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Supercharge your coaching business!

Put an end to flying blind, wondering what to do next, or thinking of buying expensive and restrictive franchises.

The Better Business Coach Podcast is your number one source for critical sales training, proven education, and actionable worksheets, all downloadable for immediate use with your clients.

We know you have a lot to offer your clients, but let’s face it: who has the time to sell, coach, and create new engaging sessions? Now, you don’t need to. Let us do all the work for you. Simply listen to each session, implement what you learned, and download our free, easy-to-follow worksheets for immediate use with your clients.

We work hard, so you don’t have to.

No longer will you need to rush to create innovative worksheets, exercises, and unique tools to help your clients. Nor will you need to fear taking on a client because you’re just not sure how you can help. Finally, you will be able to stop worrying that the time will come when they just don’t need you anymore.

Let the Better Business Coach Podcast remove all of the guesswork and turn your coaching business into a well-oiled profit-generating machine. Finally, you will be able to learn a system and ideology that has traditionally only been available for tens of thousands of dollars. The ideology that you will learn has helped over 3,500 clients, including hard-working solopreneurs, multinational award-winning franchises, luxury automotive brands, leading medical institutions, law associations, and National Olympic and Premiership Football teams. An ideology that successfully catapulted one successful company into BRW’s fastest growing top 100.

Listen as Matthew Pollard from unpacks this training for you and shares the keys that unlocked his success and led him to five multimillion-dollar business success stories in industries as vastly different as telecommunications, construction, and nationally accredited education. The secrets that allowed Matthew to achieve so much success over more than a decade has earned him the name among industry experts, The Rapid Growth Guy.”

Let Matthew and the Better Business Podcast drive you to success in one of the world’s most low-overhead and recession-resistant industries.

Start creating a better, brighter, and more fulfilling future for yourself today!

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