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One of the best books on sales process and technique that I’ve ever read. Introverts empowered by this sales process will generate amazing results, regardless of their industry, title, or product. Every business owner and sales team should read this book.

Justin McCullough
Vice President of National Small Business E-Commerce at Capital One

If you are an introverted business owner, you need this book. Sales are the lifeblood of your business and you can still be hugely successful even if you are an introvert – if you read this!

Jaime Masters
founder and host of the Eventual Millionaire – recently ranked by INC as a top three podcasts for entrepreneurs

Relevant, relatable, right-on-target insights and advice from an undisputed industry leader. A treasure trove of practical tips, relatable stories, and first-hand learnings that will revolutionize your approach to sales and literally transform your business.

Brig. General John E. Michel, USAF (Ret.)
C-Suite Leader, Ted Speaker, Bestselling Author, internationally recognized Expert in Positive Organizational Performance

Matthew dissects the struggles that introverts like me have with sales and shows how we can excel in this realm thought to be the sole domain of the extroverted. I am already putting the lessons to good use in my job and will keep the book as a handy reference. Good reading and happy selling.

Scott Healy
Partner Sales Manager at Oracle

Matthew’s unique perspective on sales, and how introverts can master the process, has been sorely needed for a long time. A welcome addition to sales training literature, with groundbreaking advice and strategies. For too long, introverts have lived with the stigma that they just can’t succeed in this loud world of extroverts. It’s a nice surprise to see someone confront this myth with not just research, but real world evidence and application.

Marco Rasi
Founder & Executive Manager of Il Commerciale - The Salesman © and Founder of the Best Sales Blogger Awards

The hard sell doesn’t work in the new economy. Listening, peeling back the onion on the deep pain points that need to be solved, and knowing how to drive improvement are the new in-demand sales skills, and introverts master these instinctively. Matthew Pollard teaches you a repeatable process that really works.

Rob Stone
National Partner Director, Xero Australia

For too long, introverts have been at a disadvantage in the business world. But not anymore. The Introvert’s Edge shows you how to harness your innate talents to succeed in sales and take your career to the next level.

Dorie Clark
author of Stand Out and Entrepreneurial You, and adjunct professor at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business

Most freelancers choose to go out on our own so we can do what we love, on our own terms. We never really think about sales…until we don’t have any. It’s vital that we learn what Matthew’s system provides – a clear, comfortable process that’s actually not like selling at all.

Emily Leach
Founder of the Freelance Conference – recognized by USA Today as the #1 conference for freelancers to check out in 2017

The secrets are in this book. Matthew Pollard takes the guesswork and uncertainty out of sales, and turns it into a structured process that achieves results. If you’re an introvert and think that sales is hard, think again. Matthew shows you it’s more than just turning on the charm and bulldozing your way to the close. An insightful must-read for anyone who’s into selling or wants to sell.

Frazer Neo Macken
Vice President Communications, Electrolux Asia Pacific

The book is fantastic, offering practical steps to support introverts becoming better sales people. A must read for everyone wanting to become better at sales.

Nick Hilton
Head of Strategic Growth and Alliances at NAB / MLC Advice Partnerships

A must-read for anyone who wants to improve their sales skills – but it’s so much more than that too. Matthew Pollard revolutionizes the way we introverts have traditionally thought about sales. No longer is it a burden to struggle through blindly while hoping desperately for the best. It’s a learnable, predictable, perfectible process that reliably serves you and your business.

Verne Harnish
Founder ScaleUp-U and author of Scaling Up (Rockefeller Habits 2.0)

I encourage my students to learn from others’ experiences and then adapt them for their own use. Matthew Pollard’s The Introvert’s Edge delivers these experiences brilliantly and offers a sales process that introverts – or anyone – could adapt and use right away. Matthew Pollard shows introverts that they, too, can be stellar salespeople. Highly recommended for both business students and business leaders who want to level up their sales skills.

Harlan Beverly, Ph.D.
Lecturer at McCombs School of Business and Asst. Director of Texas Venture Labs, UT Austin

Matthew Pollard takes a common weakness among innovators, scientists, engineers, coders – their introversion – and molds it into a strength through a process emphasizing authenticity and narrative communication. This strategy empowers sales to early adopters and broader market segments.

Gregory P. Pogue, Ph. D
Executive Director of the IC2 Institute of The University of Texas at Austin

Matthew Pollard’s take on the sales process is informative and educational for anyone intimidated by the sales process. The book starts with the best of traditional sales practices and presents something entirely new, with numerous case studies and examples of theory in action. This book is the essential how-to guide to an introvert’s successful dream business.

Dr. David Altounian
Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, St. Edward’s University; Partner, Capital Factory

Who would have thought that an introvert can be better at sales than any extrovert? The way Matthew explains it, it makes total sense.

Andrew Eisenberg
Partner at Michael Best & Friedrich LLP – a Juristat’s 2017 Top 25 Patent Firm


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