas, Texas, where we hosted hundreds of sales professionals for an amazing day of learning. Mathew was a rock star at both. He was engaging and delivered a very impactful message filled with takeaways that everyone could start using immediately. We will surely have him again. I highly recommend!

Ralph Williams III,
Partner, Sales Solve Everything

What life insurance professionals do is very complicated. Our presentations can be full of acronyms and in-house speak, which really doesn’t make its way through to clients.

Matthew’s storytelling approach is so much better. The jargon just falls away, so that clients understand exactly what we’re saying and can easily make a decision.

Matthew was inundated with questions after his presentation, with people waiting to speak with him and take photos.

Matthew also did a second presentation, which was simultaneously translated into eight languages. He was not only aware of the different paces required for different languages, but was able to tailor his message to these different paces. It made my job so much easier — none of the other six speakers knew this was required.

In this second presentation, even though the audience was hearing him through translators, he was able to engage and motivate them, especially within the Asian contingent. He had an even longer queue waiting to speak to him after his second presentation.

Additionally, dealing with Matthew in the run-up to the conference was a pure pleasure.

I’d be very happy to work with him again and would have no doubt in recommending him to my peers.

Doug Bennett,
Program Planner, MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table)

To tell you the truth, I was a little apprehensive about hiring Matthew. We were running an event for 150 of our accountant clients, and I didn’t know how Matthew’s topics would go over; after all, accountants typically are not into selling.

But one thing I can tell you after having Matthew speak, is that I was blown away. I took pages and pages of notes myself and I personally learned a lot. Feedback from our clients was that Matthew was definitely one of the highest-rated speakers of the whole conference.

We plan on getting Matthew back to speak again for our clients this year. I could not recommend him enough. He’s a great person individually, his content is first class, and the way that he delivers it is absolutely perfect for our clients.

If you have any questions or want to know more, please feel free to reach out to me.

Nick Sinclair,
Founder, TOA Global and the Ignite Conference

Thank you, Matthew, for an absolutely incredible session! I was blown away not only by your engaging delivery but by the mountain of expertise you distilled and shared with our attendees. Comments from the audience included, “Easily my favorite speaker of the conference,” “I’ve totally changed the way I view business growth,” and “I’m so excited to implement every one of the techniques.” Your presentation was a true standout, full of actionable strategies and “aha” moments. Can’t wait to have you back!

Gerhard Gschwandtner,
Founder, Sales 2.0 Conference

Matthew’s overall attendee satisfaction score was unheard of. In fact, a score of half what he received would have been considered great! His presentation was crisp, he had great engagement, and he had great exercises, which got people out of their seats and kept them energized throughout the program.

Matthew even brought one of our more successful members on stage. He let them tell their story and then proceeded to transform it right there onstage. Matthew made this story at least two notches better than our member told it in front of 150 people. We were quite impressed by his ability to do that.

We’ve had hundreds of speakers, including some of the best sales speakers in the world, and Matthew was one of the top three or four we’ve ever had. Attendees left Matthew’s presentation,not just understanding the process of storytelling but more comfortable in their ability to tell stories well. We’ve already had attendees reach out and say they’ve implemented Matthew’s advice and received some great results.

Fred Diamond,
President and Cofounder, Institute for Excellence in Sales

Matthew delivered a 5-star performance. The feedback from the team has been extremely positive. In fact, the sales teams remarked that Matthew was the best presenter they’d ever seen, and they were anxious to return to their branches and practice their stories.

Jessica Newman,
Chief Operating Officer, CPI Security

Matthew was a perfect fit to kick off our sales rally! His wealth of experience, captivating presentation style, and genuine commitment to leaving a lasting impact on our team set him apart. Matthew comes from the door-to-door world, giving him a unique and authentic understanding of our industry. His personal journey of knocking on 93 doors to secure his first sale, and then systemizing the process to become a top-performing salesperson was a motivation to our team while equipping them with valuable tools they could implement immediately.

If you’re seeking to inspire your team at an upcoming event, Matthew is a great choice. He will motivate, inspire, and unleash potential in your entire sales team.

Ken Gill,
President & CEO, CPI Security Systems

With our 20-year track record as a leader in Oracle sales and consulting, we’ve had our share of sales presentations and trainings. Much of the time, I see our team using these presentations as an opportunity to catch up on emails or scroll through their phones. I’ve never seen a response from our people like I did with Matt’s seminar. We weren’t just engaged – we were blown away. Matt is dynamic and highly motivational, but he’s so much more on top of that. For a group of seasoned corporate salespeople, the idea of using stories in our pitches seemed at first unusual, then intriguing – and when Matt showed us exactly how it’s done,we were floored. Matt has an incredible ability to instantly identify and synthesize exactly what we should tell our prospects, and exactly how to do it most effectively. And not only did he teach us the techniques during the presentation, he showed us how to create a workplace learning environment for continued training to keep taking the next steps. My best salesperson characterized Matt’s presentation as “profound and eye-opening,” and I wholeheartedly agree. If you are looking for a speaker who will not just “motivate” but actually transform and dramatically improve your corporate sales teams, Matt is your answer.

Jim Brull,
Managing Partner, Centroid

I just got the survey results back from our EO chapter on Matthew Pollard’s workshop: It was only the second perfect 10 rating that I have ever seen. Matthew not only brings the energy (seriously, after hours of speaking he was still bouncing around on stage), he brings value and results, and you can feel how passionate he is about sales and sales growth. He and his team were communicative, professional, and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him if you or anyone in your organization wants to up their game in a meaningful way.

Jason Silver,
Board Member, Entrepreneurs’ Organization - South Florida

Matthew was the hands-down choice to engage our largest attendance in Hawker’s history! Engaging, energetic, captivating, and absolutely hit the mark! Such a positive impression in delivering the message we planned. Matthew also spent a significant amount of time attending our breakout sessions and interacting with our attendees.

Dean Portney,
Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Hawker Powersource

Matthew’s impact as a speaker at The Collective Genius offered valuable insights tailored specifically to our members.  We serve the nation’s most elite real estate investors and we take pride in attracting a membership of highly successful individuals who are dedicated to staying at the top of their game. Therefore, we strive to bring only the absolute best speakers to our stage.

We were impressed by Matthew’s ability to provide actionable and relevant content. His understanding of the house flipping and commercial real estate syndication industries was evident in his real-world stories and examples. It was clear that he had done his homework, leaving our audience with actionable insights and practical strategies.

Danielle Boling,
Events & Communications Manager, The Collective Genius


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