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Forget About Goals - Why is the Key to Success

How can you truly help anyone if you don’t know where they want to go and why? This task will ensure that you are crystal clear about where the client wants to go and that each one of your sessions has a laser focus in getting them there.

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Better Business Coach

Expand your knowledge, gain confidence, and lock in your clients long-term with the Better Business Coach® Podcast – Leverage ten years of Matthew’s experience distilled into 25 episodes designed to bring you unparalleled success.

Finally put an end to flying blind, struggling to plan coaching sessions, and thinking of buying expensive and restrictive franchises. The Better Business Coach® Podcast removes all the guesswork and turns your coaching business into a well-oiled profit machine. It’s your one-stop resource for critical sales training, proven education, and actionable worksheets – straight from the Rapid Growth® Guy, Matthew Pollard.

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The Business Needs Analysis, or what I’m sure you now see as the document that unfreezes your prospects to the fact they MUST address their problems NOW! So what do you do next? Do you just say, "Okay, pull out your check book?"
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“With Facebook and Twitter the number of people that we can listen to is increasing, while the number of people that we actually listen to is becoming smaller.” - Dale Carnegie - "How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age" Do you know how to truly listen?...
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The "Free Business Analysis" is the ultimate diagnosis tool as well as an amazing sales instrument. In this session, I explain how page two of the Business Needs Analysis will allow you to delve deeper into the client’s problems, as well as describe the effect these questions will have on...
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This is part one of a two-part series where I explain how to use the first FREE worksheet I give away. The "Free Business Analysis" is the ultimate diagnosis tool to use with your clients as well as an amazing tool for turning people interested in the idea of coaching...
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Great coaches focus on all aspects of business, without just coaching to their strengths. It is also of vital importance that we maintain a balanced focus on each of the four pillars, or we can do more harm than good.
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If you can’t empathize, you can’t help. In this episode of Better Business Coach Podcast, I help you understand what it feels like to own a failing business or a business you feel you can never leave.
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Five Free Client

Five Free Client

Everything you need to coach clients through their first five sessions and lock them in long-term.

  • The ultimate client diagnostic tool
  • Tried and proven deep dive templates
  • Uncover your clients’ real underlying business and personal problems


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