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Matthew Pollard is The Rapid Growth Guy!

What if you could find that special keynote speaker who just had that “something,” where everything they said was totally applicable and instantly actionable, who actually made a noticeable difference to your people!

Young, energetic, contemporary, relatable, a true powerhouse of differentiation, an expert in niche marketing, and a master sales systemization coach, Matthew is passionate about helping organizations thrive and succeed! With five multimillion-dollar business success stories to his name before the age of thirty, his credentials as an educator and motivator are clearly evident from his accomplishments in business.

Matthew is not a theorist; his methods and teachings come from hands on, real life achievement and experience. They are designed to provide an uncomplicated blueprint for rapid growth, if your business is large or small or if you are selling a product, service or an idea.

Born and raised in Australia, now residing in Austin, Texas, Matthew’s meteoric rise is testimony to the value that he brings to an organization each time he delivers a presentation.

From the very second that Matthew hits the stage, his audience is bombarded with ideas and techniques to achieve rapid growth, creating an exciting atmosphere of expectation and belief.

Recently featured on Forbes, renowned business contributor Kathy Caprino described Matthew as “The real deal!”

Matthew is an internationally award winning blogger and regular contributor to esteemed publications such as CEO, Entrepreneur, and Top Sales World Magazine. He is a recurring guest on FOX 7, NBC and KLBJ News Radio, and has had his story showcased on many of the world’s most highly rated podcasts, such as Entrepreneur on Fire, Eventual Millionaire, and countless more.

Matthew has recently landed a book deal with New York Publishing house AMACOM; his first book is due to hit the shelves December 2017.

If you are looking for a keynote speaker with an edge, who provides absolute return on investment, who will assist your organization to achieve unprecedented results, Matthew Pollard is your Rapid Growth Guy!

Matthew’s Most Requested Topics:

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Need a Marketing Speaker?

Since his first job in door-to-door sales, Matthew has loved the puzzle that marketing provides. He gets his greatest joy from taking a product or service, already sold and promoted to one or several groups of customers, and uncovering a new niche of excited, ready-to-buy customers yet to be explored.

Matthew brought an outstanding session to the stage of The Freelance Conference as he opened up the conversation of creating a growth strategy. He was humble, engaging and concise making him a favorite from the audience. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Matthew again – Emily Leach

Founder, The Freelance Conference

Matthew now achieves these same joys on a much larger scale, by using what he has learned, implemented, and taught for so many years to make these same discoveries with each and every participant of his ever-increasing speaking engagements. These engagements allow him to share in the excitement of thousands as they use differentiation to separate their business from the crowd, craft a unified message able to lead them to success, and discover the niche markets that will go a long way towards ensuring it.

Why not invite Matthew to discuss how your attendees can achieve rapid growth, through his event:

Rapid Growth, the Lazy Way!

The 5 steps that will turn any stale, failing business into a profit-generating machine.

 “Know thyself. Know the customer. Innovate.” – Beth Comstock

Small-to-medium business owners work tirelessly and pay substantially to find and acquire new customers. They network, make calls, visit prospective clients, write in-depth proposals, advertise, hire sales people, run social media campaigns, and to put it simply: just plain work too hard doing it. Abraham Lincoln once said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe,” yet, to expand upon this analogy, small-to-medium business owners just keep on swinging.

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Need a Sales Speaker?

Matthew suggests that many sales speakers are natural-born communicators. They took to sales like any person with a so-called “gift of the gab” would, with no learning necessary. Of course, as any good speaker would, they have gone out and learned a sales process and formula that they now effectively teach to others, it just means that they didn’t start where most do.

So where do most start?

Matthew suggests that most people who engage in the activity of sales for the first time are not natural communicators, and that is why the failure rate is so high. They engage in the activity on the prospect of higher earnings, better work hours, and for the entrepreneur starting his own business, the promise of a better life. The problem for these individuals, as Matthew puts it, is that they suffer from one to seven of the self-destructive sales mindsets.

Click here to read more about the seven self-destructive sales mindsets.

What this means, unfortunately, is while many sales speakers are exceptional and make the sales process look easy, they just don’t understand the inner torment a non-natural communicator experiences when engaging in the activity of sales.

So how can Matthew Pollard help?

Matthew was as far from a natural-born sales person as one can get. In late high school, due to a disability leaving him with a reading speed of a sixth grader, Matthew was introverted and extremely uncertain of himself. He was the last person who would have ever engaged in sales, until his employer closed down just before Christmas, leaving him with no option.

Today, Matthew has been responsible for five multi-million-dollar business success stories, in industries as vastly different as nationally accredited education, construction, and telecommunications.  His acquisition strategies have also been used in obtaining clients from leading medical institutions, multinational award-winning franchises, law associations, and luxury automotive brands, as well as National Premiership Football and Olympic teams.

This level of success, however, didn’t come easy. To this day, Matthew still remembers the grueling 93 doors he visited in the hot Australian summer, before he made his first sale.

Matthew’s Famous Sales Keynote Speaker Topic:

Don’t Fool Yourself, Anyone Can Sell!
Learn the 7 steps I discovered by accident, that will double your sales in as little as 14 days.

“Everybody has a product to sell, no matter whether you’re an employee, a founder, or an investor. It’s true, even if your company consists of just you and your computer. Look around—if you don’t see any salespeople, you’re the salesperson.” – Peter Thiel, Co-founder of PayPal

Contrary to popular belief, sales is not about manipulating people to close more deals. Sales is the art of asking specific questions in order to highlight needs, wants, or problems that the customer may have, that your product or service may fill. Unfortunately, too often, due to a lack of skill and process to make a sale, people feel they need to go through an unpleasant experience of pushing their product or service onto a client and eventually pressuring them to purchase.  This perception generally results in an avoidance of selling and a conclusion that they “were just not meant to be a salesperson.”

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Need a Business Speaker?

Why not invite Matthew to discuss how your attendees can:

Get More Done Doing Less.
What Successful People Do That Most Don’t.

“People often complain about lack of time, when the lack of direction is the real problem.” – Zig Ziglar

Why is it that some people can make achieving so much look simple, while others make doing very little seem hard? In today’s modern world of emails, calendar invites, Facebook posts, Twitter feeds, and cell phones, it is easy to work tirelessly for years and yet achieve almost nothing. It has become more and more common for people, almost as if waking from a daze, to realize that they have had no promotions, no substantial salary increases, and in the case of a business owner, no revenue growth for periods stretching, in many cases, longer than five years. What is even more concerning is that these same people often suggest that they struggle to move forward in life because, to use their own words, “There is just so much to do and just not enough time to do it.

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Matthew’s Famous Business Keynote Speaker Topic:

You’re Stuck, and It’s Your Fault!
Learn to turn your stories of “one day I will do it” into plans and actions that make them a reality.

 “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford

Some people come from nothing and overcome tremendous adversities to achieve success; some come from great wealth and manage to lose it all; others come from high education or fame, yet despite these privileges, achieve nothing throughout their own lives. So, if it is not education, fame, or finances; what differentiates the person who will succeed from the person who will not?

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