Volney Campbell
1 min read
Feb 2, 2016

Volney Campbell

1 min read  |  Feb 2, 2016

Matthew I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your work with Colliers here in Austin. I found your teaching style and objectives to be geared towards helping us find what works best for us as opposed to a “hard sell” sales trainers I have used before. On top of enjoying working with you, I have to say the results have been fantastic. Your technique of engaging the prospect through storytelling has been outstanding.

One of my employees had this to say regarding your training: “It doesn’t matter what they say, I just tell them a story and they say yes. I no longer have to be a bulldog. I used to have to get juiced up to make cold calls and be ready to push through objections. Now I can just stroll in, tell stories and make appointments.”

Our success on setting meetings has quadrupled thanks to your help, with over a million dollars of potential income associated with those meetings in just the short time since your training finished. Also, bookings have gone up not just in number but quality, as one of your trainees booked the largest meeting he has ever set.

Lastly, the employee that was struggling to make calls has gone from potentially on his way out with little hope of survival without some change to suddenly obtaining the confidence he needs to set meetings. His prospect sheet has doubled and that is definitely a feel good story from my perspective.

So, please include me as a solid reference for your training to anyone who has questions. Your training was absolutely one of the best investments I have ever made in my employees and my company.


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