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Jeb Blount
Are You Using Your Introversion as an Excuse?
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Are You Using Your Introversion as an Excuse?

1 min read  |  Apr 25, 2022

Introverts generally believe they can’t be good at sales, negotiation, price increase conversations, cold calls, or asking for meetings, due to their shy nature. But as Jeb Blount explains, these activities actually have nothing to do with introversion or extroversion. In this episode, Jeb invites listeners to get real about the true source of your discomfort, being intentional about outcomes, and embracing all that you’re actually capable of.

Episode Highlights:

  • Cold calls are about empathy, not extroversion
  • What a bank robber can teach us about sales
  • How Jeb outperformed his colleagues by ignoring conventional sales rules
  • Why systems and processes work better than charm and personality
  • Apathy, introversion, or fear of rejection – what’s the real reason you don’t like sales?
  • Obstacle immunity, and its role in sales success
  • How systemization turns your weaknesses into strengths

About Jeb

Jeb Blount is an internationally renowned speaker and author who helps companies improve their sales, fast. He trains tens of thousands through his global company, Sales Gravy, and through his multiple bestselling books on sales. He is well-known for his ability to make complex ideas simple and easy to understand and implement.

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