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Elevator PitchCrafting the perfect elevator pitch is one of the most vital, yet often neglected, steps on the journey to obtaining business growth. We have all been asked, “What is it you do?” during a networking function and have seen our answer result in a less than ideal response. After many of these less than ideal outcomes we start to believe that networking, at least for us, just doesn’t work. That’s why Matthew’s interview with John McIntyre, on top 50 iTunes Podcast “The McMethod,” is a must listen.

During this interview, Matthew will explain that a good elevator pitch can mean the difference between great successes in networking and what most people get: nothing. Listen in now and learn how to craft an elevator pitch that will work for you and your business and start getting new customers with ease today.

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Core elevator pitch concepts:

  1. Something as simple as a three step elevator pitch, while obviously robotic, will do wonders for your business success.
  2. Talking about what benefits you provide that are different from everyone else, rather than the functional skill you provide, is the key to obtaining a greater level of interest from your prospects.
  3. To be successful in networking you must be more strategic. You need to stop going to events where all your friends hang out and start speaking to new people at new events. In short, you need to push yourself out of your comfort zone.  –  If you’re interested in hearing more about strategic networking, check out Matthew’s recent interview with Judy Robinett.

What’s the next step?

Check out Matthew’s Better Business Coach episode, “Who Wants More Clients? Then Let’s Learn To Network,” – the next step in your elevator pitch development. There you will learn how to turn your new robotic, yet effective, three step elevator pitch into a conversational script that will blow people away.

Other topics Matthew discussed and where can you find out more information:



  • What does “to sell” really mean?
  • What it is like being an introverted salesperson? Can you really succeed?
  • Why Matthew prefers being called a consultant rather than a salesperson.
  • The steps in the sales process and how sales scripting can drastically grow your bottom line.

Matthew covers all this and more in his mega sales training page. You may also be interested in reading about what Matthew has identified as “The 7 Self-Destructive Mindsets of Someone New to Sales.”

Business Coaching:

  • Matthew’s iTunes top-rated Better Business Coach Podcast – Check out why so many coaches are choosing Matthew as their source of business coaching templates, ideology and sales training.
  • Why every business owner must take advantage of getting a business coach. Matthew discusses in great detail the importance of finding a business coach and why it is vital to setting up the groundwork for business growth in his recent article, “Solid Foundations.”

Matthew’s other key quotes:

“As soon as you hear, ‘I’m a coach,’ you’re like, ‘That’s the new code for a salesperson.’ You run for the hills! It doesn’t need to be this way.'” – Matthew Pollard

“So many people are scared to ask why somebody is their customer, like they’re going to decide not to be. Every time they pay your bill, they decide whether or not they’re going to still pay you.” – Matthew Pollard


By now you should understand what an elevator pitch is, the right way of creating elevator pitches, and have the necessary knowledge to effectively craft one for yourself – IN NO TIME AT ALL.  An elevator pitch can be easily implemented into your business right away and the results will be evident in a very short time.

Are you bursting with ideas right now? Excited to work on your elevator pitch? Great! Once it is complete, please post it in the “Comments” section below. Matthew responds to all comments with thought out responses and amazing feedback, so don’t miss out on obtaining his help.

Do you think your friends or network will love what you just heard? Start the process of networking today by sharing this awesome new knowledge with them. Choose from the “Share” buttons below.

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