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I was blown away by the quality of Matthew's advice, and by the quality of his character. 30 minutes speaking with a master and getting pointers on my new ecommerce site. The comments were specific to my content and my business – not a one size fits all solution. We went through my website together, and he gave me four things I can improve immediately, and pointed me to a tool to help drive essentially free traffic to my site. No funnels, ads, programs, etc. Just actionable advice. And he delivered it in the nicest way possible. I can’t tell you how much value I got from those 30 minutes.

Jay Patterson,
Head of Marketing / Co-owner, Janelle Patterson Art

My 30 minutes with Matthew helped my business tremendously. I was astounded by how quickly he grasped my business idea and was able to provide specific, targeted advice. My business was in the very early stages when building connections is vital, and he provided actionable advice and scripts to connect with influencers in my field. Within a week I had personally contacted and started relationships with two leaders in my field, and look forward to many more valuable connections. I got more than I thought was possible out of these 30 minutes. I look forward to working with Matthew again in the future!

Ian Luebbers,
Founder, Minerva