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Matthew is a great guy to learn from.  Each time I have a conversation with Matthew, I come away blown away with the professional knowledge I get and with his contagious upbeat positive mindset that he possesses – a vital quality to have in the business world. But what’s even more impressive to me are the new angles on certain problems I have had.  When I bring one up, what takes me a while to find a solution for, Matthew gives me various high quality solutions off the top of his head. This shows that he’s got experience as well as a necessary business intuition that you need from a business coach.  I couldn’t recommend Matthew any more for anyone needing help, advice, or ideas in marketing, building, or straight up creating a business from scratch.  I do freelance as well as eCommerce, and Matthew hit the nail on the head when giving me advice for both of these markets. Thank you, Matthew!

John Manning,
Marketing Consultant, John R. Manning


My business partner and I met Matt about five months ago. His business acumen spans across all aspects of business needs. We’ve found his valuable feedback immediately helpful to get us through several sticking points in our presentations. It’s true, his enthusiasm is wildly contagious! It’s refreshing to get real-world actionable advice in a straight forward easy to understand and implement kind of way. Thanks, Matt!

Amy Looper,
Co-Founder & COO, OneSeventeen Media, Inc.


I am an active listener and supporter of Matthew’s show, The Better Business Coach Podcast. He provides real world advice and informs the listener how to take action. As someone who never took a business class in college, his information is invaluable! The show, accompanying worksheets, and his personal mentoring have been highly beneficial to me as a coach. I would recommend Matthew’s coaching and services to everyone and anyone serious about taking their business to the next level.

Rich Perry,
Master Coach of NLP, Author, Richard Perry Coaching and Consulting


Matt Pollard is a sales GENIUS. I went from charging $1,000 per client, to signing 3 deals worth a total of $35,000 in less than 2 weeks. We’ve also mapped out a plan to move into franchising, and/or selling for millions within 2-3 years. The breakthrough came in refining my sales approach – talking about outcomes, like profits, instead of features, like deliverables of services rendered. I think it’s safe to say that with Matt’s help, this business will be everything I want it to be within a few short months. Last but not least, he’s a true blue Aussie and he’s easily the best looking guy in the USA.

John McIntyre,
Director, The McMethod


We recently met Matt through a pitching seminar and immediately could see the value he could add to not only our pitches but other phases of our business. He is a great listener, provides beneficial feedback and is knowledgeable on a wide range of topics and industries. His enthusiasm is contagious. Matt tells you what you need to know – not just what you want to hear. We definitely are looking forward to working with him on other areas of our business.

Beth Carls,
CEO and Co-Founder, OneSeventeen Media


During our first session, Matt helped me come up with a unified message and a new name for the business, along with a complete line of products and services. I feel the value I received from the first session alone has more than paid off the whole investment.

Wendy Huang,
CEO, Beijing Chinese Academy


Matthew was one of our mentors at Google Startup Weekend 2015. Although our conversations were brief, I felt smarter every time he spoke. His ability to clearly articulate our business and what we were offering was spot on. We followed his pitch suggestions to the T and ended up winning Google’s Startup Weekend in Austin, 2015. No question, the win was due to his coaching. I look forward to working with Matthew as we turn this startup into a reality.

Robert Guice,
CTO, Giving Docs


Matt suggested excellent strategies for WiFi Raccoon’s final pitch & demo at the Startup Weekend Austin. Because of his coaching, we delivered one of the best pitches at the event. In less than an hour, he helped us nailed the product positioning, flushed out the potential risks & mitigation plan, and provided practical go-to-market strategies that we can implement right away. Our whole team is looking forward to working with Matt, and we want to leverage his experience & expertise to grow our company quickly.

Dana Chen Fischer,
Founding Team, WiFi Raccoon


As always, Matt is delivering content, insight and value which is par for the course for this accomplished thought leader.

Daniele Lima,
Managing Director, Road Scholars Training


Matt gave us amazing mentoring and instruction as we started out our company. We had very basic knowledge of building a successful company when we met him. After working with Matt for only an hour we had a clear vision of where we were going with our company, how to pitch to investors, and how to market our product to our target audience. We can’t wait to work with Matt in the future knowing how much value he’s already brought our team!

Zane Willey,
Business Development, WiFi Raccoon


Matthew is an entrepreneur that is always ahead of his game. In an everchanging VET sector, Matthew led his business using an “outside of the box” mentality which kept him and his business striving for success. As an entrepreneur in a different market space, he still impresses me with his ability to soak up knowledge and turn his passion to profits.

Monica Ferreri,
National Business Development Manager, Sarina Russo Apprenticeships


Matthew is the most motivational person l have had the pleasure to work with. Matthew motivated me into believing in myself, which in turn helped me to be more successful, in my work. He is apt at motivating people to follow their dreams, in a manner that comes so natural to him. His wisdom and business knowledge, far exceeds that of people much older! This l believe is a gift that will benefit anyone that decides to work with him.

Natalie Cerracchio,
Business Consultant,


Matthew is an exceptional speaker. His knowledge and experience in sales, niche marketing and business is way ahead of the curve. No wonder he’s had so many business and life successes. The advice received has been invaluable. The strategies and methodologies learned have now resulted in exciting new business growth, that before going to his event, I would never have been able to achieve or see as being possible.

Aaron Whyte,
Managing Partner, Latrobe Golf Park


Put simply, Matthew is the best sales and niche marketing coach/trainer I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. Over the past ten years I have repeatedly utilized Matthew to create sales legends within my own sales organizations, from people of mediocre ability and little to no experience. I myself met Matthew when our businesses crossed paths at a sales conference ,and within months of Matthew working with my sales staff he had helped increase not only sales volume, but company bottom line. Matthew is a serial entrepreneur and his ability to sniff out untapped niche markets makes him a powerhouse for business growth.

Steve Long,
Business Development Manager, IBIS World INC


Mr. Pollard is a great advisor, because he is a true expert in his field. Unlike many other coaches, he offers advice that is relevant and practicable for a business’s specific needs, rather than a blanket approach. Mr. Pollard has helped our company immensely, particularly in the area of niche marketing. Since working with him to define our niche, we have not only improved our sales process and our marketing and PR efforts, we have also been able to improve the level of service that we give our clients and streamline our processes. One thing that came as a surprise to us was that it has even made more sense to media contacts than our previous, scattered message.

Brittany Walters-Bearden,
Co-Founder, At Large PR


Matthew is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to sales and marketing. He came on the Tropical Entrepreneur show and with just a few of his sales tips I implemented into my scripts at my digital agency, my guys have increased results. Highly recommended!

Josh Denning,
Host, Tropical Entrepreneur


After watching all the online training (lots) I have to confess that I now use most of the techniques that you spoke about in the videos and it does work. Even the process of how people view our website was altered to suit some of the things you spoke about. We began using heatmaps on the site to track the popular areas of the pages. The first heat spot is dedicated to building trust, the second to ‘Set the Scene’ then the third to show what we can do better than anyone else. Pretty impressive.

Marc Smith,
Founder, The Cuillin Collective


I had the opportunity to interview Matthew for my podcast show. What a delight he is. Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable about powerful sales strategies, he’s humorous, engaging and entertaining. If you’re looking for a fresh approach in sales, you need to talk to Matthew.

Kathleen Gage,
Host, Power Up for Profits Podcast


No one knows and understands the Sales and Marketing side of business like Matthew. His experience and drive are second to none. Anyone who wants to move away from linear growth and align it to exponential growth should work with Matthew.

Juan Gonzalez,
Co-Founder, The Growth Institute


Matthew was on the panel of business and pitch coaches at the 2014 Austin Education Startup Weekend. I was impressed with the amount of spot-on information and advice Matthew was sharing with our team. It was clear that such knowledge comes from actual life experience and the success of managing numerous companies. Matthew’s feedback ensured that our team’s pitch was structured for success as it made the pitch much more persuasive and strengthened our business model. I found Matthew’s approach very professional and encouraging due to his ability to understand the product in great detail and the challenges at stake. His way of communication is very effective as it carries a large amount of valuable information in a very short period of time which is critical for successful sales and marketing campaigns for any revenue driven business or company.

Lidiya Sizonova,
CEO, Jam Packed Tech

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