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Pitch Coach and Start-up Mentor

I am proud to be welcomed back as a Pitch Coach and Start-up Mentor for Austin’s 2015 Google Start-up Weekend. See organizations website at:

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Google Startup Weekend 2015


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Better Business Coach: How to Become One for FREE

Being a business coach can be a lucrative career. If you’re just starting out, however, it can be one hard road. Startup coaches usually struggle every day to get enough clients while grappling to learn everything they need to know to deliver amazing results. Many want-to-be business coaches soon decide, the best way to cut the learning curve in half is to pay for an expensive business coaching franchise. Now, thanks to "Rapid Growth Guy" Matthew Pollard , this expensive and potentially restrictive option is no longer the only shortcut to success. Listen as Matthew discusses the launch of his new iTunes top rated podcast, "Better Business Coach," with Josh Denning on his podcast "Tropical Entrepreneur."

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