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Matt Alderton
Network Your Way Off the Hamster Wheel
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Network Your Way Off the Hamster Wheel

1 min read  |  Apr 27, 2022

Tired of awkward, uncomfortable business networking that never goes anywhere? Me too! Traditional, transactional networking is a thing of the past – or should be, especially for us introverts. In today’s episode, Matt Alderton, founder and CEO of Bx Global, shares the winning formula for cultivating connections that actually grow your business.

Episode Highlights:

  • Can networking really be fun for introverts?
  • What “fake it till you make it” really means
  • Matt A’s journey from a shy introvert to a networking CEO
  • Using your energy to give yourself confidence, even when you don’t feel it
  • It’s ok when you need time and space to recharge
  • What a referral partner is, and how they can explode your business
  • How to avoid transactional networking
  • Why process beats personality every time

About Matt

Matt is an award-winning businessman and entrepreneur, a speaker, #1 best-selling author, and a business growth expert. He has owned more than a dozen multi-award-winning businesses, including Australia’s largest cloud-based rostering and payroll provider, IWS. He is the founder and CEO of the world’s fastest growing business community, Bx Global, dedicated to helping members become the business owners they were meant to be.

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