Michael E. Bernard, Ph.D.
1 min read
Feb 2, 2016

Michael E. Bernard, Ph.D.

1 min read  |  Feb 2, 2016

Matthew Pollard is a gifted communicator and educator. He has an unrivalled ability to translate new ideas from the field of high performance that make an immediate difference to how people go about running their business and looking after their own individual performance.  Matthew has integrity and is trusted by those he speaks to because he starts with a simple premise: “If I can make this work for me, then I know it works. If this makes sense to me, then I can help it work for others.” People appreciate Matthew’s innate empathy, respect and regard – he is a great listener. However, and this is what has most impressed me about Matthew’s mindset, he constantly challenges what others take for granted. With me, he raises the challenging and difficult questions, and has forced me to justify my answers – rather than merely accept what I have to say because I am “the expert.” He probes and weaves, seeing where ideas apply, where they don’t, and which ones make the difference. Matthew displays an advanced capacity to coach as well as to present highly effective and innovative workshops designed to enhance work practices. He is an expert in what he does!


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