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As a creator of online learning programs, I couldn't find a simple and elegant way to display content and viewers to ask questions, so I created one. Now, I'm excited to share it with others!
Matthew Pollard - Creator

Ultimate Video Gallery Features

  • List New Videos In Minutes

    Entering videos and descriptions into most applications can be complicated and time consuming. Ultimate Video Gallery is a streamlined WordPress Plugin designed exclusively for serious content creators.
  • Modern Responsive Design With A One Page Video Desplay feature

    It doesn't matter if you're viewing the Ultimate Video Gallery on a phone, table, laptop or desktop its fully responsive design ensures it still looks amazing.. You will also love the ability to categorize all your videos and create simple one page viewing. 
  • WordPress Plugin
    Publish your Ultimate Video Gallery on any self-hosted installation of WordPress in just a few clicks. Unfortunately if you're blog is running on a hosted ( version of WP, it will not be supported.

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