Boost credibility, highlight your top-tier engagements, and increase your bookings...

Attention, Professional Speakers: Is Your Online Events Calendar Working Against You? 

Or Do You Not Even Have One?

You know the struggle - the Events page on your website suffers from one or more of these embarrassing frustrations:

  • It looks awful - plain lines of text that inspire zero excitement and little attention
  • It appears as though you’re not that busy, especially if you’re just starting out, but even if you’re regularly booked 
  • There’s no way to truly highlight your big-name events - and even when you land them, they get buried under the rest
  • You have to call your web developer every time you want to add an event to your page
  • There’s no easy way to showcase past or upcoming events on any other pages on your site
  • It does not communicate the crucial message - that you’re a credible, in-demand professional

What if you could solve all of these problems in an instant?

In partnership with

Introducing WordPress Gig List

Finally – a beautiful, simple way to display your speaking engagements, boost your credibility, and showcase your best events

Boom - Instant Credibility

Create a logo slider to feature your most prominent and highest-profile engagements, both previous and upcoming. Choose from full-color or grey and white to match your site aesthetic. You select which logos to include with single-click add and remove.

Booked Out Like a Boss

Gig List does not display the year on any posted events. This means that your events page shows a busy schedule, even if your engagements are well in the past. And you choose the order of events shown, so you can keep your high-profile engagements at the top for that extra oomph.

Seamless Integration with Your eSpeakers Profile

We’ve partnered with eSpeakers to make this just right. Event details you enter into your eSpeakers profile are automatically imported into Gig List. No more double-duty data entry. 

Spread the Word

Gig List provides options to include a link for ticket purchase, a map of the event location, and one-click add to calendar. Or, if you prefer, list it as a Private Event for scarcity and exclusivity.

Let Them See You in Action

Attach a video to your event to generate interest and show your stuff. Or add a few testimonials from audience members for even more social proof. No need to hide behind a boring calendar any longer!

Watch the demo below to learn how WordPress Gig List puts you front and center


"What a huge time saver. I just enter my event details into my eSpeakers account, and it's instantly imported to my site, publishable in one click!"

User-Friendly Dashboard

Gig List is 100% mobile-responsive. You’ll look great on any device, any size.

Control everything simply and easily from one central dashboard. Add a gig in under a minute.

Impress Across the Board

Fast and Friendly Support

Questions or technical issues? Real live human beings are here to help you out.

Time for your Events page to reflect the superstar you are!
WordPress Gig List makes it happen.

Totally Risk-Free

If, after the first 30 days of purchasing Wordpress Gig List, you aren't satisfied, send us a request to receive a 100% refund, no questions asked.

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Matthew is in the International Sales Blogger Awards Hall of Fame, and has been featured or published in Entrepreneur, CEO Magazine, Inc., Top Sales World, Fortune, and Forbes.

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