I am naturally very sales oriented. Cold calling and speaking to executives is something I enjoy and that comes naturally. However, as a young guy in a tough, highly competitive industry, I was not having nearly the success I wanted as it related to prospecting. We had Matthew come work with our team, and from the very start I was impressed by Matthew’s unique approach to sales. Matthew’s calculated approach of selling via stories was not something I had ever done before, and admittedly I was skeptical of whether it would resonate with C-suite executives. What I found was that not only did my success rate on the phone skyrocket, but my entire approach to cold calling changed. I was no longer the bull dog on the phone who needed to juice myself up to be ultra aggressive on the phone. Instead, I was able to use tangible stories/examples to side step rebuttals and open doors that otherwise would have been shut. I now set meetings with the majority of decision makers I connect with, and I absolutely attribute that to the extensive work Matthew put in to help me adjust my approach. Aside from the tremendous value Matthew provided to my business, he was a pleasure to work with and be around, which made the experience that much better. I would HIGHLY recommend Matthew to anyone looking to improve their sales technique and make more money. He is extremely good at what he does, and is a classy guy.

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