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Jonathan Rivlin

Certified Public Accountant, The Rivlin Group

Jonathan Rivlin, a CPA with 25 years in the field, experienced a transformative shift after collaborating with Matthew. Facing challenges like overcapacity and cashflow issues, Jonathan was guided by Matthew to restructure his services and recalibrate his pricing, leading to a 500% increase in fees. Remarkably, he retained 80% of his clients, emphasizing their trust in his enhanced offerings. This wasn’t merely a financial shift, but a holistic transformation in client understanding of Jonathan’s value and service. Jonathan’s journey highlights the profound impact of Matthew’s strategic mentorship, showcasing that even seasoned professionals can reach new heights with the right guidance.

Scott Ritzheimer

The Scale Architecht, Independent

Working with Matthew proved to be a massive success for Scott, who had previously struggled with a do-it-yourself approach to his business. During their time working together, Scott went through three major transitions in his business, each time finding new areas to excel in. As a result, Scott’s revenue increased from $10,000 a quarter to $10,000 a week. He highly recommends working with Matthew to address any challenges related to generating consistent revenue, lead development, conversion, and closing deals. Scott further notes that he found Matthew’s system to be the best one out there, emphasizing that it’s absolutely worth the investment. For small businesses seeking rapid growth and increased revenue, Scott wholeheartedly recommends Matthew as the go-to coach.

Anita Flejter

Director of Digital Marketing, NETINT Technologies

Anita came to Matthew because she was having trouble expressing her value and was therefore struggling in her job search. She realized she needed a better way to present herself to potential employers, and turned to Matthew for help through his Rapid Growth Intensive. With Matthew’s guidance, she was able to create a unified message that highlighted her unique strengths and helped her land multiple exciting job offers while negotiating her optimal terms. Anita highly recommends working with Matthew for anyone looking to supercharge the process of finding the perfect job and getting paid what they’re worth.

Lisa Sretenovic

The Velocity Detective, CPA

Like many talented corporate professionals who transition to entrepreneurship, Lisa found herself struggling with sales and marketing shortly after starting her own business. She reached out to Matthew for help, as she knew she wanted to quickly ramp up her success. Working one-on-one with Matthew allowed her to develop a unified message, identify what made her stand out from her competitors, and master the sales process, all through a simple step-by-step methodology. As a result, Lisa increased the price for her core service from $2,997 to $8,997 in just five months, and she is on track to exceed her corporate salary by 150% in her second year of business. On top of that, she was asked to moderate multiple conference panels, so that she could share her newfound strategies with others in her field. Now that her sales and marketing is on autopilot, Lisa’s business and self-confidence have skyrocketed.

Heather Thatcher

CEO, The Solopreneur Survival Guide

After finishing the Rapid Growth Academy, Heather Thatcher found that although she was now confident in her sales process and messaging, she now needed to do a better job attracting the right clients to her business. For that next level of support she again enlisted Matthew’s help through the Rapid Growth Intensive. through this one-on-one training, she was able to shift the focus of her business to find her ideal clients. As a result of this transformative experience, Heather has not only learned so much more about her business and business in general, she has also more than tripled her income.

When I first contacted Matthew, my startup was facing an uncertain future. I faced the challenges of establishing a B2B business, understanding the market dynamics and my niche, and searching for ways to grow.

Ever since I started consulting with Matthew, there has been a transformation. His insights and strategies have provided clarity to my business direction and resulted in tangible outcomes. Thanks to his guidance, I successfully secured a facilitation contract of $3,500 for a prestigious board retreat. This significant achievement showcased the potential for growth and profitability that I had yet to recognize fully.

Working alongside Matthew has been enlightening and empowering. Working with him thus far has instilled confidence in me as a business consultant business owner. The value I gained from his coaching services far exceeded my expectations. His advice on valuing my time and expertise gave me the confidence needed during negotiations and helped me achieve outcomes beyond what I envisioned.

I wholeheartedly endorse Matthew’s services. His guidance has the potential to transform your business outlook and direction completely. I am immensely grateful to have him by my side. I can’t wait to see what we can achieve together!

Latoya Robinson,
The Mission Catalyst, LUR's Strategic Growth Solutions

I just got off my first call with Matthew to go through my business. For context, I’ve been working on this business model concept for more than a year, had written a book, and hired several other well known expensive coaches and consultants to help me structure it. I was stuck and felt like I just wasn’t designing a business framework that would work for me, my lifestyle and, my clients.

At the risk of sounding too unbelievable or outrageous, in the course of 2 hours, Matthew helped me redesign a business that I can envision and get excited about. One that will truly help others. A business that places me the right way in front of the right clients. I don’t know if I would have ever come up with this structure on my own or figured out how to communicate it to my ideal clients, but Matthew laid it out in our call perfectly.

So, I’m grateful I’m working with Matthew now. If you’re committed to building a business or are struggling to get clarity on what business model you should design, hire Matthew 1 on 1 if you can.

Shane Melanson,
Director, Melanson Real Estate

Matthew’s Rapid Growth process works. When I started with Matthew, I was all over the place with my business and I didn’t have set processes in place…not to mention that I was terrible at selling. As a result, I was starting to lose clients without any new ones to replace them. Matthew and I worked together one-on-one over the course of six weeks to fix my business model and find the growth strategies that would work for me, and then I spent about 90 days implementing those strategies into my business. Those 90 days felt really long, because even though I was getting prospects on sales calls, it still seemed like no one was buying. But then, almost overnight it, it all turned around. I started landing deals for the consulting package that Matthew helped me create, and in addition, I landed a $124,000 project from an inbound lead…a lead I never would have gotten if I hadn’t been following the Rapid Growth model. The Rapid Growth strategy takes time and energy, sure, but now my business is on a trajectory that is sustainable and profitable, thanks to Matthew!

Whitney Cole,
Owner, Consultant, The Mission Maven

I was having a challenge getting qualified prospects to make the decision to invest in their online marketing education. It would take some time for them to convert. After speaking with Matthew for the 30-minute session, he mentioned something that clicked for me. I was able to reposition my course and get that immediate urgent action that I wanted without pressuring the other person. They did it on their own volition. I closed a prospect the same day and she paid for my course in full the next morning. Thanks a lot, Matthew! This was the crucial missing piece that I needed for the rapid growth that I was looking for.

Nyla Nguyen,
Internet Marketing Teacher, Unlimited Income for You

Prior to working with Matthew, I really struggled to close my sales. I was one of those people who would get the prospect on the phone, bumble through trying to sell my content strategy services, and then spend hours on a huge, detailed proposal. That didn’t get anywhere.

Now, after 6 weeks working one-on-one with Matthew, the sale is SO MUCH EASIER. When I get a prospect on the phone and go through the sales script I worked on in the intensive, they are ready to buy instead of telling me that they will think about it. Instead of dreading sales calls, I look forward to them because now I know what to say and I have the confidence that, whether I close the deal or not, I am able to offer incredible value to each prospect I speak with.

Whitney Cole,
Business Owner

I found my call with Matthew extremely helpful and got to work immediately after I hung up. Even though I am a few uploads away from implementing all the changes he suggested, I have reason to believe that Mathew’s suggestions will have a dramatic impact on my business.

Carol Barrett,
Managing Director, Virtual Language Practice (Fluency 365)

Before working with Matthew, I had several ideas and directions I wanted to go with two of my businesses. Not having clarity and alignment in these directions caused my mind to be chaotic and to over-process information. As a result, I was accomplishing a little bit in a lot of different areas. After working with Matthew over three sessions, I was able to streamline my focus, clear the chaos out of my mind, and focus on the primary tasks at hand which will give me the most growth and revenue. My mind is much clearer and I am more organized at work and in my personal life.

Julie Hutchinson,
Founder, Core Performance

Matt’s coaching was excellent! He gave tons of value. He also showed legitimate concern for the well being of my business, which some of my other business coaches lack. I was so happy with our initial 3 coaching sessions that I will be hiring Matt for another 6 month contract!

Jud Johnson,
Owner-Founder, Luxe Films

Prior to working with Matthew, my marketing messaging was inconsistent at best. Matthew was able to quickly break down my challenges, diagnose my issues, and build a sound foundation of solutions. I had many relevant to do’s and direction from Matthew after each and every meeting. He holds you accountable to make those changes, and it is worth all the time and cost I spent on working with Matthew!

Dan Fuller,
President, Haley Custom Homes

Matthew recommended a strategy to launch the second season of my podcast. By implementing a simple strategy (it took a little time to build), I was able to get more downloads in one month that I had the previous season. It was fantastic. If you are considering working with Matthew, I would highly recommend it.

Jaime Jay,
Host, Stop Riding The Pine

Brilliant… Matt can hit a nail on the head with a hammer throw. I have done a huge variety of things in my life and want to do so many things. That is a common problem. Yet I knew that I needed to find that anchor or beach head around which everything coalesces. In a flat two hours he had a solution that fit perfectly, one I had struggled with for a long time. It is not easy to define a statistician, a psychometrician, a database marketer, a strategist, a P/L F500 leader, a pricing specialist, a publisher, a show host, and so many other attributes in three words that resonate. He did it.

Nick Vaidya,
Managing Editor, The CEO Magazine

Before my session with Matthew, I was missing parts to level up my 30-year book coaching business. In my daily goals I set, one thing was missing. Matthew pointed out that every day, I should: 1. Reach out to Business Influencers and ask them to collaborate with me (after I established rapport) and 2. Let go of emails that are other people’s agenda. Unsubscribing to many gurus (not Matthew), my 300 daily emails are now down to 150. I did get two almost famous speakers to join me in my upcoming JV program in October called, “Nonfiction Master Course.” I appreciate Matthew’s directness-just like me. This one tip takes little time or much effort, and the results will be lots of income for all ten of us, because I know the value of promotion and creating rapport with my communities at LinkedIn and my site. It’s all multiplied with joint partners.

Judy Cullins,
Book Coach,

The disconnect was horrible. I knew I had a winning solution, but I was failing at communicating my message in a compelling way. In fact, I was almost ready to give up when I met Matthew. After working with him, I had people clamoring to get my card at conferences, and closed my first mentoring client, who signed up immediately after our first session. How? My custom messaging! My mentoring income increased 25% per client because of Matthew’s advice. And, there’s a steady stream. Best of all is the experience of working with Matthew. Because of his amazing background, you want to bring your A+ game. It’s like getting Bette Midler to coach you on the Voice. Matthew is a true teacher who finds the best in you and cultivates that. You will grow and have fun doing it.

Dina Eisenberg,
Time Lifeguard,

I started with Matthew with a very complex business problem, and in just one session he completely solved it. After three sessions, he completely rebranded my business, and gave me all the tools to connect with my ideal clients. Working with Matthew was the best decision I’ve made to ensure my online business is a total success. Thanks Matthew!

Michael Bruinix,
Transcendence Coach,

Matthew came into my life at a time where I had lost focus and direction within my business. I wasn’t even sure how to define myself or what differentiated me from others working in the field. Matthew coached me for a total of six hours over three appointments. I cannot begin to explain the feeling I got when it all came together, when I realized what had been holding me back and what differentiated me in my field. Matthew is an amazing coach, I recommend him highly. No matter what it is you need help with, he is your guy. He is focused on you and your outcomes and works with you until you achieve them. You will move forward with the knowledge and tools, understanding and confidence that will help you take your business to the next level. Since working with Matthew, my life has turned around and my business is on track. Did I get what I expected from Matthew? Yes, I got exactly what I expected and so much more. He went above and beyond what I expected. Matthew, thank you for challenging me and helping me to find my niche.

Janis Merrill,
Founder and Revelation Consultant, Mind Excellence

A big thank you to Matthew Pollard. I came to him with positioning and branding questions and left with a new world of focus and ideas. In my 30 minutes with him, I was able to identify the things that I should focus my attention on. Matthew’s ability to think laterally is amazing. I look forward to working with him again. Thank you!

Adan De La Cruz,
Marketing Manager,

My service business is to drive customers in their private vehicles when they are not legal to drive themselves. It’s been very frustrating finding staff with the right mindset. Within 20 minutes Matthew helped me to realise that I am only looking for employees when hiring. Matthew suggested focusing on entrepreneurial agencies and defining my expectations. Huge thanks Matthew, much appreciated.

Floyd Rudolph,
Director, Your Safe Driver Ltd

I got to speak to Matthew for 45 minutes, and in that time we identified several misconceptions that I had regarding growth. While I previously thought that rapid growth required a large outlay of capital, I now know that it can be achieved with minimal resources. I look forward to learning more from Matthew as we work together in future.

Clement Langat,
Founder, Dukalako Kenya

Matthew Pollard is masterful! In two short hours Matthew synthesized my life’s work. He curated decades of my career as an explorer then created a map on how to make this knowledge relevant to the modern world. I have spent years and more money than I care to admit on courses and training to accomplish what Matthew and I have achieved during our first session. While there is no doubt this investment will yield great returns, I will never recover the years I have spent searching for someone as capable as Matthew Pollard.

Dr. Elizabeth Lindsey,
National Geographic Explorer,

Before working with Matthew, I struggled with finding clarity in my message and locating my audience. After one session with Matthew, it all became clear to me. I received guidance, support and additional resources above and beyond my expectations. Matthew helped me plan out concrete next steps and strategies to meet my goals. I’m so glad I heard his podcast and signed up for a complimentary session!

Lisa Meisels,
CEO, Femanna


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