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Jennifer Stolo

Chapter President and CEO, Make-A-Wish Foundation

To have a book like The Introvert’s Edge, that dispels the myth that introverts cannot be successful at sales, with real-life stories and examples from an introvert himself, was very powerful. For an organization like Make-A-Wish Foundation, who relies heavily on donations to drive their success, the chapter of the book that discusses using storytelling as part of the sales process was particularly powerful and resonated deeply with the group, as they are always seeking ways to sell their mission to the community. And Matthew’s book does that with a unique approach and a very different way of being deliberate.

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Natasha Vorompiova

Founder, Systems Rock

Natasha Vorompiova had a business that was working well, but couldn’t quite figure out for herself what was missing to get it to the next level. After enrolling in Matthew Pollard’s Rapid Growth Academy, it became clear almost immediately what processes and systems she needed to work on in order for her business to be in alignment with her goals. Natasha specifically credits the layout of the program and how much direct involvement Matthew himself has with the students, as a main reason that Rapid Growth Academy students successfully complete the program and begin to see positive transformation in their businesses immediately. Thanks to Matthew Pollard and his Rapid Growth Academy, Natasha’s business tripled their revenue only 6 months after she started the course.

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Chris Ragland

Custom Home Builder, Homes by Chris

Until working with Matthew, Chris Ragland’s homebuilding business was struggling to attract their ideal customers, and at a price point they wanted to compete in. After implementing Matthew’s suggested changes to their business messaging and processes, Chris and her team reached their goal of 80% custom home builds at an average price point of $1,000,000.

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Jennifer Stolo

Chapter President and CEO, Make-A-Wish Foundation

Make-A-Wish Foundation relies heavily on the generosity of others in order to grant wishes. They’re selling not a product or service, but the emotion behind their mission. After participating in a retreat with Matthew, Jennifer Stolo and her team have increased their Wish sponsorships by 15%. Board members credit Matthew’s energy and expertise with helping them redefine their messaging and approach.

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Susan Baracco

Ghostwriter, Story Architect for Women

Before Susan enrolled in Matthew’s Rapid Growth Academy, she was only closing every fourth or fifth person she talked to. But after implementing Matthew’s advice and teachings, she’s closing 80%-90% of the people she talks to now, and is quickly headed for a six-figure income.


I attended Matthew Pollard’s Selling With Stories training at a sales kickoff meeting two weeks ago. It was relevant, gripping, and paradigm shifting. I have not seen another sales training hold the audience’s attention like this one and I am applying the lessons I took away from it already.

Scott Healy,
Partner Sales Manager, Oracle


Before starting the program, I was stumbling around in my job, looking for a solid direction. I was missing crucial parts of the puzzle. Just going through the first two weeks of this course has changed everything for me. There are many different elements being crafted here, to eventually create a rapid growth formula. I am already planning a networking strategy, to take on more higher paying clients. I can see that taking this new message online is going to change everything again. Matthews experience and attention to detail is very impressive. I expect to make a solid return on investment before the end of the course.

Darran Butler,
Owner, NGI Consultants


I just did a 30 minute consultation with Matthew, and I was blown away by the quality of his advice, and by the quality of his character. There was no sales pitch, just 30 minutes speaking with a master and getting pointers on my new ecommerce site. And the comments were specific to my content and my business – not a one size fits all solution by any means. We went through my website together, and he gave me four things I can improve immediately, and pointed me to a tool to help drive essentially free traffic to my site. No funnels, ads, programs, etc. Just actionable advice. And he delivered it in the nicest way possible. I can’t tell you how much value I got from those 30 minutes talking with Matthew.

Jay Patterson,
Head of Marketing / Co-owner, Janelle Patterson Art


Before working with Matthew, I had several ideas and directions I wanted to go with two of my businesses. Not having clarity and alignment in these directions caused my mind to be chaotic and to over-process information. As a result, I was accomplishing a little bit in a lot of different areas. After working with Matthew over three sessions, I was able to streamline my focus, clear the chaos out of my mind, and focus on the primary tasks at hand which will give me the most growth and revenue. My mind is much clearer and I am more organized at work and in my personal life.

Julie Hutchinson,
Founder, Core Performance


I have seen Matthew present multiple times and have always come out of one of his presentations engaged. Matthew is an excellent speaker and storyteller. I would highly recommend him for any speaking engagement.

Jeff Kikel,
President/CEO, T-Werx Coworking


Matt’s coaching was excellent! He gave tons of value. He also showed legitimate concern for the well being of my business, which some of my other business coaches lack. I was so happy with our initial 3 coaching sessions that I will be hiring Matt for another 6 month contract!

Jud Johnson,
Owner-Founder, Luxe Films


Matthew spoke at one of our Rotary Meetings about Rapid Growth. Although it was aimed at businesses, it was evident that it could also be adapted to non-profits. We have a project that we thought might take a year and a half to two years, mostly due to fundraising. Matthew showed us how we could get it done in a couple of months instead. His knowledge of social media and message targeting is spot on! We are re-planning the project considering what we learned from Matthew.

Jeff Lamb,
Board Member, Rotary Club of Lakeway / Lake Travis


Wonderful information and advice on what I should do to increase business and get into a niche market. Very friendly and engaging. Time (30-40 minutes) was well worth it. I look forward to talking with Matthew again.

Brad Yochum,
Owner, QbCure


Prior to working with Matthew, my marketing messaging was inconsistent at best. Matthew was able to quickly break down my challenges, diagnose my issues, and build a sound foundation of solutions. I had many relevant to do’s and direction from Matthew after each and every meeting. He holds you accountable to make those changes, and it is worth all the time and cost I spent on working with Matthew!

Dan Fuller,
President, Haley Custom Homes


Matthew recommended a strategy to launch the second season of my podcast. By implementing a simple strategy (it took a little time to build), I was able to get more downloads in one month that I had the previous season. It was fantastic. If you are considering working with Matthew, I would highly recommend it.

Jaime Jay,
Host, Stop Riding The Pine


Brilliant… Matt can hit a nail on the head with a hammer throw. I have done a huge variety of things in my life and want to do so many things. That is a common problem. Yet I knew that I needed to find that anchor or beach head around which everything coalesces. In a flat two hours he had a solution that fit perfectly, one I had struggled with for a long time. It is not easy to define a statistician, a psychometrician, a database marketer, a strategist, a P/L F500 leader, a pricing specialist, a publisher, a show host, and so many other attributes in three words that resonate. He did it.

Nick Vaidya,
Managing Editor, The CEO Magazine


I got a lot of good feedback from Matthew. He gave me and my team feedback just in 30 min that gives more focus to tasks we should start doing now. Listened to my problem and was actively thinking with me. Gave me next steps to make with my team to take us to the next level. Really good insights. I really recommend.

Indrek Poldvee,
Customer Developer, Sorry as a Service


I was thoroughly impressed that Matthew took the time to jump on the phone with me for 30 minutes simply to offer free advice. Not once did I feel he was trying to sell me his services. I would recommend that anyone takes the time to listen to Matthew as he offers some sage advice. Thanks again!

Kacey Gorringe,
Account Executive, Friendemic


Very interesting meeting. I really enjoyed all the helpful tips provided by Matthew. A good experience to have.

Arnold Njikam,
CEO, S-42


Between 2011 and March 2016, I had amassed just over 4,000 followers on Twitter. Through Matthew’s guidance in strategic growth, my Twitter following increased by over 3,500 in two months, with just half his recommendations implemented! The numbers continue to grow! I cannot recommend him enough.

Judy Robinett,
Startup advisor, venture capitalist, and funding expert,


Before my session with Matthew, I was missing parts to level up my 30-year book coaching business. In my daily goals I set, one thing was missing. Matthew pointed out that every day, I should: 1. Reach out to Business Influencers and ask them to collaborate with me (after I established rapport) and 2. Let go of emails that are other people’s agenda. Unsubscribing to many gurus (not Matthew), my 300 daily emails are now down to 150. I did get two almost famous speakers to join me in my upcoming JV program in October called, “Nonfiction Master Course.” I appreciate Matthew’s directness-just like me. This one tip takes little time or much effort, and the results will be lots of income for all ten of us, because I know the value of promotion and creating rapport with my communities at LinkedIn and my site. It’s all multiplied with joint partners.

Judy Cullins,
Book Coach,


It was nice to talk to a professional man like Matthew who knows how to find the pain of clients and offer the best solution. I recommend him to every business owner.

Shahram Borna,


I was so deep in the trenches that I was confused about what my next step should be. I signed up for one of Matthew Pollard’s free confidential consultations, and worked through the materials he sent me by email in advance of our conversation. In less than a week, Matthew helped get me back on track, and our nonprofit started growing again. I will never be able to thank Matthew enough for reaching out to us when we needed it most.

David Faris,
Worldwide Micro Bible Publisher/Distributor, Desert Springs Ministries


I recently set up a life coach business and I went from being £5k in debt to debt free in just 2 months, thanks to Matthew Pollard’s system. Thanks, it is amazing.

Claire Davey,
Owner, Honest reviews


I came to work for Matt Pollard on a project through a recommendation from another copywriter to create a 12 Part Autoresponder sequence for Matt to promote his Rapid Growth System. While working on the project, I had the chance to dive deeply into his Rapid Growth Methodology, and couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if I applied the same principles to my consulting business after our project was finished. So I did. Here’s what happened next: Before implementing Matt’s Rapid Growth System, my consulting business was struggling (as embarrassing as it is to admit). Some months were really good, but others were a different story. What would happen in my case is… I would get a good client and it would be great, but then there would be a couple of weeks in between before I obtained another high value client. That’s when business would really suffer and I would end up being forced to take general freelancing jobs that had nothing to do with my speciality (and getting paid a lot less) to make ends meet. Or I would be forced to lower my spending and suffer through it (think ramen noodles). Then it changed for me after I implemented Matt’s methodology. As soon as our project together ended, I went back to the drawing board and immediately started applying the Rapid Growth System to every facet of my business. I changed all of my messaging and really decided on what type of prospects I wanted to target. I killed off my blog, turned off advertising that was bringing in the wrong prospect types (no more scatter gun marketing)… And after I was done, within less than a week I had effectively spread my new Unique Message of Differentiation throughout my network. Then within 72 hours of doing so, I had scheduled new prospect calls and closed a few clients at double my original rate with no price resistance. Today I’m effectively booked solid. And the best part is, since then I’ve continued to increase my rates every quarter, and not only have I found no resistance so far but…I continue to get a constant stream of referrals because people have me in mind for something specific and not as a “general marketing consultant guy.”

Joshua Valentine,
Ask Method Specialist, Joshua Valentine


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