Boost credibility, highlight your top-tier events, and increase your bookings


Finally – a beautiful, simple way to display your speaking engagements

Is Your Online Events Calendar Working Against You?

Or Do You Not Even Have One?

Regular updates are a pain if you have to call your developer every time. But leaving your calendar like this makes people wonder if you've abandoned your business!

Even worse, your high-profile engagements get buried under the smaller ones, with no way to highlight them.

Events From Way Back When

Boring Design

Credibility Fail

You want to be perceived as a cutting edge, high-profile speaker. That's not going to happen with a ho-hum, uninspiring calendar like this one.

Plain Lines of Text

You want to list your events on your website, but every "solution" out there falls short:

Not only is this unattractive and boring, but even with a dozen events listed, you don't look that busy.

What If You Could Solve All These Problems in an Instant?

Now You Can, with WordPress Gig List

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Video and testimonial pop-ups for past events

Mobile-responsive design

One-click filtering of free, private, and paid events

A beautiful, simple way to display your speaking engagements, boost your credibility, and showcase your best events

Draw attention to your best events

Dynamic logo slider to highlight your top-tier engagements

Add an event in seconds; no developer needed

Simple integration with eSpeaker profile

Always look booked out, even if you speak just a few times a year

Make it easy for event planners to choose you

Simple sidebar widget

One-click event registration

Boost credibility and demand

Did you get rave reviews from past events? 

Share them! Gig List lets you link both written and video testimonials to your previous engagements, providing even more proof to event planners that you're the exact speaker they want.

Create a logo slider to feature your most prominent and highest-profile engagements. Choose from full-color or grey scale to match your site aesthetic. Simply select which logos you want displayed, with a single click.

Make the Most of Your Past Events

Even Occasional Speakers Look Booked Out Like a Boss

Boom - Instant Credibility

Even some of the highest-profile speakers have only 5-10 events per year. Gig List was designed with this in mind. The display looks great and the page looks packed, even with just a few events.

Let Them See You in Action

Make It Easy for Event Planners

Gig List doesn't include the year of the event in any listing. This way, you can keep all of your best engagements in your Past Events section, no matter how long ago they took place. 

Why limit yourself to just a single Events page? Gig List provides simple shortcode and widget functionality to display an event snapshot on any page or post. Let those event planners know that you're in high demand.

Real-World Proof

Attach a video to your past events to generate interest and show your stuff, making it easy for event planners to choose you. No need to hide behind a boring calendar any longer!

No more double-duty data entry. No more forgetting to update your events on multiple platforms.  Gig List  integrates directly with your eSpeakers profile; simply enter your event into the Gig List backend, or just automate an import directly from eSpeakers.

Seamless Integration with Your eSpeakers Profile

Watch the Demo Video to See it in Action!

See What People Are Saying About Gig List

Impress On Any Device

User-Friendly Dashboard

Questions or technical issues? Real live human beings are here to help you out.

Control everything simply and easily from one central dashboard. Add a gig in under a minute.

Fast and Friendly Support

Gig List is 100% mobile-responsive. You’ll look great on any device, any size.

Time for your Events page to reflect the superstar you are! 

WordPress Gig List makes it happen.

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Totally Risk-Free

If, within 30 days of purchasing WordPress Gig List, you aren't satisfied, send us a request to receive a 100% refund, no questions asked.

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