3 Simple Steps to Eliminate Time Wasters
1 min read

3 Simple Steps to Eliminate Time Wasters

1 min read  |  Jan 29, 2015

In this article, published in WeWork Magazine , I discuss three simple steps to help eliminate your time wasters.

Taking on a new project or opportunity can be intimidating, especially if your schedule is already full. This article will help you discover how you currently spend your time, help you eliminate unimportant time wasting tasks from your schedule, and highlight what tasks can be outsourced and delegated to others. It also provides you with some really helpful website links for outsourcing on the cheap. Use these three simple steps to free up your time so that you have it available to take on new projects and opportunities, without the worry of how you will fit them in.

You can also see the original post at – magazine.wework.com

What time wasters did you discover? How much time did you free up?

Let me know in the comments section below:

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