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Anita Flejter

Director of Digital Marketing, NETINT Technologies

Anita came to Matthew because she was having trouble expressing her value and was therefore struggling in her job search. She realized she needed a better way to present herself to potential employers, and turned to Matthew for help through his Rapid Growth Intensive. With Matthew’s guidance, she was able to create a unified message that highlighted her unique strengths and helped her land multiple exciting job offers while negotiating her optimal terms. Anita highly recommends working with Matthew for anyone looking to supercharge the process of finding the perfect job and getting paid what they’re worth.

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Angela Durrant

The Impact Strategist & Founder, Maverick Communications

Angela, featured in “The Introvert’s Edge to Networking” as a success story, appreciates the book’s honest depiction of the challenges faced during personal and professional growth. She found the book’s focus on being intentional in networking situations, as well as focusing on the right kinds of connections, particularly helpful. Angela discovered that she could deepen her existing relationships without trying too hard or being everywhere at once. Unlike other personal development books that are largely just theory, “The Introvert’s Edge to Networking” is filled with exercises and actionable takeaways that can be applied immediately. Angela believes this practical application sets the book apart, making it a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their networking skills.

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Susan Carter

The Puzzle Decoder, Registered Nurse

Susan shares the many ways “The Introvert’s Edge to Networking” guided her to step outside her comfort zone to connect and share ideas with others in an authentic and natural way. One of the many benefits Susan gained from reading the book was being invited as a guest on podcasts, allowing her to explore more ways to connect with people without feeling overwhelmed, while at the same time sharing her passion with a new audience. The book made her more intentional about her connections and even led to mutually beneficial business collaborations. Susan highly recommends “The Introvert’s Edge to Networking,” as she firmly believes it will change your perception of networking and infuse authenticity into your business relationships, making all the difference when connecting with others.

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Chelsey Brooke

Professional Counselor, Pathfinder Coach

Chelsey Brooke hoped that introverts could still be successful at sales, but hadn’t yet convinced herself that it could be true. And then she read The Introvert’s Edge and felt like someone was speaking directly to her for the first time. Everything about being introverted that Chelsey thought was a disadvantage, was quickly proved wrong in the book. Matthew’s use of stories in the book to highlight the journeys of others just like her, allowed Chelsey to imagine herself following those same successful paths. This book is not just fluff and a few god ideas, it’s actually strategies and processes that have been proven to work and that can be implemented immediately. Because of this, The Introvert’s Edge is her most recommended book to anyone in sales and marketing or beginning their entrepreneurial journey.

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Bill Feehley

Executive Director, Maryland Society of Accounting & Tax Professionals

When Bill Feehley, Executive Director of the Maryland Society of Accounting & Tax Professionals, was looking for a speaker for his organization’s annual event, he knew he wanted someone engaging, knowledgeable, and able to connect with the audience. Already a fan of Matthew’s work, Bill knew he’d be the perfect choice. Matthew’s exceptional sales and marketing training, which he specifically tailored for Bill’s audience of accountants and business professionals, was captivating and instantly-actionable. In fact, Bill considers Matthew to be on par with renowned speakers like Zig Ziglar and Tony Robbins. His genuine connection with the audience, and the many ways he went the extra mile, made him an ideal choice for Bill’s event. For event planners seeking a dynamic, engaging, and professional speaker, Bill wholeheartedly recommends Matthew. His expertise, captivating presentation style, and effortless partnership will undoubtedly impress both event organizers and attendees alike.


I have seen hundreds of speakers over the last few decades, Matthew was one of the best. His down to earth “introverted” style is a breath of fresh air, and his content is amazing!

Seth Greene,
Nationally Recognized Direct Response Marketing Guru, Market Domination, LLC


Matthew’s Rapid Growth process works. When I started with Matthew, I was all over the place with my business and I didn’t have set processes in place…not to mention that I was terrible at selling. As a result, I was starting to lose clients without any new ones to replace them. Matthew and I worked together one-on-one over the course of six weeks to fix my business model and find the growth strategies that would work for me, and then I spent about 90 days implementing those strategies into my business. Those 90 days felt really long, because even though I was getting prospects on sales calls, it still seemed like no one was buying. But then, almost overnight it, it all turned around. I started landing deals for the consulting package that Matthew helped me create, and in addition, I landed a $124,000 project from an inbound lead…a lead I never would have gotten if I hadn’t been following the Rapid Growth model. The Rapid Growth strategy takes time and energy, sure, but now my business is on a trajectory that is sustainable and profitable, thanks to Matthew!

Whitney Cole,
Owner, Consultant, The Mission Maven


As President of NSA Austin, I know what it takes to be an outstanding speaker. We recently had one of the best. When Matthew Pollard spoke to our members, he delivered a talk that was energizing, entertaining and relevant to our audience’s needs. He shared strategies and insights that we could be put to use immediately. Matthew is unique in that he has a keen ability to focus on the exact solution needed to propel a business’ growth, no matter what stage the business is in. Several of our members have begun implementing his suggestions, with excellent results.

Cheryl Jones,
Professional Speaker & Coach, Simply The Best Results


As President-Elect of the National Speakers Association/Carolinas, I understand what it takes for a speaker to stand out from the crowd. I have seen many speakers in my day, and Matthew Pollard is easily one of the most dynamic, engaging presenters I’ve come across. When Matthew spoke for an event I attended recently, the information he delivered was unique, perspective-shifting, and truly valuable. His ideas for growing a business and streamlining a sales process clearly resonated with the audience, many of whom commented that they would be immediately applying Matthew’s strategies to their businesses. An exceptional experience all the way around!

Evan Carroll,
President-Elect, National Speakers Association/Carolinas, Speaker, Evan Carroll & Associates


Matthew Pollard is an engaging presenter. Through sharing both personal and client stories he outlined the keys to rapid growth. Each participant walked away with actionable takeaways on establishing differentiation, finding their niche and systemizing the sales process. We look forward to having Matthew back again.

Stan Phelps,
Keynote Speaker, Stan Phelps Speaks

I discovered Matthew when planning our multi-city sales kick-off event. Matthew’s presentation and original strategies stood out to me as something that could provide us a real advantage over our competition, and that could be operationalized across our large organization.
From the day we engaged Matthew, I was impressed by his energy and how much work he put into customizing his presentation, as well as understanding our marketplace and the competitive landscape. His delivery in all ten presentations was not only on point and entertaining, but the way he mixed in his personal and client transformation stories left all attendees believing success was possible for them too.
On top of that, during each presentation, Matthew delivered an original, customized story about one of our customers, as if he’d worked for our company for years. He did an excellent job articulating the client’s struggles (from a functional and emotional perspective), the implementation, including industry acronyms, and the final outcome. It was a great example of Matthew’s ability to identify and add genuine depth to his storytelling – an incredibly valuable technique for my team to walk away with.
If you’re looking for an edge in sales, especially in highly technical sales, Matthew is the obvious choice. He will not only have a strong grasp of your industry and client needs, he will articulate the exact reasons prospects should work with you, in a value-packed story your reps can use again and again to clearly stand out from your competition.

Chris Gandolfo,
Senior Vice President, Oracle Digital


When Matthew Pollard presented to our Make-A-Wish Board of Directors at our annual retreat it provided a great opportunity for our Board to find new ways to share our Mission through storytelling.

Our Board left our retreat feeling inspired, motivated and confident in their ability to speak to donors and community supporters. They learned how to communicate why a wish is so important to the children in our community who are battling a critical illness. They also learned how to communicate why granting a wish brings value to the donor and the community and how to incorporate those stories into one seamless and engaging narrative that they could confidently share.

Even our leadership team, who were already very knowledgeable about our sharing the mission of Make-A-Wish, felt they learned new and powerful ways to communicate the value of a wish through Matthew’s storytelling process.

I was blown away to hear one board member, who was new to the concept of storytelling, share the most compelling story of the day. I can easily see him using this new skill in every element of fundraising and throughout his career.

Similarly, new members of the Board, who didn’t have a story to share leading into the workshop, left feeling inspired and comfortable talking about the value of Make-A-Wish to the world. I believe this will have a substantial impact on these board members’ ability to raise money, along with the rest of our team, as they learn our newly created stories as well.

Jennifer Stolo,
President & CEO, Make-A-Wish Northeastern CA and Northern NV


Thank you again for speaking to our Entrepreneurs’ Organization group in Bryan/College Station. I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your presentation and that your event was the highest rated event we have held to date, scoring a 9 out of 10 for content value.  I also personally got compliments on the fact that no one ever felt you were trying to sell them, either from the stage or afterward when you joined us for networking time at the bar. It is refreshing to have a speaker that is an author that can achieve this. As a learning chair, I would also like to express my gratitude on how easy it was to work with you and your staff, everything was well planned, and I was very happy to see there were no unexpected or excessive travel charges that I sometimes get after an event is over. All in all, it was a great event, and I will suggest you to other learning chairs in our region and beyond any time I get a chance.

Steven Sutton,
Learning Chair, Entrepreneurs Organization - Bryan/College Station


I recently had the pleasure of listening to Matthew Pollard’s incredible speech about telling a story at Oracle’s yearly sales kickoff event. I thought it was genius how he had everyone in the room convinced he had worked at Oracle for years by using all of our terminology so well.

Jonny Friedman,
Cloud Technology Consultant, Oracle


My favorite thing about the Marketing Magic Retreat was Matthew sharing his business model and how he makes decisions as to what speaking engagements to take. It showed me an entirely different way of structuring a business.

Cheryl Jones,
Professional Speaker & President of NSA Austin, Simply the Best


I was having a challenge getting qualified prospects to make the decision to invest in their online marketing education. It would take some time for them to convert. After speaking with Matthew for the 30-minute session, he mentioned something that clicked for me. I was able to reposition my course and get that immediate urgent action that I wanted without pressuring the other person. They did it on their own volition. I closed a prospect the same day and she paid for my course in full the next morning. Thanks a lot, Matthew! This was the crucial missing piece that I needed for the rapid growth that I was looking for.

Nyla Nguyen,
Internet Marketing Teacher, Unlimited Income for You


Matthew shares a lot about himself that most would hide. His personable, down-to-earth style really resonated with the crowd, who formed a long line to talk to him afterwards. Because he truly has a passion for helping, he stayed for over an hour after the presentation to speak to every person in that line. If you’re looking for a speaker, Matthew is your guy!

Jeff Kikel,
President/CEO, T-Werx Coworking


The builder crowd is very hard to impress, but every word out of Matthew’s mouth was very valuable, applicable, and actionable. I’ve never seen a speaker have every single attendee gathered around them at the end of the session, trying to get more information. Quite impressive.

Bethany Jenkins,
Vice President, Jenkins Custom Homes


Prior to working with Matthew, I really struggled to close my sales. I was one of those people who would get the prospect on the phone, bumble through trying to sell my content strategy services, and then spend hours on a huge, detailed proposal. That didn’t get anywhere.

Now, after 6 weeks working one-on-one with Matthew, the sale is SO MUCH EASIER. When I get a prospect on the phone and go through the sales script I worked on in the intensive, they are ready to buy instead of telling me that they will think about it. Instead of dreading sales calls, I look forward to them because now I know what to say and I have the confidence that, whether I close the deal or not, I am able to offer incredible value to each prospect I speak with.

Whitney Cole,
Business Owner,


I found my call with Matthew extremely helpful and got to work immediately after I hung up. Even though I am a few uploads away from implementing all the changes he suggested, I have reason to believe that Mathew’s suggestions will have a dramatic impact on my business.

Carol Barrett,
Managing Director, Virtual Language Practice (Fluency 365)


I just want to say thank you for this email and tip. It made a huge difference for me. I used to struggle with defining my niche and target market. Having implemented the steps you provided, now I have a clear vision whom I need to talk to. I’m now working on customizing my website and marketing strategy to address and to work best to the audience I defined and I feel very excited about it! 🙂 I’m sure I’m going to achieve amazing results! 🙂

Anastasia Budevich,
Business owner, Woodnax


It’s been a real pleasure to work with Matthew both from a tactical point of view but also strategy as well. His system is proven, and he has a tremendous passion for helping entrepreneurs truly grow their companies. I would recommend Matthew to friends who are struggling with growth. Thank you for going 110% on my company.

Piyush Patel,
Author, Lead Love Tribe


I recently completed the free 30 minute call with Matthew Pollard. In such a short time, he delivered invaluable advice that stopped all the doubts I’ve been having about my business and helped me get clear on my next steps. His approach is also fantastic. No harsh sales tactics or pressure, and very reasonable and high-value options. Thank you Matthew!

Mira Boucher,
Founder, SensaKids Ltd.


Before working with Matthew I had a good understanding of different tactics to run a business, but they were all competing for my attention. Going through the materials of the Rapid Growth Academy allowed me to see how all those different tactics fit into a single well-functioning system. Now, my focusing on one activity creates a ripple effect and produces outcomes in multiple areas of my business. It allows me to work more efficiently and productively.

Natasha Vorompiova,
Founder, SystemsRock


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