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Competitive Collaboration

Shift your thinking, drive your profits
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30-60 minute keynote


The business landscape has changed, and organizations and their employees must learn to adapt in order to survive and thrive. The secret to dramatically increased productivity, profitability, and sales acquisition requires leaving behind your outdated ideas of dog-eat-dog competition and turning instead to the high-yield powers of collaboration. Drawing from a decade of experience forging unusual but highly profitable partnerships, Matthew leads participants to break free of stagnating group think and embrace a mindset of cooperation. Audiences will transform their traditional silo focus, and be emboldened to seize creative and lucrative business opportunities through interdepartmental and external collaboration.


Using real-world examples of unexpected but lucrative partnerships among rival corporations, associations, government organizations, agencies, and more, Matthew turns the traditional view of competition on its head, demonstrating why, in the 21st century, collaboration is the new black. Participants will learn exactly why there are enough customers and opportunities to go around, no matter your industry, and how to create profitable and inventive partnerships:

A story of unexpected collaboration: Learn how Matthew united seemingly competitive groups to create Small Business Festival, now in its third year, listed by Inc. as the #3 business conference in the nation for small business
The mindset of abundance and sharing: When you give big, you get big rewards. Shift your thinking from “What’s in it for us?” to “How do we all win?” and watch the magic happen
The tools of the collaborator: From choosing partners to determining goals, learn how to get started, and exactly what to do to drive even the most uncommon partnerships to success

Target Audience

The session is for leadership teams, senior managers, non-profits, associations, and government organizations looking for a profitable new take on stale notions of competition. Ideal for multinational conglomerates interested in “un-silo-ing,” government agencies seeking greater impact at drastically reduced costs, non-profits wanting to further their cause and obtain more funding in the process, and small business associations looking to help their members scale through partnerships.

Key Takeaways *

  • Put an end to costly and unproductive interdepartmental opposition
  • Discover a unique way of looking at the internal and external competitive landscape
  • Develop an understanding of exactly how to bring up and broker unusual partnerships that drive bottom line growth
  • Learn the secret to maintaining win-win collaboration with skeptical competitors

Topic Authority

  • Engineered partnerships among highly competitive corporations, government agencies, small business owners, educational facilities, coworking spaces, community lenders, Chambers, and individual speakers to create and direct the annual Small Business Festival, listed by Inc. as the #3 business conference in the nation for small business.
  • Recipient of four government proclamations for his work in creating partnerships among diverse stakeholders
  • Praised as “the real deal” by Forbes

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At the Sales 2.0 conference in Philly I heard Matthew Pollard for the first time. No wonder he's been so successful! His talk was filled with valuable, useful ideas and his delivery was highly motivating. Bravo!
Jim Cathcart
Speaker and Author, Golden Gavel Award 2001 - The Cavett Award 1993 - Speaker Hall of Fame 1985 - Legends of Speaking 2008 - President of the National Speakers Association 1988-89
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About Matthew

Matthew Pollard, Rapid Growth Guy and Sales Systemization Expert
Matthew is an international speaker, coach, and award-winning blogger, better known as “The Rapid Growth Guy.” His book, The Introvert’s Edge: How the Quiet and Shy Can Outsell Anyone, has been called “a game changer” by Neil Patel and “inspirational” by Jeffrey Gitomer. He is passionate about helping businesses succeed.

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