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As a Sales Strategist instructor for our then young company, Matthew added hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales for us with his ‘just tell stories’ technique. He transformed our lowest selling introverted sales person into a ‘Top Dog’ winner for highest quarterly sales. Now he has distilled that several week course into an enjoyable read that has you pulling for the introvert, all while absorbing Matthew’s tried and true successful sales strategies. I highly recommend this book for both introverts and extroverts alike for improving their sales productivity.

Volney Campbell
Co-Chairman/Principal at Colliers International Austin

Matt Pollard challenges some time-honored beliefs around what it takes to be successful at sales. I love how he weaves real-life stories into practical applications that new or even experienced reps can put to use right away! It’s a must read for anyone who proudly calls sales their profession!

Bob Perkins
Founder & Chairman - American Association of Inside Sales Professionals

Matthew Pollard gets people and he gets sales. The Introvert’s Edge not only dispels the myth that you you must be loud and outgoing to thrive in sales, but he offers a powerful roadmap for how all of us can better build trust and connect with buyers. I. Absolutely. Love. This. Book. And I highly recommend it for anyone who sells, not just those who are more reserved!

Mike Weinberg
author of the AMACOM Bestsellers Sales Management. Simplified. and New Sales. Simplified.

Disclaimer: I went into Matt’s book a skeptic. (Introverts make the best salespeople? C’mon.) By page 6, I was intrigued; by page 16, captivated—and by page 30, Mr. Pollard had another believer and raving fan. The Introvert’s Edge isn’t vague coaching, it isn’t a rah-rah pep talk, it isn’t a handful of interesting ideas. This is the real deal. Matt’s approach is gold. Not only sales gold, but gold, period.

John David Mann
coauthor of New York Times bestseller The Red Circle and the bestselling classic The Go-Giver

The more we learn about introversion, the better equipped we are to draw on its strengths. The Introvert’s Edge, a fine addition to the canon of introvert advice, offers a concrete, clearly delineated plan to help introverts defy the misperception that we can’t succeed in sales.

Sophia Dembling
author of The Introvert’s Way and Introverts in Love

This book not only proves that introverts can be great at sales, it gives you the step-by-step tools to actually be great at sales. Everyone can learn.

Jason Cohen
Founder and CTO of WP engine

By far, this is the best sales book I have ever read. Matthew teaches how to turn every sales call from a pushy, do-or-die bulldog approach into a performance…much like a play. Tremendously effective for us introverts and a must read for anyone who knows they need to learn to sell, but thinks they don’t have what it takes.

Brian Smith
UGG Founder and author of The Birth of a Brand

This wonderful book shows you how to sell in a warm, self- confident way, straight from the heart, focusing on helping your customer to make the best decision for him or her, with no pressure, sowing the seeds for a long term relationship.

Brian Tracy
Author/Speaker - The Psychology of Selling

Matthew practices what he preaches: by naming our pain points and sharing inspiring success stories, he sells us on the idea that introverts can sell! His framework puts process over personality, which is music to this introvert entrepreneur’s ears. I love how clearly he outlines his proven method. Whether you pick-and-choose or adopt his entire system, get ready to experience greater ease and flow with your sales process!

Beth L. Buelow, PCC
author of The Introvert Entrepreneur and Host of The Introvert Entrepreneur Podcast

I love it when someone looks at sales differently! In The Introvert’s Edge, Matthew Pollard provides a whole new take on sales and authentic selling. Matthew has managed to evolve tried and proven strategies into a system that offers predictable results. Unbelievable!

Tom Hopkins
author of How to Master the Art of Selling and When Buyers Say No

Through simple advice and countless memorable stories, Matthew makes it clear that anyone can be successful in sales – even those who are introverted and shy. Open this book to discover how to create a sales system that will work for your business, grow with you, and most important, will be authentically yours.

Tony Vlahos
Chief Marketing Officer, ExecuNet

I’ve been a professional speaker and author for over 40 years and inducted into the Sales & Marketing Hall of Fame, yet I turn to my young mentor Matthew Pollard to help me continue to succeed. This amazing man has discovered a game changing approach to common business challenges. Let him guide you through real world examples that you can relate to and learn from. Read this book now…and make your success easier tomorrow.

Jim Cathcart
author of The Self Motivation Handbook, Relationship Selling, and The Acorn Principle

For too long, sales books have focused on bulldog sales techniques. Matthew provides a simple, relaxed, step-by-step system for people who don’t want to sell…but need to to stay in business.

Julie Fedele
General Manager at Bupa Australia & New Zealand

Matthew makes it clear that being an introvert is no excuse—it’s an edge! Introverts, rejoice! This book offers a clear, practical and proven system that will boost your confidence to close more deals than you ever thought possible.

Gerhard Gschwandtner
Founder and Publisher of Selling Power magazine

A salesperson or small business owner achieves success in sales when they listen, hear, build trust and advocate on behalf of their customer. This book does a masterful job of outlining all the key elements an introvert or extrovert must use to obtain a successful sales outcome and, more importantly, a happy customer.

Resa Kierstein
Vice President of Development, SCORE


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