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Leverage Your Introversion, Grow Your Business

For an introvert, it must be all but impossible to stay calm before and during a presentation in front of hundreds or thousands of people…right? That’s what makes the insight and experience of my next guest so important. I first met friend and founder of Digital Marketer, Ryan Deiss, just...
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Small Business Networking for Introverts Part 2

If you thought that Ivan Misner, founder of the world’s largest networking organization, gave a lot of value in the last episode of The Introvert’s Edge podcast, then this session is going to blow you away. In this episode, Ivan not only supports my claim that introverts make the best networkers;...
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StoryTelling The Rapid Growth Key to Sales Success

Great Story Telling Leads To Sales Mastery. The ability to tell a captivating story is not a skill reserved solely for authors. In the business world, story-telling has a wide array of uses. An effective marketing, sales and coaching tool, cleverly-crafted tales provide an ingenious way to imbed ideas and suggest a different perspective.....
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