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Rapid Growth in the Face of Uncertainty

Driving prosperity in changing economic times
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Delivery :
45-75 minute keynote


Today’s executives are confronted with new challenges that threaten their continued growth and survival. With increased competition, disruptive technologies, and tough economic climates, market share is dwindling and discounted acquisition is steadily on the rise. This insightful keynote provides participants with a full understanding of how to stay competitive in a constantly changing landscape. They’ll discover how to achieve sustained success in the face of smaller, more agile competition, and they’ll learn the three instantly-actionable strategies to immediately drive any corporation back to momentum and growth.


With real-world examples from his own past clients and case studies from a diverse range of industries, Matthew explains why changing economic times, new technologies, and ever-growing competition are nothing to fear. For sustained momentum and growth in the face of external factors, businesses need only turn to Matthew’s three proven, time-tested principles:

Differentiation and Message Unification. It doesn’t matter how many new competitors are out there or how flashy their marketing is. The real secret lies in knowing how to truly set yourself apart – at a brand and product/service level – in a way that excites and inspires new consumers to engage with your offerings.
Niche Marketing. Speaking to everyone is speaking to no one. (Plus, it’s ridiculously expensive.) Participants will discover the bottom-line implications of embracing a niche approach within corporate strategy, leading to a strong culture of intrapreneurship across all departments.
Sales Systemization. The game of sales has changed, and corporations that don’t change with it will be left in the dust. Today, the key to customer acquisition, growth, and brand loyalty is not bulldog sales tactics and mass media campaigns. Instead, participants will discover marketing strategies that harness technology, psychology, and strategy to engage with their ideal clients and motivate them to buy.

Target Audience

This session is ideal for executives, leadership teams, and senior managers looking for a sales and marketing edge – not a gimmick. Matthew has shared this presentation from Las Vegas to Bangkok, earning rave reviews across industries, including multinational corporations such as Electrolux, and award-winning Oracle partner, Centroid.

Key Takeaways *

  • Truly set your brand and product/service apart from the competition
  • Put an end to dwindling market share and discounted acquisition
  • Discover how to cost-effectively engage new and excited-to-buy prospects
  • Introduce a strong culture of intrapreneurship and creativity across your organization
  • Uncover the secret to leveraging technology, psychology and strategy to skyrocket customer acquisition, profits, and brand loyalty, while drastically reducing sales cycles and marketing spend

Topic Authority

  • Praised as “the real deal” by Forbes
  • Responsible for four multi-million-dollar direct sales business success stories before the age of 30
  • Successfully transformed over 3500 client businesses across a diverse range of industries
  • Internationally award-winning sales and marketing blogger
  • Author of The Introvert’s Edge: How the Quiet and Shy Can Outsell Anyone – a proven sales system that works for introverts and extroverts alike – published by AMACOM New York and endorsed by Harvard, Princeton, Neil Patel, Marshall Goldsmith, Brian Tracy, Jeffrey Gitomer, and 50+ more
  • Founder of Small Business Festival, listed by INC as a top-three conference for small business

What Others Are SAying

Proven Techniques You Need Now Fresh Ideas Guaranteed

Looking for an action-oriented speaker who will make a real and lasting difference?

Tired of useless education and motivation with no substance? Skip the theorists and go straight to the man who has actually done it.

Delivering the proven strategies and transformative business ideas that can only come from real-world, hands-on experience, Matthew Pollard empowers participants to achieve meaningful results and skyrocket ROI.

Matthew's keynote was relevant, gripping, and paradigm shifting. I have not seen another sales presentation hold the audience's attention like this one, and I am applying the lessons I took away from it already.
Scott Healy
Partner Sales Manager, Oracle
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Need More Information?

Are you looking for more detailed information on Matthew and each of his presentations? Click here to download Matthew’s topic one pagers, extended bio, headshots, suggested introduction, sizzle reels and other resource docs – everything you need to present Matthew as the exact right choice for your next conference!

About Matthew

Matthew Pollard, Rapid Growth Guy and Sales Systemization Expert
Matthew is an international speaker, coach, and award-winning blogger, better known as “The Rapid Growth Guy." His book, The Introvert’s Edge: How the Quiet and Shy Can Outsell Anyone, has been called “a game changer” by Neil Patel and “inspirational” by Jeffrey Gitomer. He is passionate about helping businesses succeed.

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