Rapid Growth, the Lazy Way

Make your competition irrelevant

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Timer image OPTION A : 30-60 minute keynote
OPTION B : 90-120 minute workshop with interactive exercises, additional case studies, and targeted recommendations
Watch the topic video
OPTION A : 30-60 minute keynote
OPTION B : 90-120 minute workshop with interactive exercises, additional case studies, and targeted recommendations
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Drawing from over a decade of experience growing his own businesses to multiple millions – as well as his transformative work with thousands of clients – Matthew reveals his tried and tested Rapid Growth® blueprint. This is his signature A-Z system, proven to propel even the most unprofitable business into unstoppable momentum and growth. Attendees will leave this session feeling a renewed excitement for their business – but most important, with a reliable plan for success based on three simple steps:

Differentiation and Message Unification. Participants will discover exactly how to set themselves apart from their competition, put an end to competing on price, and learn the secret to exciting prospects to want to know more.
Niche Marketing. Participants’ experiences, education, upbringing, and talents perfectly qualify them to serve one specific niche of customers. In this session, they’ll learn exactly how to identify who those customers are, how to be seen as the only logical choice, and how to get paid what they’re worth.
Sales Systemization. Sales is seen by most as a skillset you either have or you don’t. But in truth, it’s a system like any other, one that can be learned and mastered. Participants will walk out of this session knowing that they can create an individualized sales process that brings repeatable, reliable results.

Target Audience

The session is perfect for user conferences, small business groups and associations, entrepreneurship summits, or channel partner events, and is always customized to your needs. Matthew has shared this presentation with freelancers, startup entrepreneurs, and small-to-medium business owners across wide a range of industries.

Key Takeaways *

  • Finally differentiate yourself and put an end to competing on price
  • Understand why you can’t (and shouldn’t be) everything to everyone
  • Discover your niche market of motivated, excited-to-buy customers
  • Achieve a new outlook on sales

Topic Authority

  • Overcame paralyzing introversion to become the number one sales performer in the largest sales and marketing company in the southern hemisphere
  • Responsible for five multi-million-dollar business success stories before the age of 30
  • Successfully transformed over 3500 client businesses across a diverse range of industries
  • Internationally award-winning sales and marketing blogger
  • Founder and Executive Director of Small Business Festival, listed by Inc. as one of the top five business conferences in the nation
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What others are saying

The builder crowd is very hard to impress, but every word out of Matthew's mouth was very valuable, applicable, and actionable. I've never seen a speaker have every single attendee gathered around them at the end of the session, trying to get more information. Quite impressive. Bethany Jenkins
Vice President, Jenkins Custom Homes See 297 more

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About Matthew

Matthew Pollard, Rapid Growth Guy and Sales Systemization ExpertMatthew is an international speaker, coach, and award-winning blogger, better known as “The Rapid Growth Guy.” His book, The Introvert’s Edge: How the Quiet and Shy Can Outsell Anyone, has been called “a game changer” by Neil Patel and “inspirational” by Jeffrey Gitomer. He is passionate about helping businesses succeed.

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