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According to the International Personnel Management Association, training increases productivity by 22%.

  • Do you wish your sales team had a more systemized and consistent sales process?
  • Do you wish that your employees were more efficient and effective in their daily tasks?
  • Do you want staff members who are motivated, self-confident and capable of accepting more responsibility in the workplace?

Imagine if everyone in your workplace was on the same page and speaking the same language. Staff are the crucial building blocks of any organization and in many cases are not equipped with the skills they need to effectively do their jobs. Without key competencies in sales, marketing, business and management employees cannot effectively help to run or grow your organization. Organisations need staff that have studied a targeted program, that gives them the key skills they need to help them do their job better while enabling them to have a career path into a management or supervisory position. Let Matthew’s corporate training help rejuvenate your organization, increase sales conversion, improve productivity and help your staff gain a better understanding of how they contribute to the bigger organizational picture.


All trainings can be customized to include the industry or situation specific examples that your organization requires. This can be particularly helpful in the instance of setting up new teams, hiring and training new staff, keeping franchised or multiple location businesses consistent.

Matthew as your trainer:

Many courses utilize teachers who have studied management or marketing, but have never managed to obtain industry experience themselves. They tend to be dull lecturers who instruct the courses line by line for a dragged out period of time without giving any real life examples or being able to personally relate to what the students are going through. Matthew, on the other hand, has an immense background in sales, niche marketing, business and instructing. He is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record for success and rapid growth. His career of sales, niche marketing and business success was recently showcased in a publication entitled “Successful Men in Business,” by Kizza Nkwocha. Matthew has a number of publications to his credit including a recent top story with Entrepreneur, “Getting to a Yes with Sales Scripting in 7 Easy Steps.” Matthew is also is a published author, international speaker and mentor. Matthew has all the attributes you could ever want for a game changing training experience.

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Matthew’s corporate training vs. conventional learning:

The downside of enrolling your staff in a college or university course is that the material may not be directly related to what they do in your organization and would entail long hours spent away from the workplace. On the other hand, a fully customized course would be too expensive for most businesses. Matthew realized that he could bridge this gap, maintain staff morale and improve the productivity and profitability of organizations. Matthew’s methodology focuses on helping your staff learn and apply the knowledge they obtain directly to their workplace, supporting the strategic direction of your company.

Training with coaching:

According to the International Personnel Management Association, training increases productivity by 22%; but when coaching is involved, productivity is increased by 88%.  See Matthew’s coaching solution

Participants, many seasoned business people that engaged in marketing everyday, were amazed that one person could provide so much content in such a short time – Kylie Lethbridge

Manager - Economic Development

Niche Marketing Box - Matthew Pollard

Below are a list of specific topics Matthew cover:

Note:  Matthew also conducts 4 and 5 day Fast-Track Programs – Click here to see a brochure

Business Operations and Continuous Improvement Presentations

Develop a Learning Culture – Develop the ability to create a healthy learning environment while successfully encouraging and supporting staff learning and performance.


Manage the Operational Plan – Develop a solid grasp of innovative operational models that will assist you to examine strategies for operational improvements and developing operational plans. Gain experience in implementing, resourcing, monitoring and reviewing operational performance for efficiency and effectiveness. Learn to implement coaching and mentoring to achieve high performance.

Continuous Improvement – Learn the fundamentals of continuous improvement as well as how to manage the improvement of systems and processes within the workplace. Put your new found knowledge to the test with practical workplace applications as you gain experience in identifying better ways to monitor and manage these processes.

Manage the Business Finances – Become a shining star within your organization as you learn and start applying the skills of financial management to the company or department that you are working in. Develop the skills necessary to review, monitor and evaluate existing financial management processes, plan improvements, control finances and manage your team to achieve financial outcomes.

Personal Development Presentations

Time Management – Learn to be organized. Develop the necessary skills to manage the work of others and become a role model. Determine your own personal, leadership and management development needs. Become skilled at measuring your own performance, establishing work goals, and setting priorities.


Manage Projects – Learn and apply the skills required to plan, carry out, control and monitor projects within timelines, quality standards and budgetary limits. Become skilled at finalizing and reviewing the project to identify learnings for the future.

Team Development Presentations

Show Leadership in the Workplace – Develop your ability of managing staff with the professionalism and encouragement expected from a manager.


Ensure Team Effectiveness – Learn the necessary skills, techniques and shortcuts to leading and motivating an efficient and effective team within the workplace. Develop the ability to create team performance plans, strengthen communication and resolve conflict between team members and all stakeholders. Become skilled at leading your team while serving as a role model to all.

Niche Marketing and Sales Systemization Presentations

Quality Customer Service – Become an indispensable member of your team as you learn the essentials of customer service and giving an exceptional customer experience. Understand and develop your ability to get involved, and evaluate and improve current customer service strategies in your organization.


Develop a Sales Plan – Become a sales machine as you transform your selling approach, and learn how to turn all those daily enquiries into sales. Finally take control of your bottom line as you’re trained in the essential skills required to create advertising and promotional strategies for your business. Become skilled at how to correctly prepare a budget for your sales plan, while learning how to make adjustments as required ensuring results are obtained.

Promoting Products and Services – Learn better ways to plan and promote the products and services of your organization while coordinating and evaluating existing promotion strategies.

How to Build Solid Relationships With Customers – Become a shining star within your company as you learn to plan, organize and work to a daily routine. Grow to become exceptional at customer interaction and building relationships through advanced sales techniques.

Provide Sales Solutions to Customers – Develop the necessary skills to listen, negotiate and solve problems within a wholesale, retail showroom, or business-to-business sales opportunity. Learn to ensure customer satisfaction through chosen marketing principles and practices whilst discovering how to close more sales through advancing your ability to research and profile a customer, identify opportunities through open ended questions, demonstrate products and services, as well as highlight your company’s points of difference.







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