Matthews advice and support has been critical in securing my place in the Los Angeles market as a ‘Writer/Producer & Editor’, working on some of ‘Falls’ biggest launches, and marketing campaigns including spots for ABC, CBS, Disney, CW, G4, Esquire Network, ‘TruTV’, ‘Soap Net’, & ‘FX’, also including campaigns for the features “21 and Over”, ‘2 Guns’, and ‘This is the End’. After 20 years of experience working with many of the major Australian television networks as a writer, editor and producer I decided to take my career to the next level by heading to Los Angeles. Soon after arriving I realised getting into the Los Angeles market was a much harder endeavour than I first thought. In Australia I had grown relationships and status over many years, with many of the major television stations, and in Los Angeles I had to start again. Matthew’s help has been amazing! He talked me through keeping a clear mind when approaching prospective clients; managing my time to priorities and get the money generating tasks done each week; provided ways of staying motivated to call, what seemed to be an endless number of people each day; and gave me invaluable advise when negotiating complex engagement contracts. Matthew is the essential ingredient to any business that has a great functional skill but lacks the sales, marketing and time management strategies to get the world to know it.

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