Dedicate 20 Percent of Your Time to Less Stress and Higher Prices
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Dedicate 20 Percent of Your Time to Less Stress and Higher Prices

1 min read  |  Sep 27, 2014

In this article, published in CEO Magazine, I discuss why allocating time, even in your busy periods, for sales and marketing makes such a huge difference to your business’ success and bottom line.

Put simply, if you sell and market when you don’t need the work, you are not desperate for it and therefore less willing to drop your price to get it. What will surprise you is that you will still get the work, just without dropping your prices; something you can’t see as a possibility when you’re not busy.
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Be honest: Are you the kind of person that works when you have work, and desperately looks for clients, dropping your prices if needed, when you don’t? Let me know in the comments section below:

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