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Whitney Cole

Conversion Architect, Healthcare Organizations

Whitney had a small side income from a few clients in her writing business, but started to panic after losing half of her monthly retainers. Once she applied the strategies she learned in Rapid Growth Academy, she rebranded herself to align her business with her goals and attract her ideal customers. Within just a few weeks, she started closing new retainer deals for $5 – $10K, and is in love with her business again.

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Stephanie Scheller

Founder, GROW Disrupt

Stephanie shares her experience hiring Matthew to present at the GROW retreat, an event for entrepreneurs. She was particularly impressed with Matthew’s unique content, which captivated an audience of seasoned business professionals. Her message for other meeting planners: You will not regret bringing Matthew on board!

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Craig and Joel Turner

Father and son, The Introvert's Edge readers

Craig and Joel Turner are proof that The Introvert’s Edge is not just another sales book. When Craig picked up the book to help him with his business, the tactics and stories that Matthew wrote about helped him realize that his introverted teenage son could also benefit from the message. This book was the beginning of a turning point in Joel’s life that resulted in his confidence soaring.

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Douglas Fahlbusch

Learning Chair, Enterpreneurs' Organisation

When Douglas hired Matthew to speak at an Entrepreneurs’ Organization event, he was blown away by Matthew’s preparation and performance as well as his enlightening and motivating approach to sales. Douglas also appreciated the buzz Matthew generated around the event through his promotional materials and social posts, resulting in even more attendees. Participants rated Matthew 9’s and 10’s across the board.

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Ryan Sanders

Learning Chair, Entrepreneurs' Organization New Zealand

When planning and developing learning events, Ryan is always looking for speakers who can offer something fresh and actionable. In hiring Matthew, Ryan got all that and more. Matthew presented a topic that no one in the group had heard before, and in a way that energized and motivated everyone. Ryan explains that Matthew’s passion for the sales process is infectious, and all attendees walked away with real, tangible strategies that they could immediately enact.


The disconnect was horrible. I knew I had a winning solution, but I was failing at communicating my message in a compelling way. In fact, I was almost ready to give up when I met Matthew. After working with him, I had people clamoring to get my card at conferences, and closed my first mentoring client, who signed up immediately after our first session. How? My custom messaging! My mentoring income increased 25% per client because of Matthew’s advice. And, there’s a steady stream. Best of all is the experience of working with Matthew. Because of his amazing background, you want to bring your A+ game. It’s like getting Bette Midler to coach you on the Voice. Matthew is a true teacher who finds the best in you and cultivates that. You will grow and have fun doing it.

Dina Eisenberg,
Time Lifeguard,


Matthew’s experience and frameworks really helped the companies that attended the workshop we set up together identify what differentiates their business from other businesses, as well as ways to leverage their customers’ satisfaction to acquire even more customers at a lower cost!

Esteban Fabiao,
Program Director, CALSO Community, Inc.


I have been working with Matt for only three weeks, and within that time he has given me so much clarity and direction with where my business is at and where it should be going. Matt’s Rapid Growth Academy is packed full of knowledge and wisdom broken down into easy to follow steps that you or anyone can do who is passionate about what they love. If you are contemplating doing this, jump off the fence and join today. I can personally promise you…you will not be disappointed. And don’t just take my word for it…listen to the man’s case studies! Wow!! Do this for you. Today!

Jay Kali,
Owner, Kali Coaching


I’ve done a lot of work on the foundations of my business in the past, but Matthew’s helped me see the way forward through fresh eyes, encouraging me to dig deeper, re-energising myself and Thinkography. It’s exciting, and I’ve fallen in love with my work again. Feels great!

Danny Gosling,
Managing Director, Thinkography


I reached out to Matthew because I was having trouble choosing a direction for my business. We spoke for just over 30 minutes and Matt had some incredible ideas and confidence in me. I didn’t even end up hiring Matt, I got so much out of the initial call that I left that meeting, made the connections I needed to take my business to the next level, and I’m back to enjoying what I do again!

Tim Melanson,
Business Coach, Work @ Home RockStar


Matthew accepted an invitation to participate as an expert in the Business Networking Online Summit held in April 2016, where I interviewed 42 of the world’s leading authors, practitioners, thought leaders and experts in all topics related to business networking. Matthew was a gracious and enthusiastic interviewee. He shared his story of moving from Australia to Austin, Texas and how he’s grown his business and developed his influence through networking. I highly recommend Matthew Pollard to you.

Adèle McLay,
Business growth coach, peak performance mentor, personal branding strategist, speaker, author, Success Leadership Group


I started with Matthew with a very complex business problem, and in just one session he completely solved it. After three sessions, he completely rebranded my business, and gave me all the tools to connect with my ideal clients. Working with Matthew was the best decision I’ve made to ensure my online business is a total success. Thanks Matthew!

Michael Bruinix,
Transcendence Coach,


Matt was generous with both his time and cogent advice. Time with him is well spent!!!

Kathy FitzHenry,
Business Owner, Blogger


This was a great experience. Matthew really helped me to think of different directions I could take our bakery that I had never thought of before.

Kay Price,
Owner, Kay's Kitchen Yum


I was struggling with where to put my time and energy in my business. Matthew showed me how to simplify things and get better results. I can already see big improvements.

Karl Staib,
Founder, Domino Connection


I found Matthew Pollard online and thought he would be a good fit to speak at our Builder 2.0 meeting. With 20 builders to convince, however, it was a bit of a hard sell. In the end, they went with it, and boy were they glad! I’ve never seen a group gather around the speaker at the end of the session to try to hear every word he said in order to learn as much as possible from him. He is truly an expert at rapid growth. He had all of us taking notes and producing actionable items in a very short time frame. I highly recommend him. He connected very well to a group of builders and business owners who think that marketing is secondary to, well, everything else.

Bethany Jenkins,
Vice President, Jenkins Custom Homes


Matthew came into my life at a time where I had lost focus and direction within my business. I wasn’t even sure how to define myself or what differentiated me from others working in the field. Matthew coached me for a total of six hours over three appointments. I cannot begin to explain the feeling I got when it all came together, when I realized what had been holding me back and what differentiated me in my field. Matthew is an amazing coach, I recommend him highly. No matter what it is you need help with, he is your guy. He is focused on you and your outcomes and works with you until you achieve them. You will move forward with the knowledge and tools, understanding and confidence that will help you take your business to the next level. Since working with Matthew, my life has turned around and my business is on track. Did I get what I expected from Matthew? Yes, I got exactly what I expected and so much more. He went above and beyond what I expected. Matthew, thank you for challenging me and helping me to find my niche.

Janis Merrill,
Founder and Revelation Consultant, Mind Excellence


A big thank you to Matthew Pollard. I came to him with positioning and branding questions and left with a new world of focus and ideas. In my 30 minutes with him, I was able to identify the things that I should focus my attention on. Matthew’s ability to think laterally is amazing. I look forward to working with him again. Thank you!

Adan De La Cruz,
Marketing Manager,


Just completed my 30 minute phone call with Matthew. I admit I was worried about a big sales pitch at the end. It never came. He just wanted to genuinely help me answer some questions. My take away: “Forget the market.” Be who I am and then go out there and find the people that it resonates with. Thank you, Matthew…a million times.

Sammy Rangel,
Co-founder, Life After Hate


I was surprised that Matthew was the one actually calling me on the first free appointment call, and not a sales agent underneath him. He was down to earth, and very helpful with giving me good advice on the direction of my business. Thanks, Matthew!

K Larson,
Writer/Owner, Kelton Stories


My service business is to drive customers in their private vehicles when they are not legal to drive themselves. It’s been very frustrating finding staff with the right mindset. Within 20 minutes Matthew helped me to realise that I am only looking for employees when hiring. Matthew suggested focusing on entrepreneurial agencies and defining my expectations. Huge thanks Matthew, much appreciated.

Floyd Rudolph,
Director, Your Safe Driver Ltd


Thank you, Matthew, for a very enjoyable and profitable call. Your points make sense and are of great value.

Scott Fenwick,
Trainer, Consultant, Coach, Fenwick Consulting & Training


Matthew spoke to our association on how to pitch an idea to an employer and knocked it out of the park. All of our attendees raved about how practical and applicable his talk was and took the time to tell me they wished his presentation had been longer. Leading up to the event, he was responsive, professional, and a joy to work with. I wish all my presenters delivered what they promised. Matt went above and beyond. Thank you!!

Jessica A. Smith,
Assistant Executive Director, International Order of the Golden Rule


I got to speak to Matthew for 45 minutes, and in that time we identified several misconceptions that I had regarding growth. While I previously thought that rapid growth required a large outlay of capital, I now know that it can be achieved with minimal resources. I look forward to learning more from Matthew as we work together in future.

Clement Langat,
Founder, Dukalako Kenya


Matthew Pollard is masterful! In two short hours Matthew synthesized my life’s work. He curated decades of my career as an explorer then created a map on how to make this knowledge relevant to the modern world. I have spent years and more money than I care to admit on courses and training to accomplish what Matthew and I have achieved during our first session. While there is no doubt this investment will yield great returns, I will never recover the years I have spent searching for someone as capable as Matthew Pollard.

Dr. Elizabeth Lindsey,
National Geographic Explorer,


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