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mike michalowicz

What Does Authenticity in Business Really Mean?

By the time he was 35 years old, Mike Michalowicz had founded and sold two multi-million-dollar companies – only to lose his fortune almost overnight. Instead of being defeated, though, he started from scratch, and discovered the entrepreneurial strategies that drive true, sustained success. In this episode, Mike shares the...
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jennifer gitomer

Ask Questions, Own the Conversation

Introverts are amazing listeners, which gives us an edge over extroverts in any sales conversation. When you hone and leverage this natural skill, you can smoothly guide the conversation exactly where you want it to go, matching your offer to the prospect’s precise needs. In this episode, sales phenomenon Jennifer...
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Matt Alderton

Network Your Way Off the Hamster Wheel

Tired of awkward, uncomfortable business networking that never goes anywhere? Me too! Traditional, transactional networking is a thing of the past – or should be, especially for us introverts. In today’s episode, Matt Alderton, founder and CEO of Bx Global, shares the winning formula for cultivating connections that actually grow...
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Chris Do

Developing Your Negotiation Superpowers

Chris Do is a self-proclaimed “loud introvert” with a big mission: teaching one billion people how to make a living doing what they love. In this episode of The Introvert’s Edge podcast, Chris shares some counterintuitive but brilliant strategies for knowing and articulating your value to prospects, taking responsibility for...
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Jeb Blount

Are You Using Your Introversion as an Excuse?

Introverts generally believe they can’t be good at sales, negotiation, price increase conversations, cold calls, or asking for meetings, due to their shy nature. But as Jeb Blount explains, these activities actually have nothing to do with introversion or extroversion. In this episode, Jeb invites listeners to get real about...
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Giving Yourself Permission to Be an Introvert

John David Mann, award-winning author of over two dozen books, shares his personal strategies for success as an introvert. From being your true self, to choosing a business partner, to knowing when to say no, these practical tips will make your life and career much happier and more enjoyable. Episode...
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Introversion, Self-Promotion, and the Importance of Preparation

John David Mann, award-winning author of over two dozen books, discusses his evolution from childhood extrovert to adult introvert, and the lessons he learned along the way. Whether speaking to 5000 people or becoming comfortable with self-promotion as an introvert, John explains that the key is knowing what’s important, and...
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Effective Management Strategies for Introverts

When Rob Stone, National Partner Director for Xero Australia, moved into a management role, he focused on a particular leadership style – one that offers autonomy, empathy, and empowerment. He shares the ways he uses positive feedback, deep listening, and inclusion as keys to a happy, productive team. Episode Highlights:...
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The Power of Positive Thinking for Introverts

Rob Stone, National Partner Director for Xero Australia, has a tendency all of us introverts share – spending too much time in our heads, analyzing, overthinking, and worrying. But over the course of almost two decades, Rob has been able to reframe his thinking to see opportunity rather than fear,...
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Introverts: It’s OK if You Don’t Want to Be a CEO

WP Engine founder and CTO Jason Cohen shares the importance of understanding your strengths, weaknesses, and preferences when building your professional life. He also describes the importance of finding the right advice for you instead of being confused by conflicting advice. Different things work for different people – what is...
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