Joshua Valentine
2 min read
Dec 7, 2016

Joshua Valentine

2 min read  |  Dec 7, 2016

I came to work for Matt Pollard on a project through a recommendation from another copywriter to create a 12 Part Autoresponder sequence for Matt to promote his Rapid Growth System. While working on the project, I had the chance to dive deeply into his Rapid Growth Methodology, and couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if I applied the same principles to my consulting business after our project was finished. So I did. Here’s what happened next: Before implementing Matt’s Rapid Growth System, my consulting business was struggling (as embarrassing as it is to admit). Some months were really good, but others were a different story. What would happen in my case is… I would get a good client and it would be great, but then there would be a couple of weeks in between before I obtained another high value client. That’s when business would really suffer and I would end up being forced to take general freelancing jobs that had nothing to do with my speciality (and getting paid a lot less) to make ends meet. Or I would be forced to lower my spending and suffer through it (think ramen noodles). Then it changed for me after I implemented Matt’s methodology. As soon as our project together ended, I went back to the drawing board and immediately started applying the Rapid Growth System to every facet of my business. I changed all of my messaging and really decided on what type of prospects I wanted to target. I killed off my blog, turned off advertising that was bringing in the wrong prospect types (no more scatter gun marketing)… And after I was done, within less than a week I had effectively spread my new Unique Message of Differentiation throughout my network. Then within 72 hours of doing so, I had scheduled new prospect calls and closed a few clients at double my original rate with no price resistance. Today I’m effectively booked solid. And the best part is, since then I’ve continued to increase my rates every quarter, and not only have I found no resistance so far but…I continue to get a constant stream of referrals because people have me in mind for something specific and not as a “general marketing consultant guy.”


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