Well known and successful as a marketing, PR, and social media strategist, I recently recognized that my firm’s sales pipeline was dry. In fact, I was losing confidence in my ability to find more clients when I needed them most. After investing in Matthew Pollard’s Rapid Growth Program, and putting to use his logical sales systemization approach, within two weeks I generated several leads, and tripled my investment by landing a $9,500 contract, which includes a potential bonus of 30% in the next 30 days. Better yet, using Matthew’s sage advice, this new sale could grow to become a $60,000-plus client over the next 12 months, and more bonuses to come. Matthew is “The Rapid Growth Guy,” and I would add that he is a “Champion Sales Coach” with unique talents to bring out the best in anyone by showing you how to get your news sales approach up and running like never before. Looking ahead, I have a whole new outlook on sales, and I now know how to ensure that my new business pipeline will always be full.

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