I don’t write many testimonials unless I’ve been ‘wowed’. I live in a high value world where promises are easily made – and broken. Where expectations are set – and never met. I consider myself a positive-minded, yet sometimes cautious professional who has sometimes felt I’ve seen it all.

Expectations are such in our world today that when someone under promises, then over provides – it’s magical, because it’s so infrequent, so unique – but SO APPRECIATED. That describes Matthew Pollard. A leader with passion in his heart, caring in his persona, with a unique ability to talk straight and hold you accountable, but never overbearing.

Want examples of what ‘wowed’ me?

I more than doubled my income in less than 2 weeks. He explained in detail how to generate over $5000 in additional PROFIT – with no additional work. Then I went out and did it! Matthew helped me charge what I was worth – and gave me a way of explaining why I was worth it. I’ve generated, through his teaching, massive return on my investment within a very short time. I’m no ‘rookie’ either, having owned two prior businesses and been at the top of my game for over 3 decades.

And that was after only one session. The great news is I have more sessions with him.

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