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As a professional speaker, I couldn't find a simple and elegant way to highlight all the events I had spoken at or the ones I had coming up, so I created one. Now, I'm excited to share it with others!
Matthew Pollard - Creator

Speaker Event Calendar Features

  • List Each New Event In Minutes

    Entering event information into most applications can be complicated and time consuming. Speakers often find they are entering mandatory information that just feels unnecessary. Speaker Event Calendar is a streamlined WordPress Plugin designed exclusively for professional speakers, requiring only information that impresses your next event planner.
  • Modern Responsive Design With A Featured Logo Scroller & Sidebar Widget

    It doesn't matter if you're viewing the Speaker Event Calendar on a phone, table, laptop or desktop its fully responsive design ensures it still looks amazing.. You will also love the featured logo scroller.
  • Clickable Videos and Testimonials

    Make it easy for event planners searching your website by providing clickable popup links to Testimonials and event videos, directly from the event listing itself. 
  • Simple Import Export Feature

    Do you have all your events currently listed on another event application or speakers bureau website? With Speakers Event Calendar you can easily import your events from any 3rd party application that allows you to export it to an excel file, such as Speakers Event Calendar also makes your information available for one click export.
  • WordPress Plugin
    Publish your Speaker Event Calendar on any self-hosted installation of WordPress in just a few clicks. Unfortunately if you're blog is running on a hosted ( version of WP, it will not be supported.
  • Are you a member of the National Speakers Association wanting to track your progress towards your CSP?
    If your goal is to get your CSP, then you will know that keeping track of all your events and the details around them is a nightmare. Speakers Event Calendar offers a simple way of tracking your progress towards your CSP requirements and, when its time, generating your application.

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