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Featured in Business2Community – November 2014

businesses fail photoIn this article, published in Business2Community, I discuss why knowing the difference between sales and marketing can go a long way to ensuring your business’ long-term survival.
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What do you rate your sales and marketing knowledge out of 5, with 5 being AWESOME!! Let me know in the comments section below:

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Photo by Dave Dugdale

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DON'T SETTLE FOR LESS - LEARN FROM THE MAN WHO HAS "ACTUALLY DONE IT" With five multimillion-dollar business success stories to his name in industries as vastly different as telecommunication, construction, and nationally accredited education, Matthew has been characterized as a true differentiation, niche marketing, and sales systemization powerhouse. Just like everyone else, Matthew had to overcome many hardships throughout his life, some perhaps harder than others. Due to a disability, Matthew had a reading speed of a sixth grader at the age of 18, resulting in introversion and an extreme lack of confidence. In 2007, he fell victim to a glassing to the face, which took 26 stitches, painful plastic surgery, and more than five years to heal. While others may have let these misfortunes hold them back, Matthew used them to learn and turned them into advantages that he now shares with others.

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