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Forget About Goals - Why is the Key to Success

How can you truly help anyone if you don’t know where they want to go and why? This task will ensure that you are crystal clear about where the client wants to go and that each one of your sessions has a laser focus in getting them there.

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Better Business Coach

Expand your knowledge, gain confidence, and lock in your clients long-term with the Better Business Coach® Podcast – Leverage ten years of Matthew’s experience distilled into 25 episodes designed to bring you unparalleled success.

Finally put an end to flying blind, struggling to plan coaching sessions, and thinking of buying expensive and restrictive franchises. The Better Business Coach® Podcast removes all the guesswork and turns your coaching business into a well-oiled profit machine. It’s your one-stop resource for critical sales training, proven education, and actionable worksheets – straight from the Rapid Growth® Guy, Matthew Pollard.

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Don’t become an expert "just like everyone else." In this session we explore the topics of personal branding and differentiation, and how so many get it wrong.
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In this episode of Better Business Coach Podcast, I talk about the uncomfortable subject of price and why you must never mention it until the customer completely understands what you provide as well as the true value they will obtain from working with you....
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Your next free worksheet – This worksheet forms the first part of your first paid client session and is used to re-unfreeze the client to the fact that they must embrace change to fix their current business challenges....
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In this episode, we explore the dynamics of change management effort and managing organizational change within organizations and businesses. Have you ever witnessed change initiatives that failed to deliver the desired results? Perhaps you've seen individuals react with frustration, deeming the proposed changes unreasonable and resisting them. On the flip...
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7 min read
It may surprise you to know that many businesses are not in a position to undergo rapid growth. In fact, in many cases, rapid growth could be the worst thing for it. This may come as a surprise to you, as common sense suggests that growth is a good thing....
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Do you know how to tell stories? Did you know that story telling is dramatically important in the sales process and when coaching clients?
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Five Free Client

Five Free Client

Everything you need to coach clients through their first five sessions and lock them in long-term.

  • The ultimate client diagnostic tool
  • Tried and proven deep dive templates
  • Uncover your clients’ real underlying business and personal problems


Rapid Growth in the Face of Uncertainty and The Invisible Sale

San Diego, CA

Rapid Growth, The Lazy Way and Build Your Story Playbook

EO Houston
Houston, Texas

Beyond the Jargon

EO Wisconsin
Milwaukee, WI

Channel Your Superpower

EO West Michigan
Grand Rapids, MI


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