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Sales Scripting: Get a ‘Yes’ in 7 Easy Steps

race time photoSales Scripting: Get a ‘Yes’ in 7 Easy Steps. A 2014 guest post of mine titled "Getting to a Yes With Sales Scripting in 7 Easy Steps" made top story in Entrepreneur. Due to its success and the interest it generated, I wanted to provide my readers with a new and expanded version. Salespeople often get a bad rap; many believe that for a salesperson to be successful, they must be manipulative and pressure clients into signing that dotted line. However, this isn’t the case. The word “sales” was originally derived from the Scandinavian phrase “to serve”; a good sales person does exactly that. A salesperson that is truly good at their job doesn’t need to be conniving or manipulative – they simply need to understand the features of what they’re selling, ask questions to determine how these features translate into benefits for any particular client, and make these benefits known. Hard-selling isn’t necessary; once the benefits are explained, all that is left to do is ask the client to take that next step. read more

Why Businesses Only Have Price to Compete On

race time photoMany businesses feel as though the only way to obtain a competitive edge over their competition is through price. This conclusion, while seemingly obvious, in actuality couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s a fact of life that most businesses have competitors that offer a very similar product or service. After all, most new business owners learned their functional skill from a boss before eventually deciding to go into business themselves. As in many cases, this new business owner replicates what they know and have learned with their past employer, and therefore can easily fall into the trap of believing that price is the only defining selling point. Sure price can be a factor, but remember each business owner has unique qualities and therefore price is just one factor on which they can compete. So why do most businesses only have price to compete on? read more

Story Telling: The Key to Sales Success

race time photoThe ability to tell a captivating story is not a skill reserved solely for authors; in the business world, story-telling has a wide array of uses. An effective marketing, sales and coaching tool, cleverly-crafted tales provide an ingenious way to imbed ideas and suggest a different perspective. So why do stories resonate so strongly with us? Simply put, it comes down to science. Studies have shown that stories actually work to release the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin; in turn, this creates that all-important human bond and activates the ‘know, like and trust’ factor. read more

The Art of Business Coaching Depends On Your Client’s Unique Situation

race time photoThe Art of Business Coaching It’s common for entrepreneurs and business owners to have a pre conceived notion about the enterprise they’re entering. Human nature and evolution has shaped our brains to work this way. The truth is reality doesn’t always function according to plan. What you think will happen and what actually happens is often different. Like the old saying goes, “there is a difference between talking the talk; and walking the walk”. read more

The Sales Process is the Secret to Rapid Growth

Mind ProcessPeople think you can only thrive in the sales industry if you have the gift of the gab, and that introverted salespeople do not stand a chance over naturally extroverted ones. Matthew rose above this stereotype by developing a sales process that not only leveled the playing field, but angled it to his advantage. This sales process enables introverts to outsell the so-called "naturals." Extroverts have good days and bad days. An introvert that follows Matthew's sales process only has good days. That's why you shouldn't miss Matthew's interview with Anna Farmery on iTunes top 30 podcast "The Engaging Brand." During this interview, Matthew will explain his very simple, easy to follow 3 step sales process. Listen in now and learn how you can start selling today. read more

An Elevator Pitch Can Bring You Tremendous Growth

storytellerCrafting the perfect elevator pitch is one of the most vital, yet often neglected, steps on the journey to obtaining business growth. We have all been asked, "What is it you do?" during a networking function and have seen our answer result in a less than ideal response. After many of these less than ideal outcomes we start to believe that networking, at least for us, just doesn’t work. That’s why Matthew’s interview with John McIntyre, on top 50 iTunes Podcast "The McMethod," is a must listen. During this interview Matthew will explain that a good elevator pitch can mean the difference between great successes in networking and what most people get: nothing. Listen in now and learn how to craft an elevator pitch that will work for you and your business and start getting new customers with ease today. read more

Better Business Coach: How to Become One for FREE

Point FREEBeing a business coach can be a lucrative career. If you’re just starting out, however, it can be one hard road. Startup coaches usually struggle every day to get enough clients while grappling to learn everything they need to know to deliver amazing results. Many want-to-be business coaches soon decide, the best way to cut the learning curve in half is to pay for an expensive business coaching franchise. Now, thanks to "Rapid Growth Guy" Matthew Pollard , this expensive and potentially restrictive option is no longer the only shortcut to success. Listen as Matthew discusses the launch of his new iTunes top rated podcast, "Better Business Coach," with Josh Denning on his podcast "Tropical Entrepreneur." read more

3 Simple Steps to Eliminate Time Wasters

race time photoIn this article, published in WeWork Magazine , I discuss three simple steps to help eliminate your time wasters. Taking on a new project or opportunity can be intimidating, especially if your schedule is already full. This article will help you discover how you currently spend your time, help you eliminate unimportant time wasting tasks from your schedule, and highlight what tasks can be outsourced and delegated to others. It also provides you with some really helpful website links for outsourcing on the cheap. Use these three simple steps to free up your time, so that you have it available to take on new projects and opportunities without the worry of how you will fit them in. read more

Niche Marketing and Sales Systematisation

sales photoIn this interview with Tropical Entrepreneur, I discuss with Josh Denning the importance of sales systematization and niche marketing, as well as give away some great strategies you could implement into your business or career right away.
Listen to Podcast: 
read more

Why 4 Out of 5 Businesses Fail

businesses fail photoIn this article, published in Business2Community, I discuss why knowing the difference between sales and marketing is a great start to ensuring that your business is the one out of five that survives this horrible statistic. read more

Dedicate 20 Percent of Your Time to Less Stress and Higher Prices

prices photoIn this article, published in CEO Magazine, I discuss why allocating time, even in your busy periods, for sales and marketing makes such a huge difference to your business' success and bottom line. Put simply, if you sell and market when you don't need the work, you are not desperate for it and therefore less willing to drop your price to get it. What will surprise you is that you will still get the work, just without dropping your prices; something you can't see as a possibility when you're not busy. read more

From Difficult Challenges to Multiple Successes

story photoIn this interview with K Wave 6 Radio, I discuss my story with Kirk Spencer: The obstacles I faced on the road to success and how I overcame them to get where I am today. These are some of my most personal stories. I hope the secrets I found along the way help you as much as they did me. read more

Making Your Peace With Sales

get over it photo

In this interview with Act Local Marketing for Small Business, I discuss with Kalynn Amadio the importance of sales for any business. It may be something you want to avoid, but if you don't make sales, your business has already failed.

Listen to Podcast:  read more

Sales Questions: How to Build Powerful Ammunition

sales questionsThe novice salesperson tries to sell their products and services by explaining all the features to their prospect. They tend to do this by reading the brochure and then asking in an untactful manner something like, “Do you think that would work for you?” and then hoping for the best. It’s no wonder that they stumble from rejection to rejection. After all, doing this reduces them to nothing more than a talking brochure. read more

10 Negotiating Tips For Women

Negotiating photoIn this article, published in Lioness Magazine, I discuss ten simple tips that women can use to drastically improve their ability to negotiate. Don't feel disadvantaged, be empowered and control your own destiny. read more

Want Lots of Sales?

customer photoIn this interview with Entrepreneur Next Door, I discuss with John and Jan Olson the topic of niche marketing, or in other words, what everybody else is doing to get customers, and the importance of doing something completely different. Listen to Podcast: 

read more
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