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Scott Ritzheimer

The Scale Architecht, Independent

Working with Matthew proved to be a massive success for Scott, who had previously struggled with a do-it-yourself approach to his business. During their time working together, Scott went through three major transitions in his business, each time finding new areas to excel in. As a result, Scott’s revenue increased from $10,000 a quarter to $10,000 a week. He highly recommends working with Matthew to address any challenges related to generating consistent revenue, lead development, conversion, and closing deals. Scott further notes that he found Matthew’s system to be the best one out there, emphasizing that it’s absolutely worth the investment. For small businesses seeking rapid growth and increased revenue, Scott wholeheartedly recommends Matthew as the go-to coach.

Bernard Doone

The Product Launcher, Independent

Bernard was highly impressed by Matthew’s presentation at at IBM sales event, and how it shifted his mindset when it came to approaching conversations with clients and prospects. Using storytelling to build trust, credibility, and effectively communicate value was transformative for him. This new approach helped Bernard express empathy, create relatability, and better demonstrate how his products or services could benefit clients. Through storytelling, Bernard sped up his sales cycle, established trust and credibility, and closed one of the largest deals in his company’s history. He highly recommends Matthew as a dynamic speaker who actively engages the audience, creates value for them, and leaves a lasting impact. Matthew’s presentation remains the most memorable sales event Bernard has attended.

Susan Carter

The Puzzle Decoder, Registered Nurse

After experiencing a major life transition, Susan knew she wanted to work with autoimmune clients, but lacked the confidence to pursue her passion full-time. Joining Rapid Growth Academy transformed her outlook and empowered her to make a real difference in her clients’ lives. Matthew’s precise guidance and encouragement helped Susan develop her unique approach as a “puzzle decoder” for people with autoimmune challenges. This opened up new conversations and expanded her clientele to entire families, leading to a thriving business, and a positive impact on her clients. Susan wholeheartedly recommends Rapid Growth Academy to anyone struggling in their business or transitioning from a previous career. She considers the course invaluable, allowing her to embrace her introverted nature and still successfully grow her business in an authentic way.

Scott King

Founder & CEO, The Breakthrough Hub

Scott found exceptional value in Matthew Pollard’s books and strategies, so much so that he invited Matthew to speak at his event for growth-focused entrepreneurs. Matthew’s message proved to be life-changing for these seasoned businesspeople, and Scott assures that is no exaggeration. Scott highly recommends Matthew as a world-class speaker who can adapt to organizational needs and deeply impact audiences, especially introverts seeking guidance on their journeys.

Clayton Stenson

The Unity Guide, Fractional Integrator

Like many small business owners, Clayton struggled with differentiating himself, generating interest, and finding clients — until he joined Rapid Growth Academy. The program taught him a system for creating a niche, networking, and marketing himself to attract clients, and also provided a newfound confidence and love for his business that was lacking during the day-to-day struggle. As someone who appreciates authenticity in business, Clayton especially loves that the program’s approach is centered on adding value, rather than pitching and selling himself. Since joining, he’s made twice as much money as he did the previous year, and has landed a $60,000 engagement from an inbound lead. In Clayton’s words, he now feels like he’s on a mission, not a treadmill.

Matthew is a highly energetic speaker with a great message. He was engaged as our keynote speaker, in a room full of Entrepreneurs and Business Owners, but held their attention with ease! His ability to get audience engagement, and provide actionable steps to improve the sales cycle thru story telling was the biggest takeaway. Having an audience member up on stage that was able to craft a story on the spot helped everyone acknowledge the power of crafting a compelling story. Matthew generously made himself available, and was a pleasure to work with. I have no doubt that we will remain friends, and would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone that is looking for a Keynote Speaker to motivate a room full of owners or sale people.

KEYNOTE FACILITATOR, The Collective Genius

We hired Matthew for a Sales Meeting as we were looking to enhance the capabilities of our field sales channel for prospecting. Matthew tailored his presentation to our audience and reinforced our objectives. Matthew connected with our team by sharing similar sales experiences and teaching specific tactics we can use moving forward to achieve results. The feedback from the team has been extremely positive, and they were anxious to return to their branches and practice their stories.

Jessica Newman,
Chief Operating Officer, CPI Security

Matthew Pollard was the keynote speaker at our company’s 2023 Dealer Meetings. He spoke to some of our biggest customers about sales tactics they could implement in their everyday business environment, providing clear tips that were easy to remember and understand. Matthew spent plenty of time with us prior to the event, asking detailed questions so he could tailor his message directly to our specific audience. We received positive feedback from those in attendance who found his presentation both valuable and entertaining.

Mary Jo Hann,
Vice President, Corporate Marketing, Munch's Supply, LLC

Matthew knocked it out of the park for us at our 2022 Annual Conference in Houston. We’ve since hired him to keynote our Emerging Leaders program this year. Not only is he genuinely interested in helping the people he serves, he’s exceptionally easy to work with. He has helped us with session design and our members were delighted with the material. 5 stars.

Nick Benton,
Vice President of Operations, HARDI

Matthew has been an integral partner for us and our sales training. We have had him work with our reps live multiple times and each time we walk away challenged on how we deliver stories better. In a market full of noise, developing honest and impactful stories has helped us generate more sales than we can probably quantify. Not to mention client trust has happened quicker in the cycle for us which is key for a consulting business. Working with him was quick and effective, and I always love seeing his name pop up in my inbox.

Scott Whitley,
VP of Sales, Centroid Systems, LLC.

Matthew Pollard has created a wave of storytelling across our organization. After two keynotes and a sales workshop, Matthew’s guidance has been embedded in our culture and is up-leveling how we communicate to our customers and internally.

Amie Farrell,
Global HR Communications, Hexagon ALI

STARLIMS was fortunate enough to feature Matthew Pollard as the keynote speaker for our 2023 Global Sales Kickoff. I found his preparation to be personalized, his message to be concise and actionable, and his delivery to be highly engaging. I would strongly recommend Matt for guaranteed results from your team.

Keith Pensabene,
Global Head of Sales, STARLIMS

I greatly appreciate Matthew’s transparency and the Story Playbook framework. Our creative agency implements Don Miller’s StoryBrand model in our work with clients. Matthew’s framework overlays perfectly to enhance and leverage the story, helping people identify with the character in our story. We were missing vital pieces, like, giving the character a name (vs. a job title), $ cost/opportunity cost, and the moral of the story. It’s clear that these will yield greater results. Matthew’s excellent use of breakout exercises helped our team nail critical concepts for our own agency that we can implement immediately.

Linda Kleist,
Partner, Identity Creative

Before working with Matthew in his Rapid Growth Academy, I had tried many other programs to help me propel my business forward but not felt in alignment with who I was and so they felt hard and forced. As I worked through Matthew’s step by step process, my confidence increased, my differentiator became clearer and my sales process did not feel pushy or forced by in service of my clients. Though I still have lots of things to implement from the program, I have already seen an increase in my close rates, increase in demand for my talks, higher open and conversion rates in my nurture sequences and revenue and bottom line profit is at a record high. My experience working with Matthew has exceeded my expectations and I am confident as I continue to implement his strategies my business will continue to grow and in away that feels congruent to who I am. If you are an introvert, feeling stuck in your business and have tried other programs with limited success, I would highly recommend working with Matthew.

Jenn Abbatiello,
The Cycle Breaker & Founder of Your Transformed Family, Your Transformed Family

Matthew’s take on storytelling made a lasting impression on our sellers. His logical and connection-based approach will help take us to the next level.

Mattias Stenberg,
President, Hexagon ALI

In just a few short weeks, and with Matthew’s clear structure and feedback, I was able to recreate my website text and get rapid results. Even before I’d finished the entire process, I changed five bullet points on my homepage and started getting sales calls booked in instantly – for the first time in four years!

Melitta Campbell,
Value Whisperer

I have been writing for varied businesses since 2008 and am totally niche agnostic because I enjoy the process of learning new ideas. My dream is to showcase the expertise of diverse business leaders in their unique voices. Over the years I had started writing books for business leaders and had perfected a process to craft an industry-standard book in my authors voice. It is an intensive process spread in 6-8 weeks. Being so close to my product and my passion, I did not know how to present my ‘value’ to my clients and often lost to low cost operators who didn’t give that much value. Soon I started questioning my worth and thought that I could not compete in the market. That was when I heard of Matthew. My mentor had also worked with him and recommended Matthew’s method. Joining The Rapid Growth Academy I found not only supportive mentorship but also a group full of kindred souls who could relate to what I was going through. I worked through the weeks slowly (I started in April 2021 and due to personal reasons it took me more than a year to reach week 4) I took my own time, but every time I posted my work I got such effective advice from Matthew that it moved me forward. Matthew works like a master composer, he can pinpoint with accuracy the moment you have messed up a single note and while pointing it out he will always tell you how to work through it to become pitch perfect. Though I’ve still not finished the entire course, yet I credit it for giving me the tools and the confidence to state my value in a way that is clearly understood by my clients. This confidence helped me land a book deal in my domestic market at my defined price and get new clients. I recommend Matthew’s course for every introvert who is struggling to be heard and appreciated for the awesome work they do but cannot find the confidence to speak up for themselves.

Nishka Rathi,
Ideology Empath, Nishkawrites

Matthew provides me insightful advice on clarifying my business goals, my reasons for having these goals, and developing a clear plan to build a business based on that goal. His intensive coaching helped me set a clear action plan I can execute against. He shares detailed experience and tools from his own efforts building a business, enabling me to jumpstart my process with the benefit of his experience. Outstanding course and experience.

Pete Tarsney,
The Identity Architect

Matthew is an inspirational speaker with a clearly articulated & ACTIONABLE message. He spoke at our companies SKO this year and helped us reframe the way we share stories with our customers. His message inspired me to change my limbic opening for one of the breakout sessions I was leading. I decided to tell my personal story, using his 3 cost buckets, to articulate why I work with my product…. thus feeding into why our product is at Hexagon. So many people connected with it and I could feel their energy in wanting to share their own stories with our customers! Truly awesome stuff! I am working to include his story telling concepts into our post SKO enablement to help everyone build out their own stories.

Tom Jensen,
Director of Product Strategy & Enablement, Hexagon

I started working with Matthew in the Rapid Growth Academy after COVID and a move to a city where I was having to start over. After only a few weeks with him, his insight, “tough love,” and suggestions helped me to jumpstart my business again. In a way I had never done in 25 years. I am going to finish the course, but my momentum is keeping me so busy. Thank you, Matthew.

Dan Nuckolls,
Designer and Video Producer, Nuxx Media
Ryan Sanders

Booking Matthew was a no-brainer, as he’d received such great feedback from other EO groups. His presentations also all focus on growth, which is by far the most important topic to our members.

His talk was 80 minutes and it felt like just 20. His energy and enthusiasm was infectious, and everyone was super engaged.

Matthew also provided us with takeaways that left members feeling like they walked away with something tangible and with clear action items they could put in place the next day.

Matthew is a great down-to-earth speaker and he made my job as the learning chair super easy. You can tell he’s a pro, and he has the structure and team behind him to make things effortless for the organizer.

I would recommend other EO chapters work with Matthew, and they should also consider working with him at the forum level. Any business can really benefit from one-on-one time with Matt.

Ryan Sanders,
Learning Chair, Entrepreneurs' Organization - New Zealand
Harry Samuels

As I have come to expect from you – pure excellence and an event organizer’s dream!!! The feedback we have already received from those that attended yesterday is currently around 9.4, which is the highest we’ve had this year for any speaker.

Harry Samuels,
Chapter Learning Chair, Entrepreneurs’ Organization - Melbourne

With Matthew’s guidance, we have created simplified messaging that is relevant to our niche and helps us to communicate our brand story in a way that is compelling. Before getting assistance from Matthew, we had multiple products for customers to select from, which in hindsight was probably a little overwhelming and too complex. We now have simple plans that make it easier for our customers to understand how we help them. I have continued to come back to Matthew for guidance and he is always extremely helpful and insightful.

Anne Hall,
Founder & CEO, ITagree

In the world of digital, finding an engaging and relevant speaker for our virtual event was crucial to its success. Thankfully, Matthew and his team seamlessly made our virtual experience one to be talked about for weeks after. From the virtual backgrounds to the overall production, the experience helped to make it feel as if our attendees were not watching just another virtual presentation.

Matthew’s topic of storytelling was very engaging, impactful, and fit in nicely with our sales-driven organization; our teams most definitely walked away wondering what their “story” could be.

We cannot thank him enough for being a part of our event!

Data Center, Security, Cloud, and Data Solutions

I first saw Matthew speak a couple of years ago at the AA-ISP Leadership Summit. I was instantly drawn to his energy and passion to help sellers succeed. After hearing his message, it was clear that he would have an impact on all sellers in our organization.

Fast forward to today: We have had the opportunity to have Mathew share with multiple organizations within our company both in person and through a virtual experience. Each time, Matthew’s message hit a home run with our sales teams, and has been the topic of many discussions long after the events ended. Mathew is the consummate professional, does a tremendous job of engaging the audience, customizes the message to make it relevant to your industry, and is a speaker that definitely walks the walk.

When looking for speakers, you can find many with a great message but few who truly leave a lasting impact on your organization. If you are looking to make an impact on your organization Matthew Pollard should be your first call.

Cory Lichty,
Senior Director of Residential Sales, Midco


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