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Hi, I'm Matthew Pollard, "The Rapid Growth® Guy."

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Whether you’re seeking initial momentum, experiencing a growth plateau, or seeing sharp declines in profits, I’m here to help. In today’s business world of ever-changing technology, markets, and competition, it can be tough to know which direction you should take, and which strategies to apply to your unique situation. The below resources will guide you down the right path.

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I recently completed the free 30 minute call with Matthew Pollard. In such a short time, he delivered invaluable advice that stopped all the doubts I've been having about my business and helped me get clear on my next steps. His approach is also fantastic. No harsh sales tactics or pressure, and very reasonable and high-value options. Thank you Matthew! Mira Boucher
Founder, SensaKids Ltd. See 144 more
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Most service providers go into business for themselves because they welcome the freedom and prosperity of being their own boss, and they’re highly talented at what they do. But they soon discover there’s a lot more involved in a successful business than being great at a functional skill. You’ve got to get people interested, highlight your true value, find a lucrative niche, reliably close sales...but how? Check out the resources below to get you off the hamster wheel and back on the path to momentum and growth.

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Once again, Matthew knocked his session out of the park. This is the second time I've hired him: the first was for a smaller meeting and this time was for our annual meeting's convention and a breakout session. He customized his "Rapid Growth, the Lazy Way" to our industry and even adapted the vocabulary he used so it better fit our attendees' experiences and profession. Attendees made comments on the post-conference evaluations that "Matt Pollard was right on the money" and that his presentations were what they liked most about that day's sessions. Thank you again, Matt, for being so easy to work with and for doing your "homework" to make sure you met our expectations. Jessica A. Smith
Assistant Executive Director, OGR See 144 more
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As an introvert myself, I understand the challenges of navigating a business world that demands networking, sales, leadership, and strong personalities. I’ve had enough of the myth that introverts can’t succeed in these areas – and I’m living proof that we can. The best part? You don’t have to change a thing about who you are. You don’t have to pretend to be an extrovert. You just have to embrace your natural abilities to discover and harness your own Introvert’s Edge.

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I attended Matthew Pollard's Selling With Stories training at a sales kickoff meeting two weeks ago. It was relevant, gripping, and paradigm shifting. I have not seen another sales training hold the audience's attention like this one and I am applying the lessons I took away from it already. Scott Healy
Partner Sales Manager, Oracle See 144 more
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Business coaching can be a lucrative and personally rewarding career, but like any other business owner, you may find yourself stuck from time to time. How do you land the right clients? How do you best help them maximize productivity and performance? What critical factors will skyrocket their success - and your own? I’ve distilled my decade of coaching experience into instantly-applicable resources that make you THE coach clients know they need.

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Forget About Goals – Why is the Key to Success

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How can you truly help anyone if you don’t know where they want to go and why? This task will ensure that you are crystal clear about where the client wants to go and that each one of your sessions has a laser focus in getting them there.

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Before starting the program, I was stumbling around in my job, looking for a solid direction. I was missing crucial parts of the puzzle. Just going through the first two weeks of this course has changed everything for me. There are many different elements being crafted here, to eventually create a rapid growth formula. I am already planning a networking strategy, to take on more higher paying clients. I can see that taking this new message online is going to change everything again. Matthews experience and attention to detail is very impressive. I expect to make a solid return on investment before the end of the course. Darran Butler
Owner, NGI Consultants See 144 more


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    Rapid Growth, The Lazy Way

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    Three Steps to Rapid Growth

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