Before my session with Matthew, I was missing parts to up level my 30-year book coaching business. In my daily goals I set, one thing was missing. Matthew pointed out that every day, I should: 1. Reach out to Business Influencers and ask them to collaborate with me (after I established rapport) and 2. Let go of emails that are other people’s agenda. Unsubscribing to many gurus (not Matthew), my 300 daily are now down to 150. I did get two almost famous speakers to join me in my upcoming JV program in October called, “Nonfiction Master Course.” I appreciate Matthew’s directness-just like me. This one tip takes little time or much effort, and the results will be lots of income for all ten of us, because I know the value of promotion and creating rapport with my communities at LinkedIn and my site. It’s all multiplied with joint partners.

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