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Building Your Business on a Solid Foundation

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 | Feb 20, 2015
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The Better Business Coach

It may surprise you to know that many businesses are not in a position to undergo rapid growth. In fact, in many cases, rapid growth could be the worst thing for it. This may come as a surprise to you, as common sense suggests that growth is a good thing.

So why, then, can rapid growth be bad?

When Matthew Pollard first became known for rapid growth coaching, well before the launch of his now hugely popular one-on-one “How to Get More Customers” program, he was continually approached by businesses that wanted help to get to the next level. After long discussions with Matthew on their goals, the current state of operations, staffing, and time availabilities, it often became clear that they were not ready.

The growth stage is the highest risk stage for any business. Rapid growth, while the dream for many businesses, could just as easily cause financial ruin. When a business first starts, the founder’s main aim is to get clients. They think that if they just increase their number of clients, everything will be alright. Other times, established businesses notice finances are low and decide they need to rapidly get more customers to get everything under control. They sound like logical conclusions, don’t they?

The conclusions are generally accurate for a short while, but what happens if the phone kept ringing– how would they cope?   Here is the truth: for many of these new and established businesses, a ten times growth in sales would mean a ten times growth in customer complaints, paperwork issues, product defects, and customer service issues. For many businesses, due to poor staffing, systems, and processes, they are already running close to their capacity. A ten times growth would mean disaster, either the founder(s) and their staff work 60-100 hours a week to get everything done (setting them on a collision course with burnout), or things just don’t get done properly (leading to losing customers due to failures in delivering within promised timeframes or mistakes caused by lack of attention and rush). There is nothing worse than launching into a rapid growth program when you don’t have the capacity to service the orders.

Want to know more? Check out Matthew Pollard’s recent article in Entrepreneur – ‘Are You Prepared For More Sales?

Even though Matthew started as a rapid growth specialist, many times, he found himself helping clients first build their businesses on solid foundations to ensure that the rapid growth could be supported. Matthew now uses this knowledge and the templates he spent over a decade creating and perfecting to provide his clients with the “Better Business Coach – Solid Foundations Program’, a vital “first-step” for many businesses on their journey towards Rapid Growth.

“Mr. Pollard is a great advisor, because he is a true expert in his field. Unlike many other coaches, he offers advice that is relevant and practicable for a business’s specific needs, rather than a blanket approach”Brittany Walters-Bearden – At Large PR

Don’t trust your business in the hands of anyone else; work with the man who knows exactly what it takes to get you ready for a skyrocketing business and has the skillset to stay with you throughout the entire journey.

What is the Better Business Coach Solid Foundations Program?

Matthew’s Better Business Coach Solid Foundations Program has been rapidly increasing in demand and notoriety since the launch of Matthew’s immensely successful Better Business Coach Podcast. Featured on ABC, NBC, and FOX, Matthew’s Better Business Coach Podcast made iTunes New and Noteworthy just four days after its release and has helped thousands upon thousands of business coach listeners by providing them critical sales training, proven education, and actionable worksheets.

Matthew finds that many coaches tend to focus on their strengths, and, by doing this, they generally provide huge value to their clients. Unfortunately, however, to obtain rapid growth Matthew suggests you must have a much more holistic approach.

The Better Business Coach Solid Foundations Program focuses on four pillars:

Vision + Strategy + Systems + People = A RAPID GROWTH READY BUSINESS

Matthew explains these four pillars in detail in episode six of the Better Business Coach Podcast provided for you below:

Don’t put your future in the hands of just any business coach. Work directly with the creator of Better Business Coach himself:

Why do you need a small business coach?

Many business owners start off just wanting a job for themselves, and that is all they will ever want. Others want to build a small business that employs a few staff and some want to grow into an empire.

Regardless of the business goal, it is commonly accepted that around 80 percent of businesses fail in their first two years. Those that survive have another 50 percent chance of failure in the three years that follow.[1] This represents about a 10 percent survival rate for small businesses over five years.

10 reasons why businesses fail:

  1. Failure to plan.
  2. Failure to monitor performance.
  3. Failure to monitor cashflow.
  4. Lack of vision.
  5. Employing and retaining the wrong staff.
  6. Failure to adequately train staff.
  7. Founders thinking that because they are expert in what they do, they are expert in running a business.
  8. Failure to develop systems and continually improve.
  9. No expertise in marketing and selling.
  10. Lack of innovation.

Many small businesses are little more than a job……look at the following scenario.

Barry is a plumber earning a good income working hard for a boss, whom he sees making all the profit for a lot less effort.   Barry makes the decision to become the boss himself.  He registers a business name, gets a tax identification number, buys a truck, and puts an advertisement into the classifieds.

With no business training, plan or support, before long, Barry is working many more hours for less money with a lot more stress.   

95 percent of small business people are not qualified to start a business.

Barry didn’t know about business planning, marketing, strategy, bookkeeping, debtors and creditors, job descriptions, creating systems, answering the phone, negotiating contracts, quoting, Customer Relationship Management, selling scripts, positioning, advertising, leadership, managing suppliers, mail-outs, service, networking, casual staff, or any of the other aspects of running a business.

Yes, all businesses are different, but they are also all very similar.  Each business has departments—although the business owner may not call them that.  Regardless of the product or service a business provides to a customer, they all have administration, finance, sales, marketing and, of course, their operations.

So what are the key benefits of business coaching?

  • It offers an outside perspective.
  • It forces you to organize your thinking and identify key issues.
  • It helps you identify goals that YOU really want to achieve.
  • It helps you identify the steps you must take to achieve each goal.
  • It helps you work out what’s not going to work in your businesses process and identify weaknesses.
  • It helps you create a vision that empowers.
  • It helps you identify opportunities.
  • It helps you recognize where you need to focus your time and energy.
  • It helps you identify resources needed and whether you have enough.
  • It helps you identify hurdles and ways of overcoming them.
  • It helps you create systems that save you time, energy, and money.
  • It helps you identify processes in your business and then improve those processes.
  • It helps you create and write procedures, policies, checklists, and operations manuals, so that your business runs without you, as well as becoming a sellable asset.
  • It helps keep you focused, rather than just hitting a hurdle and giving up.
  • It stimulates out-the-box and big-picture thinking.
  • It helps empower staff for better and more consistent performance.
  • It helps founders achieve better work-life balance – with so many choices and demands on their time.

Don’t delay, start the process of building your business on solid foundations.

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