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Fred Diamond

Co-Founder & President, Institute for Excellence in Sales

We’ve had hundreds of speakers talk about sales and business development to our top audiences, but Matthew Pollard exceeded expectations. He had great content that was very well presented, and his ability to engage with the audience was like no other. Already he has helped our sales professionals take their performance to the next level, just by being able to immediately implement the strategies and advice he discussed during his presentation. Matthew was easily one of our top 3 speakers, and we look forward to bringing him back.

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Paul Findlay

Board Member, Entrepreneurs' Organisation Brisbane

Paul Findlay requested that Matthew speak at his event after hearing how highly rated he was as a presenter from other industry organizers. Starting with the pre-event communication, Paul was confident he made the right choice, and the presentation was the highlight of the 2-day event. It’s always a good sign when your speaker is swarmed after their presentation by attendees wanting to keep the conversation going. The fact that Matthew customized his presentation to he was prepared and focused on helping this group succeed with knowledge and strategies they could implement right away.

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Avery Thatcher

CEO, The Solopreneur Survival Guide

Before working with Matthew in the Rapid Growth Academy, Heather had no business experience at all. Feeling lost and stressed about now having to go after clients and sell online, she was reassured by Matthew’s experience and ability to lay it all out in an easy, step-by-step process that she could follow. The feedback that Matthew and the members of other the Facebook group offered was invaluable, especially when she found herself needing a gentle nudge to make those sales calls. Surprisingly – even as an introvert – Heather actually found the process to be fun, and now enjoys making sales calls. Now people are seeking Heather out, and she’s increased her close rate from 5% to 82.5%

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Nick Sinclair

Founder, TOA Global

After being highly recommended to Nick Sinclair as a speaker for his conference, Matthew Pollard spoke to a room full of 150 accountants and blew them away! His content is first-class, and the way he delivers the content is absolutely perfect. It was engaging, educational, and actionable. The feedback from the clients noted Matthew as one of the highest rated speakers of the entire conference. The way Matt gives structure and process to sales has actually inspired Nick to work with Matthew directly as part of his overall business training process

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Bethany Jenkins

Co-Owner, Jenkins Design Build

The Introvert’s Edge to Networking is required reading at Jenkins Design Build for everyone n the sales department! The content is useful and evergreen and easy to understand and apply. This book doesn’t just teach you about marketing and sales and networking, Matthew Pollard teaches you how to be a better person. Who knew you could be successful at networking and sales without having to be an extrovert!


Matthew spoke to our association on how to pitch an idea to an employer and knocked it out of the park. All of our attendees raved about how practical and applicable his talk was, and took the time to tell me they wished his presentation had been longer.

Leading up to the event, he was responsive, professional, and a joy to work with. I wish all my presenters delivered what they promised. Matt went above and beyond. Thank you!!

Jessica (Smith) Riddlesperger,
Assistant Executive Director, International Order of the Golden Rule


Matthew accepted an invitation to participate as an expert in the Business Networking Online Summit held in April 2016 where I interviewed 42 of the world’s leading authors, practitioners, thought leaders and experts in all topics related to business networking.

Matthew was a gracious and enthusiastic interviewee. He shared his story of moving from Australia to Austin, Texas and how he’s grown his business and developed his influence through networking.

I highly recommend Matthew Pollard to you.

Adèle McLay,
Director, Lomas O'Donnell Investment Group


In late 2015 I commented on one of Matthew’s thought pieces on LinkedIn, about small businesses needing to dedicate 20% of time to winning new business. I said that was impossible for a micro-business like mine where I am delivering 5 days a week, and I was surprised and pleased when Matthew took time out to engage with me. He gave me a challenge to think about what I could do to carve out time win new business and in response I worked out a way to use ‘dead’ time in my weekly commute to build and keep in touch with a network of the kind of people who look for my skills.

I figured 2 hours extra delivery work a week on top of 50 or 60 hours during the week made little difference; 2 hours networking on top of 0 hours during the week would be a step change for me. I’m really pleased to say that at the end of my next engagement I was able to walk from one contract into the next without any down time – and I chose that contract from 3 or 4 potential engagements where people were keen to get me into their businesses to help them. I don’t believe I could have done this if I hadn’t acted on Matthew’s challenge, and I am glad to recommend him.

Garret Beggan,
Owner, Deberiat


If there is a person that can make you want to succeed whether you want to or not – Matthew is that person. His knowledge in sales is second to known and his energy levels and passion are off the charts. He is the perfect person to help with struggling business or the appropriate person to have as a keynote speaker that will have people on their feet at the end of his presentation.

Jeff Bearden,
Co-Founder and Social Media consultant, At Large PR


If it wasn’t for Matthew I wouldn’t be where I am at today in my business, or even in my life. Matthew is the real deal and working with him directly in his Rapid Growth Academy was the game changer that catapulted me to success. I will forever be grateful.

Considering if you should work with Matthew or not, I will tell you hands down he is the best Coach I have ever had in my life. There is no doubt in my mind he will be your best coach too!

Jay Kali,
Founder, Kali Coaching


Matthew’s book is AMAZING, every chapter has triggered so many ideas that I had to read the book with a pen a paper on my side in order not to forget anything. I feel more confident about the future of my own company because NOW I have a strategy for selling.


Sergio Garcia Mora,
People Analytics Consultant, Data 4HR


Matthew spoke at our Marketing & Sales Summit in 2018 and was a huge hit! So much so, that we are considering him for the keynote spot again this year.

He had great energy, was very engaging and offered our attendees some tips that were immediately applicable. He was all around fantastic!

Kristin Mudd,
Manager of Education, TRSA


Entrepreneurs’ Organization – Adelaide, Australia had the pleasure of a keynote and workshop with Matthew in February 2019. He made the power of the story real. The event was one of the highest rated events in the last 12 months. Attendees appreciated that Matthew genuinely wanted attendees to have valuable takeaways that were able to be implemented that day, and over the coming weeks.

It was easy to work with you and your staff, for pre-planning, content and travel. Bonuses included a board dinner with Matthew the night prior, and white-labelled promotional videos useful for our marketing.

Dr. Douglas Fahlbusch,
Learning Chair, Entrepreneurs Organization - Adelaide


We were absolutely thrilled with Matthew’s talk. Thank you Matthew. The way you delivered your experience through stories made the talk very relatable to the whole audience.

Matthew has a very warm nature and makes everyone feel like his friend. It’s refreshing to have a presenter talk with you as opposed to at you. We would highly recommend Matthew to talk at your next event.

Karen Farr,
Chapter Manager, Entrepreneurs Organization - New Zealand


I am a huge fan of the Rapid Growth Academy. I was one of the first students in the program 2 years ago. The training I received in the program was responsible for me being able to differentiate myself in an industry (Wealth Management) that you cannot swing a dead cat around the room and not hit a financial advisor.

This training also led me to be able to differentiate my Coworking Spaces (T-Werx Coworking) from the rest of our competitors and allow us to grow our revenue over 50% last year. I loved the training so much that I began to coach people at T-Werx through the program and it has become a mainstay of our training programs for entrepreneurs.

Jeff Kikel,
President & Co-Founder, BKA Wealth Consulting, Inc.


Matthew is very talented and an expert in understanding his client’s needs and helping transform one’s visions into reality. Highly recommended. He is a game-changer indeed.

Charles Denyer,
Owner, Charles Denyer


I just got off my first call with Matthew to go through my business. For context, I’ve been working on this business model concept for more than a year, had written a book, and hired several other well known expensive coaches and consultants to help me structure it. I was stuck and felt like I just wasn’t designing a business framework that would work for me, my lifestyle and, my clients.

At the risk of sounding too unbelievable or outrageous, in the course of 2 hours, Matthew helped me redesign a business that I can envision and get excited about. One that will truly help others. A business that places me the right way in front of the right clients. I don’t know if I would have ever come up with this structure on my own or figured out how to communicate it to my ideal clients, but Matthew laid it out in our call perfectly.

So, I’m grateful I’m working with Matthew now. If you’re committed to building a business or are struggling to get clarity on what business model you should design, hire Matthew 1 on 1 if you can.

Shane Melanson,
Director, Melanson Real Estate


Matthew is an extremely talented speaker with the pace, engagement and intelligent content to keep even a room full of high-performing entrepreneurs (who frequently profess ADHD and inability to pay attention) on the edge of their seat for the entirety of his presentation.

And what struck me most was that a finely tuned and powerful presentation was only half of what he brought to the table. Matthew’s heart is 100% in the right place! How he handled everything, from the lead up to the actual event, to participating in the event and going above and beyond to engage the attendees both on and off the stage was moving to watch. He was fully present and focused on helping our attendees learn and grow and it was not lost on me or any of them.

I can wholeheartedly recommend him! He will not disappoint.

Stephanie Scheller,
Founder, Grow Disrupt


At Oracle’s annual sales kickoff, I was surprised when Matthew was introduced and then told us about the power of storytelling. He walked us through the components of a good story as well as the science behind the benefits of using it in a sales context. As a content marketer at heart, I believe in the importance of the quality of your messaging. Whether that’s your ad copy or opening on a cold call, the quality of your message will make all the difference. Mathew’s speech nailed it! It was inspiring, empowering and actionable.


He made me curious so I went a bit deeper. I saw his book, the Introvert’s Edge, was a top seller so I read it. I got so much out of it from a sales perspective! I studied his structure for storytelling and felt it was attainable, even for a big company like ours, to adopt. Credit goes to our sales leader, Chris, but I’m proud to say that our division at Oracle has led the way in using Matthew’s framework for storytelling. Our customer win stories are now more than just a list of cold facts. We’re crafting rich, descriptive language that is not only enjoyable to read but also effective at educating other sales people.


I didn’t stop there. I caught him as a guest on a podcast, signed up for his newsletter and read many of his blogs. His Rapid Growth Academy seemed perfect for my wife’s leadership coaching business. We only recently signed up but I can see there’s a lot of value in following his process. In fact, we dropped our marketing agency in favor of the Rapid Growth Academy. The technology he uses, the quality of his materials and the process he takes us through is top-notch and just what we needed.


Matthew is relevant to salespeople, marketers, business developers, entrepreneurs and anyone in the business of convincing others to take action. Matthew is special. He has really thought through sales, branding, and storytelling and he has a way of communicating that is down-to-earth, inspiring and easy to act on.

Rich Wolfgang,
Business Development, Oracle


Matthew graciously volunteered his time and expertise to help our ProductCampRTP innovators bring ideas to market. And he certainly delivered! Hire him and you can expect content critical to sales success delivered masterfully with humor and humility. But only if you want to grow your organization!

Sidd Chopra,
Veteran IT professional, entrepreneur, award winning public speaker, LookWiser


I have seen hundreds of speakers over the last few decades, Matthew was one of the best. His down to earth “introverted” style is a breath of fresh air, and his content is amazing!

Seth Greene,
Nationally Recognized Direct Response Marketing Guru, Market Domination, LLC


Matthew’s Rapid Growth process works. When I started with Matthew, I was all over the place with my business and I didn’t have set processes in place…not to mention that I was terrible at selling. As a result, I was starting to lose clients without any new ones to replace them. Matthew and I worked together one-on-one over the course of six weeks to fix my business model and find the growth strategies that would work for me, and then I spent about 90 days implementing those strategies into my business. Those 90 days felt really long, because even though I was getting prospects on sales calls, it still seemed like no one was buying. But then, almost overnight it, it all turned around. I started landing deals for the consulting package that Matthew helped me create, and in addition, I landed a $124,000 project from an inbound lead…a lead I never would have gotten if I hadn’t been following the Rapid Growth model. The Rapid Growth strategy takes time and energy, sure, but now my business is on a trajectory that is sustainable and profitable, thanks to Matthew!

Whitney Cole,
Owner, Consultant, The Mission Maven


As President of NSA Austin, I know what it takes to be an outstanding speaker. We recently had one of the best. When Matthew Pollard spoke to our members, he delivered a talk that was energizing, entertaining and relevant to our audience’s needs. He shared strategies and insights that we could be put to use immediately. Matthew is unique in that he has a keen ability to focus on the exact solution needed to propel a business’ growth, no matter what stage the business is in. Several of our members have begun implementing his suggestions, with excellent results.

Cheryl Jones,
Professional Speaker & Coach, Simply The Best Results


As President-Elect of the National Speakers Association/Carolinas, I understand what it takes for a speaker to stand out from the crowd. I have seen many speakers in my day, and Matthew Pollard is easily one of the most dynamic, engaging presenters I’ve come across. When Matthew spoke for an event I attended recently, the information he delivered was unique, perspective-shifting, and truly valuable. His ideas for growing a business and streamlining a sales process clearly resonated with the audience, many of whom commented that they would be immediately applying Matthew’s strategies to their businesses. An exceptional experience all the way around!

Evan Carroll,
President-Elect, National Speakers Association/Carolinas, Speaker, Evan Carroll & Associates


Matthew Pollard is an engaging presenter. Through sharing both personal and client stories he outlined the keys to rapid growth. Each participant walked away with actionable takeaways on establishing differentiation, finding their niche and systemizing the sales process. We look forward to having Matthew back again.

Stan Phelps,
Keynote Speaker, Stan Phelps Speaks


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