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Getting to a Yes With Sales Scripting in 7 Easy Steps

2687834922_10338916f6_q_salesIn this article, published and making top story in Entrepreneur, I discuss the seven steps in the sales scripting process. We start by looking at sales scripting and helping you overcome your inner barrier, "My business is different." Then we baby step through the basics of sales scripting so you can start the process for yourself today. read more

Overcoming Your Fear of the Sales Process

one step at a time photoIn this interview with School for Startups Radio, I discuss with Jim Beach that sales is a skill like any other and certainly not one you can't master. I also break the selling process into 7 key steps and discuss how you can use these steps to create your selling script right away. Listen to Podcast:  read more

How to Close a Sale

signing photo Originally published in Business West Magazine. Asking for a sale can be scary. To help you overcome this, I provide four strategies to help you close a sale more effectively. read more
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Host : Febracorp University
9:00 am - 10:00 am Rua Fidencio Ramos, 302 Bloco B - Vila Olimpia, São Paulo - SP, 04548-004, Brazil (View Map)
+55 11 3302-9200
Event Type : 60 Minute Keynote
Host : Febracorp University
9:00 am - 3:00 pm Rua Fidencio Ramos, 302 Bloco B - Vila Olimpia, São Paulo - SP, 04548-004, Brazil (View Map)
+55 11 3302-9200
Event Type : 6 Hour Workshop
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The Art of Business Coaching Depends On Your Client’s Unique Situation

The Art of Business Coaching It’s common for entrepreneurs and business owners to have a pre conceived notion about the enterprise they’re entering. Human nature and evolution has shaped our brains to work this way. The truth is reality doesn’t always function according to plan. What you think will happen and what actually happens is often different. Like the old saying goes, “there is a difference between talking the talk; and walking the walk”.

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