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When it comes to a generous spirit, a desire to help, and a selfless devotion to serving others, no one can beat a Savior. You are dedicated to using your time, energy, and talents to give back to the world, knowing that to whom much is given, much is required. You got into business with the primary goal of making a difference in people’s lives, and your commitment to service is the driving force not just of your business, but of your life. Income is far down the list of your priorities—your business exists to allow you to “be the change you wish to see in the world.” You’re wholly devoted to your clients’ best interests and well-being, not to your bank account.

Your care and concern for others is not only genuine—it’s the core of who you are. No other archetype even comes close. It’s your superpower, leading you to act tirelessly on behalf of those you’re helping, believing in them when they don’t believe in themselves, and giving them the support and motivation they need to keep going. Your sincerity, kindness, and enthusiasm do indeed have the power to change the world.

However, your superpower can backfire in your attempt to be all things to all people. When you identify someone who needs help, you offer it even if they aren’t ready or willing to accept. You provide your services at a deeply discounted rate, or even at no charge, out of your sense of duty and your desire to fix someone’s problem. For paying clients, you have difficulty setting a rate that reflects your true worth, feeling uncomfortable charging more than the bare minimum—in fact, you have difficulty discussing your fees at all. You volunteer with non-profit organizations in your industry, another time commitment that ultimately affects your bottom line. You end up feeling undervalued and under-appreciated, and you struggle to survive financially.

Saviors in this position need to make two crucial shifts in mindset: First, you must understand that you’re in business not just to help others, but also to make money. This doesn’t make you selfish. Think of money as a resource that allows you to further your mission. Once your own financial needs are taken care of, that’s when you can donate to other causes or work pro bono. You need to take care of yourself before this can happen—you’re not going to be able to help effectively if you’re under the crushing stress of financial chaos. Allow yourself to accept the notion of an income that compensates you fairly for your hard work, provides for you and your family, and lets you further invest in your business growth—which in turn means you can have an even larger impact in your service to others.

Second, it’s important to realize that you can’t help everyone. Though you feel compelled to serve wherever you can, insisting on providing help can be detrimental if you’re not the best person to provide it. Yes, you could make some impact, but isn’t that person better off working with someone who can provide exactly what they need, to their fullest benefit? Focus your efforts on those you know you can help most effectively—those whose needs line up with your particular skill set, strengths, and abilities. Refer the rest to someone else, someone more suited to solving the problem. Everyone wins: You have a client base for whom you can truly make an impact, and those you can’t help as effectively are matched up with someone who can. Recognizing this fact allows you to let go of the conflict and guilt you may feel when you fail to be everything to everyone. It just isn’t possible. What is possible—and truly helpful—is working with the group of people you know you can best serve.


You’re a rare breed—a genuine altruist who takes real, daily action to positively impact the lives of others. But your generous spirit can lead you to take on too much, for too little pay, working with people you’re not necessarily suited to helping. Focus on aligning your greatest strengths with your greatest passion, allowing you to create a business that’s both impactful and personally fulfilling.

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