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Early Praise
Introverts Love It!

A winning formula for creating powerful, authentic connections.
Derek Lidow
Sage advice for all entrepreneurs!
Michael E. Gerber
This is the networking blueprint that will change your life
Neil Patel
Ideas and strategies to beat the extroverts, every time.
Jeffrey Gitomer

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This is the networking blueprint that will change your life – a proven approach written by someone who’s actually done it. If you’re looking for an actionable guide to genuine and effective networking, this is it.

Neil Patel
Co-founder of NP Digital, WSJ Top Influencer, Forbes Top 10 Marketer, and NYT bestselling author

As Matthew Pollard so adeptly explains, successful networking isn’t about trying to be someone you’re not, but using your natural gifts to become who you were always meant to be. Sage advice for all entrepreneurs!

Michael E. Gerber
Creator of The New York Times Mega-Bestselling E-Myth Books

I often say that the secret to winning is helping others win, a philosophy clearly shared by Pollard. For introverts who shudder at the idea of working a room, this refreshing guide is a long-awaited answer. Embrace this practical and proven method for creating powerful, authentic, and mutually beneficial connections.

Marshall Goldsmith
Thinkers50 Hall of Fame inductee and New York Times bestselling author of Triggers, MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

As an introvert myself, I founded BNI as a way to add structure to the uncomfortable process of networking. Matthew’s guidance takes this concept of framework and standardization to the next level, offering a meaningful strategy that works in any room, for any introverted business professional.

Dr. Ivan Misner
Founder of BNI and NY Times Bestselling Author

Step by step, Pollard teaches introverts how to master networking and authentically build a community of mutually-supportive contacts. A must-read for anyone looking for an achievable and practical framework for creating productive professional relationships.

Mark Roberge
Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School; Managing Director of Stage 2 Capital; former CRO at HubSpot

Matthew Pollard provides a winning formula for creating powerful, authentic connections. He masterfully confronts the stigma around the so-called extroverted arena of networking, demonstrating that introverts have exactly what it takes to outshine everyone else in the room.

Derek Lidow
Princeton University, Chair of the Entrepreneurship Faculty and author of Startup Leadership and Building on Bedrock

Matthew Pollard is emerging as America’s #1 introvert converter. Focusing on the value of networking as an introvert, he will give you ideas and strategies to beat the extroverts, every time.

Jeffrey Gitomer
Author of the Little Red Book of Selling

A smart, motivating, and practical system for getting influential connections excited about promoting you and your work. Using a combination of generosity, authenticity, strategy, and a heartfelt desire to help others, Matthew shows introverts how to turn networking from dreadful and pointless to profitable and valuable. Best of all, I have personally experienced how Matthew lives out the words in this book. I can say wholeheartedly that if you practice what this book teaches, you will grow and serve others like never before.

Tom Ziglar
CEO of Ziglar Inc.

Matthew Pollard’s entertaining and clever book on how introverts can network successfully has a hidden bonus. It also offers leaders guidance on how to create truly inclusive teams and cultures—where both extroverts and introverts thrive.

Michael C. Bush
Global CEO of Great Place to Work®

A must for any professional. The Introvert’s Edge to Networking breaks through long-believed myths and explains exactly why introverts are perfectly suited to mastering the room. Matthew shows you how to develop relationships that will change your life!

Tom Dekle
VP of Digital Sales at IBM; AA-ISP Board Member and Inside Sales Lifetime Achievement recipient

Imagine going into a networking room knowing exactly who you’re going to speak to, exactly what you’ll say, and exactly how you’ll follow up. Imagine confidently building a network of supportive, mutually-beneficial contacts who love your work and are willing to go to bat for you. Now read this book and make it happen.

Verne Harnish
Founder of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and author of Scaling Up (Rockefeller Habits 2.0)

If you have an exceptional offering, yet no one ‘gets it,’ Pollard’s book is for you.

Mike Michalowicz
Author of Fix This Next and Profit First

As a digital marketer, I know how crucial it is to validate your message in the real world before taking it online. But as an introvert, I also know how unbearable it can be to actually work the room. Pollard’s brilliant system gives you the best of both worlds – a foolproof way to network strategically while getting your message exactly right.

Ryan Deiss
CEO of

I always suggest that my students and small business clients focus on strategy in any business endeavor. When it comes to networking, though, there’s a misconception that it’s all about personality; strategy is a distant second, if it’s mentioned at all. Pollard upends this paradigm, showing that win-win networking can be systemized and mastered by even the quietest introverts. This book will help you portray the best, most confident version of yourself in the most important component of personal and business success — effective networking.

Greg Tucker
State Director, Missouri, Small Business Development Centers - America's SBDC

As an introvert myself, I know that many of us struggle to comfortably and authentically develop connections. Pollard provides a clear-eyed, practical guide for introverts who want to network their way to new heights.

Dorie Clark
Thinkers50 Top Business Thinker, HBR contributor and bestselling author


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